Which one?

Scarlette , the 17th year old.. Was a huge fan of One direction,
She get's her chance, when her mother bought her Meet & Greet tickets. Since then her life has been crazy, and full of confusion.


2. Meet and Greet.

Scarlett's P.O.V

I bought myself White pair of shorts, and A white t-shirt with a British flag on it. And let my curly blonde hair fall from my shoulders. Ahh , I wish I impress one of the boys, or get complimented.. That would be an A+ from meeting them. Were here at the building, and I feel like chickening out , I can't handle this.. I'm scared. No Scarlett ,  face your fair. Stop being shy, and girl up. So here I was opening the Van doors, with me and my bestfriend Jade who was wearing , A purple mini skirt, and a purple tanktop. With her straight hair in a side braid.. My bestfriend was beautiful, but I wish she knew that.. I grab my bestfriend's hand and hold it tight, I look back and wave at my mom. Then we walk through the building to see them.. We give them our tickets , and get Orange braclets on our wrist. We walked to the room we were sent to from some people.. At the door we saw Paul , and we freaked out..Haha!. "PAUL!!" Jade & I yelled.. We were probably corny, but we were alright with it. We pulled out our Iphone's and *Click Click*.. Then we hugged him , and went in the room. We saw so many beautiful girls it was awkward. Cause we thought we had no chance.. We just decided to sit down on the couch we saw on all of The Video Diarys. And after 15/20 minutes..Zayn came up to us. We were shocked.. I whispered "You can see us?" .. Jade giggled, and so did Zayn. He pulled out two of his hands for us to grab?. But we didn't know.. So we gave him a high five.. Yep talk about embrassment.. "No I meant get up and lets go see the boys" Zayn said, with a little giggle. We got up, and our cheeks were RED! litterally I could feel them.. They were burning. So we went to see the boys, and we were really quiet. "Hey beautiful" Liam said. And kissed my hand.. I just smiled , and Niall was all over Jade. I looked at her, and she was giggling & blushing which was adorable. 

"Whats your name lovelys?" The boys asked.

"My name is Scarlett, and this is Jade my bestfriend," I said. 

They laughed.. 



Liams P.o.v

I could see Scarlett's cheeks going red, and she felt confused. It was so cute, I couldn't stop but smile. 

I was staring at her for a white actually.. She looked at me and said "Sorry to be a rude, but why are you looking at me? Is their something on my face".. I replied "Yup.."  She freaked out, running to a mirror.. And yelled "WHERE!?"..I made a circle all around her face with my finger, she was confused. 

So I gave her a hint saying "BEAUTY!! beauty everywhere on your face.." She blushed. I looked at the clock, and noticed that Meet and Greet was over.. But I couldn't leave her.. Our manager came in and said it's time to go. So we hugged all the fans, then Jade & Scarlett were last. 

Niall hugged Jade for like 5 mins, and Scarlett hugged Harry then Louis, then Me.. But I wouldn't let go for a long time.. I didn't want to. Then she hugged Zayn, for a long time actually. And kissed her on the cheek, and I was jealous.. Like really really jealous. But I'm dating Danielle ... Why haven't i felt this with her? . Im confused.. 

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