Is This Real

Ali had a great life unti 3 years ago. Her Best Friend had died from Heart Faliure. She has a boyfriend named Toby but what will happen in the future? Read to Find out.


9. Telling the Boys

Ali's P.O.V

Me and Zayn woke up at around 9:30 a.m. We were about to make breakfast when we heard a scream come from the baby monitor. We looked at eachother and ran upstairs. I ran into Saphire's room and there she was in a little ball in the corner.

"Saphire, what's wrong? Did you get hurt?" i asked her, rushing to her side. I put her in my lap and let her cry into my chest. After she calmed down, i asked her again.

"Saphire, what happened?" i asked her again.

"I had a really bad nightmare. It was that you and Zayn died and went with Mummy and Daddy." she told me. The poor girl, i feel bad for her. We tried everything but nothing would make the nightmares go away.

"Sweetheart. That won't happen. We are staying for a long time. Come on, lets go downstairs. We have a surprise for you." i told her, winking towards Zayn, that meant that we are going to tell her about the baby.

"What's the surprise?" she asked, once we were in the family room. Her eyes still seamed a little gloomy, but i think that would change once we tell her.

"Well, how would you like to be an aunt?" i asked her, she didn't get it.

"What do you mean?" she asked us.

"Saphire, you are going to be an aunt. I'm going to have a baby. I'm pregnant." i told her, boy was i right when i thought her eyes would change from gloomy to something else because her eyes started to sparkle.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" she asked.

"I think its still a little too early, sweet pea." said Zayn, awwww he called her 'sweet pea'.

"Oh, when can we find out?" gosh, what was this, 20 questions?

"In about 4-5 months." i told her. She nodded and kept asking us more and more questions about the baby.She finally got tired and went up to her bed to take a nap. 

A few minutes later the door bell rang, i guess the boys are here.

"Hey Harry!! Hey Louis!!! Hey Niall!!! Hey Liam!!!" i said, once they walked through the door.

"Hey Ali!!!!" they all screamed, running towards me and hugging me to death.

We all sat down on the couch and started to talk. I looked at Zayn to see if he thought it was the right time. He nodded.

"Boys." i said, trying to catch their attention.

"We have something to ask you." said Zayn, waiting for me to tell them.

"How would you guys like to be uncles?" i asked them, hoping they would catch on, but they didn't.

"I mean, it would be nice, but why?" asked Liam.

"Well, you guys are going be uncles!!" i said, they finally caught on. They came up to us and congradualted us. Liam was of course being his usuall stern self telling us that we should have used protection and all.

"Liam, you know, you aren't going to be 'Daddy Direction' anymore, right? I think they are going to start calling me that." said Zayn, obviously proud of himself.

"Ha, Liam, you need a new nick-name!!" screamed all the boys. Liam just look a little upset.

"How are the fans going to deal with it? I mean you broke-up with Perrie a month ago and now here you are with a new girlfriend, a preganant girlfriend." said Harry.

"Well, they are going to have to deal with it. I don't have an instagram or twitter or facebook, so they can't send me any hate." i told them. They nodded and started asking us questions. Louis was asking more than anyone though.

"Louis, why are you asking us so many questions?" i asked him.

"Well, I need to tell you guys something. Me and El are trying to get pregnant." he said, obviously happy. I was confused because i didn't know who El was.

"Louis, who is El?"  i asked him.

"Oh that's right. You aren't a directioner. El is my girlfriend. I love her so much. Maybe you guys can become friends." he answered me. I nodded and he gave me her number. I imediatly called her and told her who i was. I asked her if she wanted to come over and she said sure.

"Louis, El is coming over."i told him. He started to smile. Gosh, he must really love her.

A few minutes later the doorbell rang. I opened it, and there was a girl smiling like crazy.

"El?" i asked her.

"Ali?" she asked me.

"El!!! I can't believe I get to meet you!" i told her, she came and hugged me.

"Its nice to meet you too!" she said. I let her in and showed her the family room. Her smile grew when she saw Louis. She ran to him and hugged and kissed him. He hugged and kissed back, but he looked confused.

"Babe, I need to tell you something." she said to Louis.

"Well, what ever you say to me, you can say to everyone else." he answered, he looked worried.

"Well, um, I think I might be..........pre-pregnant." she said, chocking up towards the end.

"What!?!?!?" he said to her. OMG! This is amazing! El might be pregnant!!! Maybe we can have our kids together!

"I can't believe that I might be a dad!!! Ali, tell her your news!!" said Louis. He was extatic and couldn't control himself.

"What's your news, Ali?" she asked me.

"Well, I am pregnant!" i told her. She screamed and came and hugged me.

"Maybe we can raise our kids together!" she screamed. We both started jumping up and down!

"Come on, lets go shopping!" i screamedd, we got our things and told the boys we were going out. I got Zayn's car and started to head over to the mall.

"So, are you excited?" El asked me.

"Ya. What about you? What if you are pregnant?" i asked her.

"Well, I would be the happiest girl in the world." she told me.

"Well, which do you think it is? A girl or a boy?" she asked me.

"I don't know. But Zayn thinks that its a girl." i told her.

"What about you?" i asked her.

"Well, I hope that I have twins. How awsome would that be?" she said.

"Well, twins means double the price, trouble, and work." i told her. She nodded and thought about it.

"Maybe you're right." she said. We kept shopping when we crossed a baby store.

"Come on. Lets go." i told her. We walked in when i saw the cutest outfit ever for a girl (

"Awwww. Its adorable!!" said El.

"Should we get a pair? Just incase?" i asked her.

"Yes! Come on. Lets get it." she said. We each got one and payed. We left the shoping mall and went home.

"Boys! We're home!!" we screamed. Zayn and Louis came up to us and gave us a hug and a kiss.

"Look at what we bought." we told them showing them the outfits.

"Awww, it's adorable." they both said.

"Babe, the boys are leaving." said Zayn. They all looked sad but came and said bye to us. El left with Louis, she never got to meet Saphire.

"Come on. Let's go to the room." he said, picking me up bridal style. I started to laugh. He ran up the stairs screaming 'SUPERMAN!!!!'. He put me on the bed and started tickling me. I couldn't stop laughing. He stopped tickling me and layed down on the bed next to me.

"What are we going to name her?" he asked me.

"You really are hoping its a girl, aren't you?" i asked him.

"Yes!!! Now, what would we name her? If it's a girl." he said.

"Hmmmm, we'll think about it in the morning. Night Zayn." i told him.

"Night Sugar. Night Princess." he kissed my stomach when he sayed 'Princess'. He leaned over and turned off the lamp, gave me a kiss, and put his arm around my waist. I think I LOVE this boy, with all my heart.


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