Is This Real

Ali had a great life unti 3 years ago. Her Best Friend had died from Heart Faliure. She has a boyfriend named Toby but what will happen in the future? Read to Find out.


8. The Call

Ali's P.O.V


I woke up the next morning feeling like crap. I felt drained, and i had pain from my hips down, why did sex have to hurt? I was walking down stairs when the sudden urge to throw up made me turn around and run to the nearest bathroom. I leaned over the toilet and threw my guts up. I felt someone come behind me and pull my hair into a ponytail.

"Shhhh, its going to be ok." Oh, thank God, it was Zayn. I stopped throwing up and flushed the toilet. I sat down at the edge of the tub. So many things were going through my mind. What if i am pregnant? What will my parents think? What will Zayn think?

"Ali, are you ok?" asked Zayn.

"Um, ya. Just thinking." i told him.

"Oh, well, i'll get you some water. Did you catch a bug or something?" he asked me. I can't tell him what i think right? Maybe i should. No, i'll ask him if he used protection.

"Zayn, did you use a condom last night?"

"Um, I can't remember. I'll check all the garbage cans."

Oh God, i hope he used a condom. I promised my parents that nothing would happen. Actually, i haven't heard from then in a while. While Zayn was checking the garbage cans the phone rang. I went to go and answer it.


Hi, Is this Emerald Alison Cooper?

Yes, how may i help you?

Something has happened to your parents.

What?! What happened?

I'm sorry to tell you this. But, your parents have passed away.

What!?!?! How!?!?!

They got into a very bad car accident. I'm so sorry to tell you. I have informed the police in your area. I am so sorry for you loss. We will have their bodies there in a week.

Ok. Um, thank you for informing me.

I hung up and started to cry. I couldn't believe that my parents are dead. How am I going to tell Saphire? I'm turning 18 in a few days. I'm old enough to live here on my own. Zayn has stayed here for a while. Maybe he can stay here until i'm 18.

"Ali, what's wrong?"

"Zayn, my parents are dead."

"What! Oh my God. I am so sorry. Do you want me to stay here with you guys? How are you going to tell Saphire?"

"Please stay. I don't know how i am going to tell Saphire."

"I'll stay. And i'll help you tell Saphire."

"Thank you, Zayn. I love you so much."

"I love you too."

We kissed and then i headed upstairs. How am i going to tell Saphire. I knocked on her door.

"Come in!"

"Saphire, we need to talk. Zayn, come here."

"What happened?"

"Saphire, Mummy and Daddy, um.......Zayn you tell her." i started to cry.

"Saphire, your parents have gone to heaven. They passed away." he told her. She came over to me and started to cry too. We hugged and cried.

"How are we going to live?" she asked me.

"I am going to be your guardian. That basically means you I am your 'mother'" i told her.

"What about Zayn. Can he be my 'dad'?" she asked me. She is so sweet, she must really love Zayn.

"Sure, i'll be your 'dad'." he answered. He is even sweeter, he must really love Saphire.

"Thank you Zayn. You have no idea how much this means to us." i told him. I stood up and gave him a kiss on the lips. I left the room and left Saphire and Zayn there. Right now might be the perfect time to see if i really am pregnant. I ran to the bathroom and took one of the pregnancy tests. I used it and waited for a while. The timer went off. I hope the odds are in my favor.

"Crap." i mumbled.

How can I tell him?


Zayn's P.O.V


I was playing with Saphire when Ali called me downstairs. She sounded really worried, i hope that everything is ok.

"What is it Ali?" i asked her, she was pacing the hallway.

"Zayn, sit down. Close your eyes. And hold your hands out." she told me, now i'm getting worried. I did what she told me, I was waiting and then she put something like a pen in my hand. I was wondering what it was when she made me open my eyes. I looked down and it was a flat stick with a screen that read 'pregnant'. Crap!! Ali's pregnant and with my baby.

"Ali, oh my God. You know I didn't mean for this to happen. Fuck!" i screamed. I couldn't believe that i got her pregnant. I just ruined her life, first she finds out her parents are dead, then she finds out that she is pregnant. All I know is that I am going to stay with her, no matter what.

"Ali, don't worry. I'm going to stay with you. We'll get through it all. We are going to start our own little family. I Love You. Don't forget that." i told her, looking into her eyes. We started kissing when we were interupted my a knock on the door.


"Hey!! How did you guys find me here?" i asked them. All the boys were at the door.

"Your mum told us that you were here. Who's house is this?" asked Liam.

"Ok. This is Emerald's house. She is my new girlfriend." i told them. They all looked surprised. I thought they would because i moved on fast. But Ali is something special. I think that she is the one.

"Come in, The family room is to you left." i told them. I need to get Emerald.

"Ali, the boys are all here." i told her. She got up and got Saphire. We both headed down the stairs. The boys all looked up with a surprised face.


Ali's P.O.V


When we reached the bottom of the steps all the boys looked at me gobsmacked (surprised). What were they expecting, and fat girl with bushy eyebrows and braces?

"Boys, this is Emerald. Emerald these are the boys." said Zayn. Why did he say my actual name.

"Hiya. My names is Emerald Alison Cooper. But most people call me Ali. And this is Saphire Marie Cooper." i told them. They came up to me and gave me and Saphire hugs. Awww, they were so sweet. I learned all of their names; the guy with curly hair is Harry, the guy with a shaved head is Liam, the guy that wears stripes is Louis, and the blondie guy is named Niall. Harry has been flirting with me, but it kinda scares me because he won't stop. Louis is super funny and i found out that we both LOVE carrots. Liam is 'daddy direction'; but little did they know that Zayn was going to be called that. Niall LOVES food, especially Nandos. Saphire has been so shy, this really isn't like her.

"So, where are your parents?" asked Harry. Saphire got teary eyed and ran off.

"Zayn, can you get her?" i said to Zayn, trying not to cry.

"What did I say?" asked Harry.

"Um, we found out that my parents passed away. They were in a car crash in the bahamas." i told him, still trying not to cry.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. How have you guys been?" asked Louis.

"Good, we found out this afternoon. Along with another surprising news." i told them, i shouldn't have told them the last part.

"What's the other news?" asked Niall.

"Um, I don't know if I should say." i told them. Zayn came back with a calmer Saphire in his arms.

"Should say what?" he asked.

"The other news we found out this afternoon." i told him. He shoke his head. I stood up and took Saphire from him. I sat down and Saphire sat in my lap. She looked really tired so i thought that i could go to her room and sing her to sleep.

"Excuse me. I'm going to put Saphire to sleep." i told them and got up. I headed up to her room and changed her into her P.J.'s. I put her in her bed and started to sing her to sleep.

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me happy
When the skies are grey
You'll never know dear
How much I love you
So please don't take
My sunshine

She fell asleep, i gave her a kiss on her forhead and went downstairs. All the boys were surronding something, they all pulled apart when they saw me. I looked at what they were circled around and it was the baby monitor. I forgot that we had that because Saphire get a lot of nightmares. Wait, did they hear me sing?

"What were you doing?" i asked them.

"I didn't know you can sing." answered Zayn. They did hear me.

"What do you mean? I can't sing for my life. I sound like a dying frog." i told them.

"No, you can sing. And i mean sing!" said Harry.

"Aw, thanks. I just don't want to be famous." i told them.

"Well, being Zayn's girlfriend is going to make you famous." said Louis.

We kept talking until i got really tired. Zayn led the boys out. I was heading upstairs when Zayn came up behind me and started to carry me bridal style up the stairs. I wouldn't stop giggling. Why did he have to be so sweet. I couldn't believe that i was going to have a baby with him. Once we reached my, oops, our room i was full out laughing. He put me on the bed and got dressed. Then he came and helped me get dressed. He was being do sweet and caring. He layed me back on the bed and got in next to me.

"Night Love. Night baby girl." he said giving me a kiss and then planting a kiss on my stomach.

"Baby Girl? You think its a girl?" i asked him. He nodded and reached over me to turn off the lamp.

"Night Zayn." i said before falling into a deep sleep.

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