Going for the Gold

Carson is a 17 year old that has only been surrounded by gymnastics. With the Olympics coming up, she is pressured into perfecting each routine for trials. One day, when her mom couldn't pick her up, she was forced into taking the subway. In the one cart she decided to sit in, she met someone that would change her life forever. Will Carson go to the Olympics and get the gold she has been practicing years for with that special someone by her side?


4. Talking it Out


*Sorry this is very short. More of a transition chapter. Enjoy!!*

We were quiet for a few seconds until he finally broke the silence.

“I’m sorry about earlier. I definitely over reacted”

“No, I over reacted. I’m the one who ran into the bathroom,” I cut him off.

A little smile appeared on his face.


“HEY!” I yelled smacking his arm.

We both started laughing. He took a long drink of his coffee and refocused his eyes on me.

“So we good?” he asked raising an eyebrow.

“We’re good” I smiled.

“Good. I’ve been thinking about you like crazy.” His mood instantly changed from a fun to a serious tone.


“Yeah,” he softly smiled, “but you said you couldn’t be with someone now and I respect that. If you want I’ll leave you alone until you’re done with the gymnastics thing. I can’t promise I’ll be in America but you have my number”

“No!” I instantly yelled out.

I looked around at all the people staring at us. So I might have yelled that out a little too loud.

“You don’t have to completely shut me out. Let’s just take things slow,”

“That’s what I wanted to hear.”

I looked into his crystal blue eyes and knew right there I wanted to be with him. I would have to find a way to keep him away from my Mom. That couldn’t be that hard…

“So do you want to meet my mates?” He asked interrupting my thought.


I looked at my phone. I had to be home in an hour.

“I have to be home,” I frowned.

“That’s alright, maybe some other time. Want me to walk you?”

He grabbed my hand and helped me from the high chair.

“Sure,” I blushed.

He walked me back towards my house, hand in hand. He gave me his jacket to cover up with. His sweet scent danced around my nose.

We finally got to the corner of my street. I handed him back his jacket, wanting to keep it for forever.

“Meet you in the subway?”

“I’ll be there” I smiled.

He bent down and kissed my check and started towards his house. 

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