Is This Real

Ali had a great life unti 3 years ago. Her Best Friend had died from Heart Faliure. She has a boyfriend named Toby but what will happen in the future? Read to Find out.


11. Court and The Accident

Zayn's P.O.V


Today is the day. We are going to adopt Saphire and make sure that she stays with us as our daughter. Ali is starting to show, and it's adorable how she frowns when she finds another pair of jeans she can't fit in anymore.

"Babe!! I can't fit in any of these jeans!!!" she screamed at me from upstairs in our room. I walked upstairs and saw her struggling, once she figured out that is doesn't fit, she started to frown.

"Babe, it's fine. Just wear a dress." i said. She frowned and and looked thought her closet. She pulled out a dress and made an outfit out of it. I went downstairs and Ali went to go and help Saphire get dressed. They both came down and i looked at them Ali wore: ( and Saphire wore :( I went upstaires and got dressed in a suit and tie. We went to a Starbucks drive-through and got breakfast. We headed towards the court, Saphire and Ali started getting nervous.

"They aren't going to take me away are they?" asked Saphire.

"No, this is just so they can treat us like we are your parents. They can take you away becasue i'm already 18." said Ali, but she still looked nervous. We arrived at the court house and there were paparazzi everywhere. Ali picked up Saphire and shielded her by making sure her face was in her chest. I grabbed Ali's hand and made sure they ditdn't try to take her away.

Zayn! Ali! Is that your kid?

Did you have a kid and never told?

Is Ali pregnant?

Are you back together with Perrie?

Is it true you got back together with Perrie?

Are you hear to see who has custody of your daughter?

Ali looked like she was about to cry when they mentioned Perrie. She knew that we kissed, I was drunk, but Perrie wasn't, and she knew that me and Ali were together. I apologized and she said it wasn't fine, but she forgave me. But i can tell she is still sad about it.

"Can you leave us alone? She isn't our kid. Me and Perrie are NOT together. And why we are here is none of you buissness. Now, LEAVE US ALONE!!!!" i screamed at them. They backed off because they know that you don't mess with me when I get mad. We got inside and went into the court room. The paps were following us, but an officer stopped them before they got into the court room. The session started and we fought to get custody, they told Ali to go up on the stand.

Miss Cooper, are you and Zayn engaged?

No, but we are very much in love.

Ok. Well, are you expecting?

Um, yes, I am pregnant. Why does it matter?

Well, you do know that you are supposed to have a baby when you are married. Correct?

When I get pregnant is none of your buissness.

Well, you are Catholic, right?

Yes, so?

It says that you are supposed to have children AFTER you are married. Am I right?

Yes, it says that. But it also says that you have children when two people are in love. What does this have to do with us getting parental custody of Saphire?

See, if you are pregnant and NOT married. You are NOT allowed to adopt a child. Therefore, you should not get parental custody of Saphire Marie.

This is unfair! Do you have a heart? My parents are dead. She is only 6 years old!! I'm 18. She is my little sister. This shouldn't be allowed.

Well, now you have less of a chance to get parental custody because of you attitude.

You know what? I have 3 words for you. ROT. IN. HELL!!!!

We all gasped, I started shaking my head. She shouldn't have said that. Everyone started talking and screaming.

"Order, Order in the court!!" screamed the Judge. "Miss Cooper, may you please get off the stand. Now I would like Mr. Malik to come on the stand."

She walked off, crying. Saphire started to cry, Ali went to Saphire and hugged her. She put her on her lap and started whispering stuff to her to calm her down. Everyone was looking at them. Even the judge, and he started to smile. I went up to the stand and he bent down to tell me something.

"You sure've got a keeper there son." he said.

"I know sir. This means so much to us." i answered. He nodded and wrote something down. They started to ask me questions,

How long have you and Miss Cooper been together?

About 4-5 months.

Everyone gasped, i guess they thouht that we moved a little too fast.

Wow, well you guys moved very fast.

Yes, but we love eachother. Nothing can tear us apart.

What about Saphire. How is she with the realtionship?

Well, she calls us Mummy and Daddy. She is like my daughter. I love her just like I will ,and already do, love the baby inside Alison.

Alison? Isn't her name Emerald Alison?

Yes, but i call her Ali, A, Babe, Sweety, Sugar, my Queen. I call the baby Princess though.

Oh, so you are going to have a girl?

No, but I can feel that it is a girl.

Ok, well. When do you plan on marrying Emerald Alison?

That, sir, is none of your buissness.

Yes it is.

No, I am going to marry her when it feels right.

What if you don't marry her.

Who says i'm not? Do you have a wife, sir?

I did, she passed away while giving birth to our daughter, Camila.

Oh, I'm sorry for your loss. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Yes, that's how i felt with my wife.

Well, that's how I fell with Alison. Sure, she got pregnant sooner that we expected, but that doesn't mean we don't love eachother.

Well, let's say that you stop loving her? What would you do?

I will never stop loving her. She is my life.

Ok, what if you cheat on her?

Sir, have you gone on any dates since you wife, may she rest in peace, passed on?

No, even though she is gone, i have remained faithful.

Well, now you know about me and Alison. No matter what, i'll reamin faithful.

Ok, you may go now.

I walked up to Ali and Saphire. I pulled them into a hug. Sat down and put Ali on my lap. Ali was on my lap and Saphire was on hers. We were like on big family, and no one can do anything about that.

"Well, I have come with a verdict." said the Judge. All three of us stood up. Saphire inbetween me and Ali, holding our hands.

"I can see that you guys are like one big happy family. And..........I'm not going to break it apart. Congratulations, you have parental custody of Saphire Marie Cooper." he said, with a big smile on his face. We all started cheering, i turned around and noticed the paparazzi were here. I didn't care though. I looked towards Ali and kissed her, lifting her up and spining around. I put her down and picked up Saphire. I hugged her so tight, and she gave me a kiss on the cheek. We all hugged together. I have a family, and i'm starting it complete.


Ali's P.O.V


I can't believe that we have parental custody of Saphire!!! We went up to the judge and thanked him. Saphire went up to him and gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

"Thank you, Sir. You are a very nice man." she said, he started to laugh.

"You remind me so much of my granddaughter. You guys are very lucky." he said.

"Thank you. We know that we are very lucky." i said.

"Well, go and have an ice cream. She probably wants it." he said, gesturing towards Saphire. We nodded and said thank you again. We headed outside with Saphire inbetween us. She was swinging back and forth. We headed over to the ice cream parlor and she got a chocolate. Me and Zayn got a chocolate-vanilla swirl and we sat down and ate it. While we were eating someone called out my name. I looked up and saw my friend Magaly.

"Lauren!?" she asked.

"Maggie?!" i asked.

"Oh my gosh!! It is you!!!" she screamed running up to me.

"Ahhhh. Magaby!!!!!" i screamed getting up and running to her. We hugged and started to teir up.

"OMG!! How have you been? How's Saphire? How's Amanda and Jorge?" she asked.

"Um, I've been good and so has Saphire. But, um, my parents passed away in a car accident." i told her, heading towards the table.

"Oh, I'm so sorry. Wait, is that Zayn Malik with Saphire? Shouldn't you go and get her? She might be annoying him with quesitons." she said.

"Why would I get her? That's my boyfriend." i said, she looked completely surprised.

"Zayn, I would like you to meet my friend Magaly. Magaly, this is my boyfriend, Zayn." i said, he stood up and shook her hand.

"Nice to meet you, Magaly." he said, she sat down next to Saphire, so i had to go and pull up a chair.

"Lauren, you know I love you, but, I think you've gained a few." she said. I looked down and noticed that you can see my bump through this dress. Whoops.

"No, I havne't gained fat. Um...I'm 3 months pregnant." i said, waiting for her reaction.

"What!! You're pregnant!" she said. I smiled and started cheering.

"Yes. I'm pregnant. But, don't shout it out to the world yet. The world doesn't know yet." i told her. She nodded and started to ask me questions. After we talked for 1 hour. I thought that it was time to go.

"Well, I think it's time to go." i said, picking up a very tired Saphire. I said bye to Maggie and went to the car. Zayn put the keys into the egnition and started to head home.

"Are you still mad?" he asked me. He was talking about the kiss with Perrie.

"Yes, even if you were drunk. A part of you should have remembered that you have a pregnant girlfriend at home." i said, see i wasn't mad, I was pissed off.

"How many times do I have to say sorry? I love you! I love our little Princess that is in your stomach! And, I love Saphire!" he said, he was on the brink of crying.

"Let's talk about it later ok?" i said.

"NO! I want to talk about it now!! You have to forgive me! If you dont......." he was cut-off by a horn. The next thing I know a truck smashed into my side of the car.

No, this can't be happening.

"Ali!!! Ali!!!" screamed Saphire.

"Emerald Alison Cooper, you stay with me! Please!! Plea...." screamed Zayn. But suddenly I couldn't hear him. I saw a white light and my parents waving at me.

"Mum? Dad?"


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