Manual of the forbidden.

False and perfidious were synonymous of my name.
Of all the roles I could star in, I owned the only thing everyone in my situation would reject. The worst thing was that this was not a movie, to only represent, act and pretend; the funny thing is that this is real life, and I had to act and pretend the best way possible and existing.

He, much like the Prince Charming out of the fairy tales my mother used to read when I was a child.
She, the best friend I've had since I was six, unique and unconditional. They said she was perfect for him.
Me, situated right in the middle; in love with my best friend's boyfriend.


2. Harry



"Oh! My bad. My name is Harry Styles," he extended his hand in greeting.

"Well, Harry. You know my name," my hand joined his and it was like they were merged as two custom-made gear.

The body heat of his hand and the male natural softness of  his skin made me blush again.

"Very nice,"  indeed, he smiled referring to my name. The red on my cheeks intensified "how was your trip?"He asked.

"Tired" I sighed, "so, if you don't mind, I'll sit and wait for Sharon"  and I let my body slide down the wall until the gray beige carpeted floor. Wow that was a sad place to live.

"Does it bother you if I wait too?" He whispered.

"Of course not," I tried to sound casual.

He smiled and sat down beside me resting his back against that wall and crossing his legs on the floor. The jeans he's wearing fit perfectly. I turned my gaze  ignoring the incoherent thoughts in my mind.

I felt hungry so I looked in my bag some junk food that I have got in the flight. Luckily I found a packet of chocolate cookies.

"want some?" I offered.

"No, thank you."  He smiled. Maybe he thinks I looked as if it was something ... unusual, but fun.

"I am hungry" I shrugged, a little embarrassed.

"Go ahead," He encouraged me to bite the cookie.

I ate quickly and shook the crumbs that fell from it. I noticed that Harry was looking at me.

"Do you miss California?" He asked me.

"A little" I admitted. "But a change is always good," I said as I began to bite the other cookie. "Wait, how do you know that I come from California?" I demanded to know. This guy he knew much about me when to me he was a total stranger. But it didn't scare me at all.

"Sharon told me, she was always talking about you" He said.

"Oh," I laughed, "I hope it was good."

"Don't worry" he smiled. "You're her best friend, how could she say bad things about you?"

"I do not know, maybe that ... I like to eat breakfast in my pajamas," I shrugged, "and I love chocolate cookies with peanut butter."

"Breakfast in pajamas is comfortable" he admitted. "And everyone has their weird tastes, I love my chocolates with mint."

"That's not so weird."

We both laughed while I appeased my hunger biting the cookie ... the sound of our laughter was overshadowed by the cheer of a familiar voice.


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