Is This Real

Ali had a great life unti 3 years ago. Her Best Friend had died from Heart Faliure. She has a boyfriend named Toby but what will happen in the future? Read to Find out.


3. YOUR my neighbor?!?

Ali's P.O.V

i cant believe he cheated on me!!! and with Natalie, My Best friend!!!!

"What happened why are you crying?"

"Its nothing mom...."

"no its not Emerald, tell me why are you crying?!?"

"i told you NOT to call me Emerald and Toby cheated on me with Natalie OK!?!?!?"

"what?! i will go and talk to their mothers.. and how did you find out?"

"i went to his house and when i opened it i saw them having sex on the couch."

i broke down right there and then. i thought we had something special but i guess not.

"Do you want me to call their mothers or no.. its up to you?"

"No mom, i dont wnat them to hate me. even though i hate them"

"ok, well lets go the moving truck is here."


We had put all of our stuff in the van and before we knew it we were in Bradford. We unpacked our stuff and went to bed.

*Next Day*

i woke up to my phone ringing. when i looked at the caller I.D. i didnt want to answer. but i did anyway.

"what do you want"

"Look Ali im sorry."

"Listen Toby, leave me alone. You have Natalie anyways Good Bye Toby."

"wait..." i hung up on him before he could say anything else.

I got dressed and walked down stairs.


no answer i guess they arent home. i walked outside ready to jog when i saw my neighbor and thought i should go say hi. i walked over to him and tapped him on the shoulder.


"ummm.... hi. are you my new neighbor?"

"yeah i am. My name's Emerald Alison Cooper but you can call me Ali. Most of my friends do."

"Well hi Ali, Im Zayn Malik. Nice to meet you."

we shook hands and i went off to continue jogging. when i was i was thinking..'he looked familar and so did his name.' that is when it hit me. He's ZAYN FUCKING MALIK from ONE DIRECTION!!!

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