Going for the Gold

Carson is a 17 year old that has only been surrounded by gymnastics. With the Olympics coming up, she is pressured into perfecting each routine for trials. One day, when her mom couldn't pick her up, she was forced into taking the subway. In the one cart she decided to sit in, she met someone that would change her life forever. Will Carson go to the Olympics and get the gold she has been practicing years for with that special someone by her side?


16. One Step Closer


**This chapter gets a little mature so beware


I woke up to the smell of coffee overpowering my nose. I slowly opened my eyes to my mom ironing her white pants and sweater. I closed my eyes again but opened then a few seconds later. I looked back at my mom and saw Niall sitting on our couch on his phone. Why was he here? And more importantly, why did he come when I looked like a wreck?

I sat up in bed and tried to fix my hair before he noticed I’m awake.

His face lit up at the site of me and he got up and sat at the edge of my bed.

“Morning,” He smiled.

“Good morning,” I said giving him a tender kiss.

“Nope, we aren’t doing that in front of mom” she said, her back turned to us. I swear she had eyes in the back of her head.

We both giggled and he pulled me out of bed. I looked really attractive in my oversized t-shirt and plaid boy shorts.

He walked me to where my leo was hanging up. We both stood in front of it, admiring the flow of the red, white, blue, and the diamonds that lined the leotard.

“This feels so wrong,” he moaned.

I looked at him confused…that could have meant anything…


“I’m routing for the US. I should be routing for Ireland,” He smiled.

“Oh gosh, its trials!” I laughed.

I kissed him again but this time my mom didn’t say anything, as she had moved to the bathroom. He pulled me closer to him, his hand right at my lower back. I wrapped my hands around his neck, lacing my fingers together.

“You are so beautiful,” He breathed.

“Well you, Niall Horan, are a handsome fellow yourself” I said kissing his nose, which was hard because he was so much taller than me.

He bent down and pressed his lips to mine, this time it was a short kiss like the others. I kissed him back as he pulled me even closer, our lips fully touching. His kisses got hungrier and sloppier. I could tell he was desperate for anything, he was a man, I understood his wants and needs. He trailed his lips down my jaw then neck. I moaned with pleasure which turn him on even more. I felt him grow against my leg.

“My mom” I moaned ruining his moment. She could come out any moment.

He sighed and rested my forehead to mine.

“Maybe later?” He whispered a smile creeping on his face.


The real answer was no. I was going to be exhausted.

He let go of me, disappointment was obvious.

“Go get ready and let us know when you’re ready.”

“Wait you’re coming?” I asked. Why haven’t I realized this?

“Yess..?” he said furrowing his eyebrows.


I felt my nerves spike. All of them would be watching me, and much of the US was going to be too.

“Do you not want me too?” he asked.

“No no! I want you too. I’m just nervous that’s all.”

“You’ll be fine” he winked slapping my backside before leaving.

I grabbed the leo and quickly slid it on. I went in front of the mirror. It fit perfectly. The colors looked nice against my skin. I ran my fingers along the line of diamonds on my left arm.

My mom popped out of the bathroom looking like one of those rich tennis moms.

“Oh Carson, your Dad would be so proud” she said, putting her hand over her mouth.

“Mom, not now” I moaned.

She left it there. I put hair back into a cute messy bun, put on my warm up and I was ready to go.

“No matter what, I’m proud of you” she smiled.

I wrapped my arm around her waist, “Thanks.”

I knocked on Nialls door and Liam opened it. I peaked in to see them all laying around on the couch.

“Ready?” Liam asked smiling.

“Yes,” I sighed.

The boys got up and went to the hallway. Nialls arm automatically found my waist. When we got to the street, paparazzi lined the sidewalks. They probably have waited all night.

“Carson, are you Nialls girl?

“Niall is that the one?”

The paparazzi shouted variations of the same question. All of us kept quiet. I felt safe when we were in the car. On the way there everyone was talking. Harry and Niall still had tension. I kept quiet because if I opened my mouth, I would probably throw up everywhere. I was beyond nervous, but when I got to the actually place I would feel like home again. 


**I plan on finishing this fic in the next chapter or if i have to the next two chapters. I have another one started and will post it when i finish this :) I might eventually do a sequel to this if you guys want

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