Is This Real

Ali had a great life unti 3 years ago. Her Best Friend had died from Heart Faliure. She has a boyfriend named Toby but what will happen in the future? Read to Find out.


4. Date?

Zayn's P.O.V

Her beautiful red hair that cascaded to the bottom of her spine. Her bright green eyes that had that little twinkle in it. Her name, Emerald Alison Cooper, i love it. i can imagine little versions of her and me.

wait, what am i thinking. i cant fall in love, not with a random stranger. maybe she is a directioner, but she cant be she didnt freak or anything so maybe she doesnt know who i am. I will go and talk to her when i see her get back to her house.

*later that day*

Ali's P.O.V

i had just come back from jogging and was about to go take a shower when i heard a knock on the door. i went to go answer it. when i opened the door Zayn was standing there.

"Um. hi can i help you?"

"oh uh hi Ali, i was just wondering...."

"Come in....i think it would be better than just talking here at the door.."

Zayn's P.O.V

"Come in....i thing it would be better than just talking here at the door..." she laughed. God, her laugh was adorable. a mix between a full out laugh and a giggle. i loved it.

"Oh, uh, thanks." i sat down in the couch.

"Um, Zayn. You wanted to tell me something?"

"oh yea. i was wondering if you knew who i am."

"Well, ya..," oh know she knows who i am. "Your Zayn Malik my neighboor. i thought we established that this morning..." She laughed again. oh how i love her laugh...

"ok. yea sorry. um well i was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies tommorrow. you know so we can get to know each other." what was i saying. i wanted to be her boyrfriend not ust some friend. Crap, now i messed thinkgs up. Damn it.

"of course."

"ok so tommorrow it is?"

"yea, see you tommorrow Zayn."

Both of them P.O.V

Ali- Do i have a date with Zayn Malik?

Zayn- Do i have a date with Ali?

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