Is This Real

Ali had a great life unti 3 years ago. Her Best Friend had died from Heart Faliure. She has a boyfriend named Toby but what will happen in the future? Read to Find out.


6. The side I didn't want to see

Lauren's P.O.V


The date with Zayn yesterday with Zayn was amazing. Saphire came and asked me how it went. I told her that her sister is dating Zayn Malik from One Direction. She cheered.

"Ali, can we do something today?" asked Saphire.

Her eyes are such a pretty blue, aren't my parents creative? Name me Emerald becasue i have green eyes and name her Saphie because she has blue eyes. We have different color eyes. My parents have blue and brown eyes. I don't know where i got my green eyes. They said it's from my grandmother, but i never met her. She died before i was born.

"Sure, let's go ask Mum and Dad." i said, i picked her up and headed down stairs.

"Mum!! Dad!!" i screamed. No answer, there was a note on the fridge.

Went on a trip to the Bahamas, see you in 3 months


Mum and Dad

Wow, i love how we just move here and they are already going on trips. The worst part, they didn't leave any money behind. So i called them.


Conversation: \

"Mum? Where is the money?"

"Money? Sweetheart, you need to earn it."

"Mum, i don't have a job. How are we going to live?"

"Fine, check behind our family portrait, there should be 1 million euros there."

"Thanks Mum. Love Ya, have fun. But remember, we don't need another one running around."

"Emerald!!!!! Don't say that!!! Anyways, you think the same. I love you too."

We both laughed at our comments and then hung up. I looked behing the portrait and sure enough, all the money was there. I'll only use it when we need it. I know how to spend my money. I told Saphire to go and play . She's probably watching Toy Story, she is obbsessed with those movies. There was a knock on the door and i went to go answer it.

"Hey Beutiful." said the person at the door. I scoffed and looked at who it was. Oh, thank God, it was Zayn.

"Hey Zayn, God, i thought you were someone else. I was about to pounce on you." i said, then i wanted to take it back, that sounded really wrong.

"Really, do you 'pounce' on all strangers?" he said cockly, with one eyebrow raised. His eyes turned dark and it kinda turned me on, but scared me at the same time.

"Sorry, i ment i was going to attack you." i answered him, my heart started to beat so fast i thought i was going to pass out.

"What wrong love?" he asked, he knows what he is doing to me. I've never seen this side of Zayn, and it really turned me on.

"Zayn, no, we just started to date. And, i recently went through a break-up. And the reason was because of sex." i told him, trying not to look him in the eyes.

"I went through a break-up too. But why did you break up? Was he not good in bed?" he said, trying to pin me to the wall. I could smell acohol on his breath, so this is why he is acting like this. But it is scaring me more and more. I kept trying to get away.

"No, he cheated on me by having sex with my ex-best-friend. Zayn, get off of me." i said, still trying to get away. He just pressed me into the wall, and when he did that i could feel his boner.

"This is what you do to me. Can't you fix it?" he said, his eyes getting darker. It really scared me.

"Zayn, please can you let me go?" i said, struggling to get away. He just stayed there pinning me against the wall.

"No, you are going to fix this." he said, reaching for my hand, he started moving it close to his dick.

"Zayn, please, you're scaring me. And you're even hurting me. If you don't let me go, i'll break-up with you." i said, he wouldn't stop, his eyes were starting to get a litle lighter though.

"Zayn, Please!!" i said, i even started to fake cry. Instantly he snapped out of his trance. I fell on the ground and crawled to the corner and rolled up into a little ball and started to cry. I can't believe he did that to me. Saphire came down stairs and saw Zayn, she looked over at me and pushed past him and came to comfort me. She looked over at him and gave him and evil glare.


Zayn's P.O.V


I couldn't believe that i did that to her. I don't know what got into me. I scared her, hurt her, I made a stupid, drunk mistake. Her little sister was trying to comfort her. I made her cry, why am I so stupid. I walked over to the kitchen and punched the island, it was made of marble, so it wouldn't be damaged, but man, did my knuckels hurt. I didn;t want her to see this side of me. This is why Perrie broke up with me. Here I am, did the same thing, but with another girl. And pretty soon, my heart will shatter. I'm in love with Ali, and if she brakes-up with me, then i'll probably die, my heart will shatter. I heard foot steps behind me, they sounded like a little girl's.

"Zayn, can i tell you something?" it was Ali's little sister.

"Sure, but if you tell me something." i told her. She nodded.

"What's your name?" i asked her.

"Saphire Maire. I have blue eyes, that's why I'm named Saphire." she answered me. I remeber Ali tell me the same thing, but with her name.

"Well, Saphire, what did you want to tell me?" i asked her, i knew she was going to tell me something about Ali.

"My sister has been through a lot. I know i'm to young to know about this, but i know why her and Toby broke up. And Natalie was stupid to that to her. But Ali did something that no one should do. She tried to kill herself. I saved her, I heard crying coming from her room, luckily she forgot to lock the door. When i opened the door, she was about to hang herslef. I ran to her and held on to her legs, making sure she didn't kick away the chair. I love her to much to let her die. Please, don't make her try and do the same thing." she told me, wow, her little sister really loves her. I can't believe Ali tried to do that.

"I promise Saphire, what i did was stupid, i didn't mean for it to happen. Now, go upstairs and play. I need to apoligize to Ali." i told her. She nodded and ran upstairs. I went to the living room and saw Ali sleeping on the couch, her eyes were puffy and red, there were dry teirs on her face. I can't believe i did that to her. I went to her, picked her up bridel style and went to her room, i found it and put her in her bed. I layed down right next to her and cuddled with her until she woke up.

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