Love isn't Always Black and White

It was just suppose to be an interview. One interview and they weren't suppose to meet again. But then there was Starbucks. Then McDonald's. That's when they exchange numbers and started something that was bigger then they ever thought it would be.


1. The Interview

I woke up that morning in a particularly bad mood. Let me explain why, well my alarm clock decided to go berserk and wouldn't stop going off, even after I unplugged it. So I just tossed it out my window. Then after I was finally in silence my phone started ringing just seconds after my mom started yelling up the stairs. I glanced between my phone and the door. I had about two minutes before she would get tired of yelling and just decide to come get me, so I grabbed my phone.

"Yellow?" I said with a huff as I flopped back down on my bed. So then I could pretend to still be sleeping when my mom came up here to wake me up.

"Finally! You do realize you will be going on twenty minutes right? You then have to get ready and go to school." My manager pretty much yelled to me on the other line. "You're so lucky that I didn't let Marsha call you. She is ready to pull your head off and feed you to mice. You get what I'm saying?" Maybe the mom option wasn't such a bad idea...

"Leighton! Get your butt up right now!" My mom busted through the door before I even had a chance to respond to Jeffery.


"I'm on my way. I have to, uh," I kept my eyes locked on my mom, gauging her reaction.


"Ah yes, your mother is there? Good, maybe she can remind you that you have a job to do." I scowled at Jeffery's words.


"So you will answer for Jeffery? But not for me? I see how it is." She narrowed her eyes at me. "Now get up and get dressed. Laura already has your clothes ready. Just put on some sweats or something. Hurry." With a wave of her hand she left.


"Ugh!" I groaned as I flopped back on my bed. Welcome to the life of Leighton Miller. Isn't it such a joy? And to think, my friends are all jealous of me because I get to interview celebrities. They don't understand that after waking up at four am a few times you get very tired of it. The only day I get off is Sunday and then the occasional break I take.


"Wake up! How can you sleep so much?" I heard someone huff as they poked me before finally slapping my face, which earned them a punch in the stomach. "Ow! You're so violent! Jeeze."


"Well, that might have something to do with my being woke up at four am every morning and then having to still go to school." I sat up and looked at Jeffery. His hair was all quaffed up like some sort of ski slope. "You're hair..." I said pointing at it. "It's to slopey, you look better if you use a little less jell." I told him as I climbed out of the car after getting glared at by my mother. Now I know, you're probably thinking that she's a mean, horrible mother. But she's not, she actually really great. A bit scary sometimes, but still great. She just wants me to hurry so she can go home and get some more sleep before going off to work. I hurried in and sat down and Liz got to work on my hair and make up before Laura pushed me into the bathroom to change clothes. Today I was wearing a a cream colored cardigan over a light pink scoop necked blouse with black skinny jeans that had a thin black belt on my high waist of the shirt to break up the solid color, with cream ballet flats that had a little bow on them.


"Look how cute! Your brown curls look so cute and feminine. They match the outfit perfectly." Laura beamed happily. Her and Liz high-fived before ushering me out and into the hallway. Rolling my eyes I walked down and into the recording room. I stepped onto the set, blinking a few times to get use to the set lights so I could see the crew. They were moving around checking to make sure that everything was all ready and in check for the show. I sat down on the bed, the whole set was made to look like a bedroom. It was meant to give off the impression that a normal, regular, teenage girl was interviewing the celebrities. It was suppose to look informal, which for the most part it was. I relaxed onto the bed while I waited for our special guest to come. Sound check can't happen without him.


"Leighton," I perked up at my name and saw the stage director, Tom, walking up with a tall, lean boy following behind him. "This is Justin Bieber. Justin, this is Leighton Miller. You two talk, become friendly, then we'll have sound check in five." I watched with a frown as Tom walked away, he always did that. Say what he wanted the turn and leave without letting me, or anyone else, get a word in.


"Hello," I greeted Justin with a smile. I raked my eyes over him to assess his whole persona and attire. He gave off that 'heartthrob' and 'pop-star' vibe.


"Nice set." He said, his eyes scanning over the posters on the walls. The walls were pretty covered in posters. Each celeb that visits brings a poster that they put up on the wall at the end of the episode. "I watched that episode, it was really funny." He grinned as he pointed out the Big Time Rush poster that was hanging on the wall. Ah, yes. The Big Time Rush episode. That was an interesting episode, Laura about had a heart attack as she watched me get covered in silly string.


"That was a funny one. My stylist about died when she saw me getting covered in silly string, because that stuff stains and is hard to get out of clothes." I laughed as I remembered exactly how Laura's face looked. "So you watch the show?" I asked out of curiosity. Some celebs say they've seen it, some say they haven't, and others don't say anything.


"Yeah, I've seen a few episodes. It's pretty cool, the show idea and set. It's different and fresh." Justin answered, his eyes finding mine then smiling.


"Sound check everyone!" Tom screeched from behind me. A split second later he was right beside us with two mics. "Put these on." he handed them to us, "Quickly!" He screeched once again. Another thing about Tom...he loves screeching even more then saying things then running off before you answer. Two set hands hurried over and helped us put the mics on. After a quick mic and set check we were told to find a place a get comfortable. I sat down on the bed once again while Justin claimed a bean bag chair. "Five! Four! Three!" He shouted before mouthing 'two! One!'


"Hi, everyone! It's your favorite girl Leighton!" I smiled and waved at the camera, it was currently a close up of me so they couldn't see Justin. "Okay, so I have a special guest here today. I know you all love and adore him." I made sure to draw out the description to get their attention and anticipation. "Can you guess who the teen heartthrob is?" I waited a few seconds before continuing. "If you guessed Justin Bieber, then you were correct!" I grinned as I pointed playfully in Justin's direction. He waved at the camera with a smile. "Okay, so since we have you here I have to ask you something." I was turned towards him with a serious expression on my face.


"Yes?" He asked, waiting for me to ask my question.


"What do you...think of..." I let the silence hang there for a few more seconds before continuing. "My shoes?!"


"They are wonderful." He laughed at my random question.


"Yay! Justin Bieber likes my shoes. I bet a bunch of girls will be going out to go buy shoes like these just because you said you liked them." I grinned. "But that's okay, since they are completely adorable."


"Oh! Leighton," I turned my attention to him. "I brought you a present." He stood up and walked over to the desk.


"Oh, you did? What did you get me?" I asked curiously as I watched him reach into the desk chair and pick up a wrapped present out of the seat. I hadn't noticed that there. He handed it to me before going back to his bean bag chair. "Can I open it now?" I asked and he nodded. I pulled the wrapping paper off and saw a cardboard box so I opened that up and saw his new CD sitting in the box. "How did you know?!" I asked in pretend surprise. I pulled out the CD and showed to camera. "Look! He gave me his new CD! I've been wanting to go out and buy one, but now I don't have to!" I grinned at the tv. "Speaking of your new CD, you are actually on the Believe tour right? How is that going?" I asked him. We talked about the recording of the CD, the Believe tour, and the actual CD before I got to some really interesting news. "Now, the whole world was made aware you and Selena Gomez's breakup a few weeks ago." I saw him tense up slightly at my mentioning of his recent breakup. Even though it was interesting, I wished that I didn't have to ask such questions that butted into a celebs personal life. "And lots of people have different ideas on why and who broke up with who. One of the ideas is that you proposed to her and another is that you were cheating on her." I really hated that this was apart of my job.


"Neither of those are correct. Uhm, it just wasn't working out. So we decided that it would be best to end it." He replied stiffly. I wouldn't blame him. Going through a break up, on either side, was hard but then having to go through a break up while the whole world is butting in asking questions about it would make it harder.


"Ah, so it was a mutual decision. Well, that's always better then the other ways." I tried to give him an apologetic smile without letting the cameras pick up on it. "Now I have a few questions that some fans tweeted in. @lilylovesjustin asked, 'If you could only live one place on earth and you couldn't go anywhere else, where would it be?'" The interview went on like that, the mood got a little lighter but you could tell the questions about his past relationship and break up was still lingering in his mind.

"Well, that's it for this episode. All we have to do is put up Justin's poster." I dug out the ticky-tacky and handed it to him so he could put the poster up on the wall. "Later guys!" We waved at the camera.


"That's a wrap!" Tom shouted after we waved at the camera. "Good job you two. That was wonderful, a little stiff, but good nonetheless." He patted us on the back before walking away.


"Hey, sorry about those questions. That's one thing I really hate about this job, digging into people's personal lives." I apologized to Justin as soon as Tom was out of earshot.


"Yeah, it's okay. I understand." He said with a shrug. Before we got to really say anything else Justin was ushered out of the studio by a few of his people. Well, that's going to ruin my day.



Hi, guys. So this is my first story on here. I hope you guys like it and I'm sorry if it sucked. It was kinda boring too, wasn't it? It will be getting more exciting as the story goes on so please stick with it if you want. Thanks :)

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