Manual of the forbidden.

False and perfidious were synonymous of my name.
Of all the roles I could star in, I owned the only thing everyone in my situation would reject. The worst thing was that this was not a movie, to only represent, act and pretend; the funny thing is that this is real life, and I had to act and pretend the best way possible and existing.

He, much like the Prince Charming out of the fairy tales my mother used to read when I was a child.
She, the best friend I've had since I was six, unique and unconditional. They said she was perfect for him.
Me, situated right in the middle; in love with my best friend's boyfriend.


4. Sharon

I tried to swallow it, and chocked when I did, still breathless. Sharon came by my side, and I noticed the front door closed.
"_____, are you okay?"  she asked, but my dry throat wouldn't let me talk. "I'll get you some water, hold on." She ran towards the kitchen and hurriedly poured water in a glass.  She came back and handed me the glass of water. I drank all of it hoping it would stop the pain in my throat.
"better?" she asked.
 "totally,"  I answered and left the glass son the counter "thanks."
"that's for choking, beast." She joked. I laughed at the way she called had me; we've called each other that for years.
 "well, you're the one that made me come from another continent without eating," I answered laughing. Sharon sat by my side, took the cookie from my hand and ate it before I could say anything. "I was eating that!"
"there's some pizza in the fridge, I think that could calm your hunger better than a cookie." She said.
"I'm more sleepy than hungry, so I guess I'll see you tomorrow at breakfast" I smiled "hey, Sharon" I hesitated and concentrated in my fingers "is Harry your, hm, boyfriend?" I asked shyly
"and what I love the most" she confirmed.
"And why didn't you tell me, young lady?" I reproached her.
"Because… we've been dating for a month."
"A MONTH?! Our last call was yesterday!"  she shrugged.
"well, okay, I wanted it to be a surprise."
"you surely did. I thought after James you didn't…" I stopped in the middle of my sentence, but she knew what I meant.
"I thought so, too. Or I wouldn’t have run away from the country like I cowardly did." She stopped. "But then I met Harry and… I love him,"
 "Really? I mean, you've been dating for a month, how well can you know him?" I murmured.
"That's enough!" she was serious "I thought you'd be happy for me."
"I am!" and I really was, but something inside of me didn't like it, it made me feel confused, it was the kind of confusion when you can't explain why things seem to be going so fast and change in just a second. "I'm happy that you moved on with your life, makes me think I should do the same." I admitted.
 "what do you mean? Are you still in love with Cameron?" she jumped with her eyes wide open.
"Not t all! That's over, what I mean is, you don't get stuck in the past… Like I did with my parents' accident." I murmured the last part.
"Oh _____, honey, that was three years ago; you're a professional photographer, and you have a lot to live," she hugged me by my shoulders. "But now's not the time to talk about this, better tell me, have you meet someone special?" she grinned. I smiled at her curiosity, but I just could think of a name. Harry Styles.
"how weird…"
"what? Who is it?" I realized then I said it out loud, or at least loud enough for her to hear.
"huh? Ehm…" I stammered.
"C'mon _____, I know you met someone; your eyes told me" she insisted.
"Well, ehmm… yes and no." I mumbled.
"Yes and no? How's that?"
"Well, I met this guy, he dazzled me; but…" I stopped.
"But what?"
"I can't say he's that 'special someone,'" I made quotation marks with my hands.
"why not?!"
"I don't believe in love at first sight, you know." I shook my head, trying to make it less important than it was.
"Yeah, but you know? With Harry was love at first sight," she smiled, she had just got lost in thought. "Where'd you met him?"
"uh… I…" I hesitated "in the plane" was the only thing I could think of.
"was he sitting beside you?" My best friend's curiosity was endless.
"hmm…" then I thought when Harry sat beside me in the hallway, I laughed. "Yeah, something like that."
"Do you want to tell me?"
"Not really, it isn't really important, Shar. He was just a really cute guy; there are lots of them here." And it was true 'cause, after all, Harry was just a pretty face in the middle of lots in Venice; besides, I couldn't just make up a story about another guy just because I wasn’t brave enough to tell my best friend her boyfriend was the most attractive guy I've seen since I arrived. This just wasn't normal.
"I'm really tired, Sharon. Can you tell me where my bed is?"
"Room," she corrected me and then smiled "over there." She pointed to the right, to a big wooden, white door.
"Thanks. Tomorrow will be awesome, when I'm less tired."
"Sleep tight… I still can't believe you're here" she was kind of talking to herself "anyway, love you!"
"I love you, too. Good night"
I pulled my bags to my room and closed the door. It wasn't too big or too small, perfect for me. The bed was at the end of the room, near the window. There was a small desk and a closet in front of it. I took my camera from my handbag and took a picture of the room. I threw my bags somewhere and placed my camera carefully on my night stand. I was too tired to organize all my clothes right now.
I lay on my bed and placed my hands under my head. I started thinking about everything that happened that day, and my memory brought back a face; it was as beautiful as an angel, but it didn't belong to me. Why did I think of him? I still thought they didn't know long enough to say "I love you" to each other. I laughed under my breath when I realized I was kind of jealous. Since Cameron my heart only noticed heartless idiots, then Sharon finds someone that seems different and I was jealous.
I laughed again, pathetic. But to be honest, behind that laughter you could feel the worry. Sharon's heart could not be broken again; the first time was enough to know it'd be a disaster, which was my fear. Or so I thought.



Hey guys, I'm doing a mini-contest to be Liam's gf. The only thing you have to do is comment some of your physical qualities and your personality. The winner'll be the one that's the closest to the character... please share and like. Thanks Xx

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