Pinky Promise

After a series of terrible events in her life, Tessa DeGennaro finds the one person that makes her happy: Harry Styles. It isn't long before they fall head over heels in love for eachother. But the question is, is this love going to last forever, or is it all too good to be true?

**Warning! Some scenes are graphic and there is some foul languauge**


10. Think


*Harry's POV*


I visited her at work today. She really had a hold on me and it was so unreal to think I could fall this hard for someone in just a few weeks. I've seen millions of pretty faces and great personalities. But there was something about Tessa DeGennaro that made her so irresistible.


It was the way she smiled when she saw me. The way she made me forget about everything I ever worried about. All the bad thoughts and self doubt that found it's way into my brain would completely disappear when I was holding her in my arms. The way her eyes sparkled whenever she laughed. How strong she is. The world around her could be crumbling into pieces and she wouldn't show one sign of weakness. And don't even get me started on how she made me feel every time we kissed. It was simple, Tessa made me weak in the knees and I've never felt this way about anyone before.


I wished she would let me spend the night at her house again, I loved sleeping with her in my arms. It made me feel like she was mine forever. Mine and only mine. I smiled as I got into bed. She was all I could think about, it made my head spin.


I could hear the guys downstairs, yelling about something. If I wasn't so tired I would be down there with them. I think Niall and Liam were going to a local club here, it was called Karma or something. On a night like this, I might have gone out with them for a few drinks. But I knew how much Tessa hated drinking, and I'm pretty sure she wouldn't appreciate her boyfriend going to a club without her knowing. And the press would be there, no doubt. People found out where we were in a matter of minutes, it's crazy. So if I did go, girls would be all over me, and there would surely be an article about how I brought a girl home. They would accuse me of being a cheater and a womanizer, which was a complete lie. And besides, I didn't want that life anymore, I really wanna settle down with Tessa for a long while.


I wondered if I would feel about this way about her for the rest of my life, and if she felt the same way about me. I checked my phone one last time to see if Tessa called for any reason. When I saw she didn't, I made sure to send her a text saying:

Goodnight baby<3 I'll see you tomorrow if I can:)


I made sure my ringer was on high so I would wake up if she called. Then I shut my eyes, thinking I had a long day ahead of me tomorrow.


*Tessa's POV*


Ashley and I were talking again. I called her because she's my best friend and I would obviously miss her. We haven't spoken in a while, and she's been my sister since the second grade. We made up instantly and told each other everything we missed in our lives. She told me that her and her boyfriend, Kevin, have been talking about marriage a lot lately. I was so incredibly for them! They've been dating since freshman year, and they were best friends for two years before that. Despite everyone's doubts, they beat the odds and they were still madly in love today.


Every girl thinks her best friend is gorgeous, and a small part of us is always jealous of them. But I'm telling you, Ashley is the prettiest girl I know. She has blonde hair with hazel eyes, she's about 5'8 with long legs and fair skin. I was always jealous, yet she had no idea of how gorgeous she was. But when she was with Kevin, you could tell he made her feel beautiful. I really hope they get married, if they don't, Kevin and I are going to have a very long talk.


But anyways, after she was done telling me about Kevin, I told her everything that happened between me and Nico and that I was dating Harry now. Ash told me she was happy that I wasn't with Nico, she just didn't want me to rush into a relationship with Harry. At first, I agreed with her. But then I saw a text that Harry sent me. It read:

Goodnight baby<3 I'll see you tomorrow if I can:)


I smiled and that's when I knew that I wasn't rushing into anything. And if I was, then so be it. I knew how I felt about Harry, he made me happier than anyone I've met before, and that's all that matters to me. I replied and told him goodnight and have fun tomorrow shooting his music video.


It was almost midnight when Ashley and I got off the phone. After showering, and attempting to sleep for over two hours, I finally went downstairs to the piano. I haven't played in a while and my piano was out of tune. After fixing it, I started messing around with the keys and actually came up with something decent. Before I knew it, words were pouring out of my mouth and I had the first verse done. After a good hour and a half of hard work, I sang it start to finish.


Starry nights and pouring rain.

You bare my heart like a ball and chain,

but everyone said that we were fine.

Long nights and cold hard rain.

You broke my heart yet you can't explain,

why you never thought that we were fine.

Learning to let go,

to open new doors.

I finally found my happiness,

but I never hope you find yours.


I liked it but it was only a rough draft. I would play around with it when I had a bit of free time. All this creativity was making me exhausted! I walked upstairs and into my bed, falling asleep in a matter of seconds.

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