Still the one

Dana meet's the boy she fell inlove with in
Summer 10, but she is in a relationship..
& falls inlove with him all over again,


1. Mummy's house.

Dana's P.O.V ; 

I wake up with a note on my night stand table. It said 

Dear Dana ; Your probably sleeping, but I had to go to my parents, my parents missed me. I'm sorry I didnt wake you, but you looked so peace ful. I love you xx JakeTyler 

I smiled, but then I frowned. Cause the flat gets kind of boring , without him around.  

I picked up my phone, and checked twitter. I woke up with atleast 100 or more of Mentions and interactions. So I just tweeted "Hi guys, im boreeed! Someone wanna hang ? :$ x" .. I knew there would be so many people tweeting back saying "MEMEMEME!!" But I was alright with that. *Ring* *Ring*.. I awnsered my phone, it was my mum. She asked if I would go to a museum with her and her friend, and her daughter would tag along. So I looked around and noticed I had nothing better to do, so I said "Of course mummy!!" So I packed my things , and told her I'd be there in a couple of hours. I missed my mum. 

I hanged up , and screamed with excitement! Even though we had neighbours who cares?.  AHA!. 

I ran to the bathroom getting undressed, and was singing "Up All Night" by one direction. 

Then it hit me, Liam.. I dated Liam 4 years ago. It was a Summer romance thing, Singing that song.. Really made me depressed. We haven't talked since that Summer... Maybe I'd tweet him later.. No I can't.. I began to wash my hair, then got out. And went in my truck , and drove off. 

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