Manual of the forbidden.

False and perfidious were synonymous of my name.
Of all the roles I could star in, I owned the only thing everyone in my situation would reject. The worst thing was that this was not a movie, to only represent, act and pretend; the funny thing is that this is real life, and I had to act and pretend the best way possible and existing.

He, much like the Prince Charming out of the fairy tales my mother used to read when I was a child.
She, the best friend I've had since I was six, unique and unconditional. They said she was perfect for him.
Me, situated right in the middle; in love with my best friend's boyfriend.


1. Just the begining


. Despite all the attempts, the key wouldn't get in the lock making me list different kinds of curses. Huffed frustrated and I kicked the door causing my toes to hurt. I was already missing California.

"I don't think it's gonna open that way" funny, muttered behind me; a voice as smooth as velvet.

I turned and faced embarrassed the perfection in person. I could feel how my mouth slowly opened and how my eyes flashed in charm.

A young slender but sturdy coated with soft white skin and brown hair, slightly tousled short stood behind me and my messy pair of blue suitcases that I had left lying on the floor next to my feet.

"Uhhhm ... uh ..." great, I could not articulate anything intelligible or that had meaning.

"Let me guess, you are ______, right?" He smiled showing me the perfect row of white teeth.

Wow, a perfect smile was framed by a seemingly soft pink lips, this was the most beautiful thing I'd seen since I arrived in Venice.

"Sharon's friend?" He asked, now doubtful.

Dang! Was it necessary slap me to react? Yeah, maybe yes, but slightly I just shook my head.

"Yes, yeah," I cleared my throat slyly to the two questions.

He smiled more eagerly, as if he'd known me for years and completely disarmed me. Something new  for me.

"The door won't open? " He inquired.

"Huh? uhm, no" ... I lowered my head to hide the blush on my cheeks  "the key won't get in" I explained.

" Hum ... May I?" Stretched his hand, palm upward. What do you think? I am a fool?

I dared to look at him, he had beautiful eyes, it seemed Picasso created them himself, an art in different shades of green. I gave him the key fully trusting that beautiful stranger.

He went to the door of that apartment and tried only once to put the key in the lock, which did not work.

"Hum ... I think you got the wrong key."

"Do you think so?" 'I said, sarcastically.

He laughed and his laughter puff caressed my face. I forced landing back on Earth since I had flown beyond the last cloud of heaven. What kind of strange emotions was I experimenting?.

"Are you ... a neighbor?" I asked hopefully, really wanting him to say yes.


" So ... how do you know my name and that  I am friends with the girl who lives here?" I paused, frowning "Sharon Baecke lives here, right?" Asked suspiciously.

He laughed even more, as if my naivete was funny. Well, maybe for him.

"Yes, Sharon lives here" he pointed to the 312 in which earlier I had tried to get the key. " Well, she told me about you," he said "She said you'd be here tonight and she was exited with the news" I smiled.

"And you are ..." I squinted.


Guys please tell me what do you think about this, I really want to improve
Thanks for reading:)

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