Which one?

Scarlette , the 17th year old.. Was a huge fan of One direction,
She get's her chance, when her mother bought her Meet & Greet tickets. Since then her life has been crazy, and full of confusion.


1. Stunning

Scarlette's P.O.V: 

Oh my god.. I'm so excited. But I seriously hate long road trips.. I JUST WANT TO BE IN FLORIDA!!. 

My mom bought me Meet & Greet tickets .. To meet the most talented amazing british/irish humans. EVER!. I was so excited, I'm now in the backseat with my bestfriend Jade Farrel .Who is obsessed with one direction as much as I am. "Mom, are we here yet" i said. She just replied, "Another hour baby girl".. I hated when she called me that, but since she was letting my dream come true. I didn't care at all what she called me. I got off my chair, standed up and kissed her on the cheek.  Me and Jade were on our phones, typical. Texting, tweeting.. Doing anything, I looked at the clock on the radio .. It's been an hour already.. Whoa. Time goes fast.. But we went to shop to get nice things to wear. Uggh! I'm so excited!!!! 


Zayn's P.O.V

The boys always search up the girls we are going to meet , at the meet and greets. Most of them were young, I really wasn't paying attention, cause I honestly didn't care.. All of our fans were amazing. So it didn't matter, til they clicked a picture, "Meow" Harry said. So I took a sneak peek. God that girl was beautiful, I didn't suspect anything, anyone that would look like that. She was beautiful, I hope she isn't to obsessed with us, but I am beautiful so.. I won't blame her if shes crazy over me. But seriously.. She's STUNNING! ahhh! 

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