Is This Real

Ali had a great life unti 3 years ago. Her Best Friend had died from Heart Faliure. She has a boyfriend named Toby but what will happen in the future? Read to Find out.


2. Moving Day......How Dare You!!!

Ali's P.O.V

Hi, Im Emerald Alison Cooper but most of my friends call me Ali. The reaon my name is Emerald is because my eyes are an Emerald Green. Its really cheesy but, creative at the same time. All I know is that i am not going to name my my kid after the color of their eyes.

Today we are moving to Bradford, England. Its not that big a move i mean we already live in London but in they center. The house we bought was really expensive but i dont know why i mean its just like the one i live in now. I wonder why is cost so


I wanted to say good bye to my boyfriend of officially 1 year since yesterday and he said we would celebrate today. I had walked over to his house and was about to knock on his door when i heard moans coming from the house. i opened the door because he showed me where they hide the extra key. when i walked in i saw them on the couch. My BEST FRIEND AND MY BOYFRIEND HAVING SEX ON THE COUCH. I just ran outside not wanting to see them ever again. But then i heard my name being called.


"What do you want Toby?!?!"

"Look what you saw, it just happend. i didnt mean for it to...."

i cut him off right there.....

"What i saw was you and Natalie having SEX. i mean fucking sex!!! did you even remember that you showed me where you hid the key!! that our 1 year annaversiry was just yesterday!?! i mean i fucking hate you right now!! i want you out of my life!! FOREVER!!! i am just sooo glad that i am finally moving today!!!

"Wait, your moving?"

"yeah, but i guess you were just to busy fucking my best friend to even remember. just dont talk to me ever again you peice of dip shit!"



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