Princess Anne County

In Princess Anne County where the farmers are up and in the fields early. With the women cooking and cleaning.


1. Princess Anne County

In Princess Anne County there are so many  beautiful things to see and do.  As a child I loved it. There was tree houses and swings.  Long walks and learn to cook.  The guys went hunting and fishing.


It has a lot of good memories  there. One's I will never forget. Sitting on the porch drinking tea. Listening at the older  people. Telling stories. Some true, some not. But they was so interesting.


Always have a garden with so many things to eat. Then with the deer, rabbit, and fish. No one could go hungary.


Farmers getting up early to work on the farms.  Wives cooking and cleaning. Taking them something to eat in the fields.


But to me the most interesting story I heard was. There was a cemetary about 100 yards or so where a lady's  greatgrandfather was buried. It was over grown and needed to be cleaned up. It seems like a guy that she did not know or had never met was buried in a pasture behind a school house.  Close to where I used to live on Pleasant Ridge Road. I believe she did not know until someone  contacted her.  From the Princess Anne Sons of Confederate Soldiers.  The names and  their resting place.  This was near to their "heart". 

They give respect to them and  as we all should. Give respect.


These boys gave their lives for us. To keep us safe from war. Can you see their families. With tears running down their faces. As they found out their son's was dead. Or the wives and girlfriends. The father's, brother's, sister's, etc."


There was a deciation held for the new  head stones. There were three generations there. I can picture them now!


There has been more than 30 Confederate  Soldiers that their sites have been cleaned and kept up. Over the last decade. Grass and trees cut, alot of hard work was done. New head stones was placed for them.


In the farmland alot of soldiers are resting. "A lot of people feel as if they are forgotten". Markers are destroyed and stolen. It takes a bad "person" to do such a thing. They sit back and enjoy life. That these soldier's lost their live's for.


But now they have new markers". Let's do what we can to help them not to be destroyed again. It was a bad deal for these  "soldier's".


Alot of things are being done for our troops. More needs to  be done. They are American's who fought  for us and still fighting today. Who lost their lives for us.  "Be proud of them".  "Give respect". Give them :honor". They are loyal and at risk.


I can feel "the guns". Feel the pain. See all the blood.  The things no man should have to live through. They do it everday.


No food or water for "weeks at a time". Can't see loved ones for "months at a time". Guned down like dogs. "All because of War". 

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