Once Upon A Time...

Are you daring and brave. Then this is a must read book for all dangerous people!!!


3. Dragon's Eye

One night, I got out of the car and ran towards my apartment with Roger chasing me behind. When I was running, my mind decided to run all the way to Jennifer's house. I did as my mind had told me and I ended up doing something very silly. I fell down a whole. Blacker then a black hole.

Then I found out that I found a Dragon cave! I should start looking with Roger who also fell down without balance.

I took a step near the bright wall. The wall looked like a eye! OMG IT'S THE DRAGON'S EYE!!!!!!!!!!

Luckily, Roger had his expanding sword with him so we could fight the dangerous dragon. Then a purple dust blew on to the dragon. Next thing I knew was that the dragon had gone but a mysterious women was their. She was claimed to be the Queen of Raven Castle. Or in other words Regina's Sister.










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