Manual of the forbidden.

False and perfidious were synonymous of my name.
Of all the roles I could star in, I owned the only thing everyone in my situation would reject. The worst thing was that this was not a movie, to only represent, act and pretend; the funny thing is that this is real life, and I had to act and pretend the best way possible and existing.

He, much like the Prince Charming out of the fairy tales my mother used to read when I was a child.
She, the best friend I've had since I was six, unique and unconditional. They said she was perfect for him.
Me, situated right in the middle; in love with my best friend's boyfriend.


5. Touring

First, from this chapter on, there are going to be a few things in Italian (translations will be at the end of the chapter if needed) and I'm posting two chapters in one, so please like and favorie.



I woke up because of a terrible dream… a nightmare, really.  I had little drops of cold sweat all over my face; I opened my eyes as fast as I stood up. My parents' accident replayed in my nightmare.  I looked at the time; it was seven forty-two. I sighted and pulled the covers out; I had slept with the same clothes I came in with. I went to the bathroom and took a shower, then changed my clothes.
I went to the kitchen, Sharon was still sleeping so I used the time wisely and prepared breakfast; I made some scrambled eggs with bacon and sausage. Sharon might be living in Venice, but hey, she's still American.
"What's that delicious smell?" she came out from her room directly to the kitchen and smiled.
"I wanted to make some breakfast," I put her plate on the table.
"awwe, I'm so glad you're here," we both laughed and ate everything I cooked.
"So, what are you doing today?" she asked
"I thought you were the planning girl." I said confused. Her smile widened.
"I was just making sure you hadn't forgotten," she laughed. "I'll take you to some clothing stores I know you have never seen," I could tell she was excited by the way her eyes shone.
"Cool," I muttered.
Clothes. I wasn't a fashion addict or something like that, so I never really got excited when it came to walk in and out of stores finding he prefect outfit; but Sharon was kind of like a shopaholic and well she was really good at matching clothes. Every time we went in a store she'd be the one holding five bags.
I was really cold outside; the frigid air traveled around us while we walked.
"How did everything happen about Cameron, I never knew." She said and I wasn't sure what she meant. "I mean, I never knew how you forgot about him"
"oh well I just decided to get over him," I shrugged and kept looking at a beautiful brown sweater. Sharon's reflection appeared in the glass and I felt a sudden wave of curiosity invaded me.
"So, Shar, how did you meet Harry?" I muttered while looking at the sweater and pretended to be really into it, I have to admit I was nervous.
"In a Café, rainy day," she sighed like she was living it again and got lost in it. I glanced at her. "He walked towards me and we talked, he was so funny!" sigh "He told me he was from London, he was born in Cheshire and came to Venice for the same I did: to forget someone. Still he hasn't told me exactly what happened," she was lost in thought, but then she was just Sharon. "We just laughed a lot, he asked for my number and called me later that day," she smiled. "He just wanted to say good night. " she sighed, again.
"It sounds like… a movie," I smiled.
"Feels like one… God! I am so happy!" she hugged me filled with emotion, she always did.
"How old is he?" I asked pulling back
"Not a big difference," I said. "I mean you're twenty-one."
"You know what others say?" she asked cheerful.
"We're the perfect couple. We were made for each other. That we were born to be together," she sighed. I was happy, but something deep inside me was uncomfortable. It was like a little fierce in a dark cage, really deep, far from surface; however anxious to come out.
"I am so happy for you."
"I know! We can all go out some time, so you can meet someone."
"Yeah; Harry, you, Louis and I."
"Who's Louis?"
"Harry's brother," then I thought of last night's conversation with Harry, he had mentioned a Louis.
"oh, sure," I muttered "I'd love to"
"I'll tell Harry so we can plan it!" she hugged me again, jumping around like a little girl.
That's Sharon; cute, childish, loving, fragile, and eager. She was a girl trapped in the body of a twenty-one year old woman.
"Hey, I want to go to the Bridge of Sighs, maybe I can take some pictures."
"Il ponte dei suspire, why do you want to go there? It's not such a big thing. You should go to Saint Marcus' square, lots of people take pictures there."
"I know, but I don't want something common," I shrugged.
"Well, you can also go to Palazzo Ducale, you could get some beautiful pictures."
"Shar, would you mind speaking English?" she laughed.
"Duke's Palace"
"Thanks, would you take me to the Bridge of Sight?" she rolled her eyes.
"Fine, I'll take you tomorrow."
"Thanks Shar. You're the best," then it was me who hugged her.
We kept walking along the streets, looking at almost every store we could pot. We ate in a little restaurant and went back to Sharon's apartment.
It was seven thirty in the afternoon when someone called at the door.
"It's Harry!" announced Sharon eagerly, and she practically jumped to the door. I looked away from the television after her, waiting to see his face again.
"Love!" Sharon jumped in his arms when he came  in sight and, of course, he hugged her pleasantly. That little fierce felt uncomfortable, again.
"Come on in,"  I looked back at the tv, pretending I never looked away
"______, hey" my name in his lips sounded magnificent and completely different from all the other voices that have ever called my name; he made it sound unique. I turned to look at him.
"Hi, Harry." I smiled
"so, how was your first day in Venice?"
"Tired," I laughed again when I realized I said the same when he asked about my flight. I think he remembered because he laughed like I did.
"I'm hoping that's not an everyday thing," he smiled and then looked at Sharon, so I turned back to the tv but honestly I was more aware of their conversation than the Italian show.
"Are you nervous, hun?" he asked her.
"About what?"
"Your job interview tomorrow"
"Tomorrow is the seven?" she was alarmed "God! I forgot!" Then I looked again at them.
"Do you have a job interview?" I was really excited.
"Yeah and… oh," she went silent for a few seconds "I'm sorry, I am so sorry, I'm really, really sorry"she came close to me "I forgot about the interview, please forgive me." It took me a while to realize why was she apologizing.
"Oh, Shar don't worry about it. We'll jus go some other day."
"You're not mad?"
"Me? Not at all, what's the interview for?"
"Nursering, at a hospital in Torcello's Island… I have an idea!" she said suddenly, she turner to look at her boyfriend. "Babe, would you take _______ to Il ponte dei suspiri?" His eyes widened with surprise. I turned to look at him, and he was staring back at me with those beautiful green eyes of his.

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