Going for the Gold

Carson is a 17 year old that has only been surrounded by gymnastics. With the Olympics coming up, she is pressured into perfecting each routine for trials. One day, when her mom couldn't pick her up, she was forced into taking the subway. In the one cart she decided to sit in, she met someone that would change her life forever. Will Carson go to the Olympics and get the gold she has been practicing years for with that special someone by her side?


3. Getting Out


“I’m going for coffee” I yelled to my mom as I put on a hoodie and slipped my uggs on.

“Be careful. Dinner will be done in an hour”

I grabbed my laptop and shut the door. I instantly put my headphones in. I forgot everything as I walked down to the coffee shop a couple blocks from my house. The cold winter wind blew in my face making my eyes water. The bright red door was inches from me now and I entered the building. The red brick walls were glowing from the neat fireplace in the corner of the room.

“Hot Chocolate please” I said to the cashier. Caffeine wasn’t good for me. All this sugar isn’t the best either.

He gave me the hot chocolate and I paid. I picked a table near the back of the café and sat down. I got on the internet for the first time in months. I sign onto my tumblr, I had lost almost half of my followers. I scrolled through until I saw a picture of Niall. He wasn’t joking about being in a famous boy band…

I exited the site and went and checked my email. I had over 12,000 unopened emails. I skimmed through some of them and quickly got bored.

“Two black coffees please” I heard a familiar voice sing out. I quickly turned to see his blond hair. He was already looking at me. I turned back around and prayed he wouldn’t come over. He was with another boy, definitely one of his band mates. What were the odds of him being here? This was just my luck. I wanted to talk to him but with the way I was acting I couldn’t just pretend like nothing happened. I was overly sensitive. I haven’t really truly experience life. I’ve been sheltered my entire life. All I’ve known is gymnastics, but now that’s paying off.

“You better?”

I looked up to see Niall and cute boy pull out chairs on the opposite side of my table.

“Yeah, sorry about earlier. I’m just stressed…”

I took a sip of my hot chocolate as Niall nodded his head.

“I’m Harry,” the other boy said putting his hand out.

“I’m Carson” I smiled.

“OH sorry,” Niall said realizing he forgot to introduce us.

“So you’re an Olympic gymnast yeah?” Harry asked looking interested.

“Not yet. I have tryouts in a few weeks”

“Where can I get tickets to watch you?” Niall asked.

I felt my cheeks flush. No way could I preform with him watching,

“Yeah that would be cool to watch. Even though we should be supporting our own team…” Harry laughed.

I awkwardly laughed too.

“I have no clue. Maybe call the arena for info”

I took another sip of my hot chocolate.

It was intimidating sitting with two extremely attractive guys and you looked not so hot.

“Can I talk to Carson Harry? Alone….” Niall asked.

Harry caught his drift.

“Yeah, I need to go do laundry actually. Nice meeting you Carson. We’re going to watch you preform. You watch” Harry winked at me.

We both watched Harry leave the coffee shop. Now I was alone with Niall. I would have to explain myself...

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