Pinky Promise

After a series of terrible events in her life, Tessa DeGennaro finds the one person that makes her happy: Harry Styles. It isn't long before they fall head over heels in love for eachother. But the question is, is this love going to last forever, or is it all too good to be true?

**Warning! Some scenes are graphic and there is some foul languauge**


14. The Weekend (Part 2)


*Tessa's POV*

Harry and I were at the boardwalk for a good three hours. We went on rides, but no roller coasters. Turns out, we both hated them. But we did go on some fun rides. There's this one where you were laying down like Superman and they strapped you into a harness, then they brought you 150 feet in the air and sent you flying! It was such a rush, I felt like a bird flying over the ocean. Harry made me go on this one ride where we were strapped into a chair and then they brought you about 75 feet in the air, then they just dropped you. Every time we would get dropped, my butt lifted off the seat and my stomach felt like it fell faster than we did.


After a few more rides, Harry and I played some games. He was so determined to win me something, but he could only ever win the small prizes. I was fine with the baby teddy bear he won me earlier, but he had his mind set on winning me a jumbo prize. After an hour and a half, he managed to win me a huge bag of sour patch kids and a gigantic turtle, my two favorite things in the universe.


Then we had to wait for the guys to show up at this pizza place, I was sure they were lost. Everyone who doesn't live here gets lost at the boardwalk. Surely enough, I was right. After twenty minutes of extensive searching, Liam called me and asked if we could come get them. It took ten minutes to find them since they were horrible at giving directions, and Louis refused to get off the beach. Harry finally talked him into getting a hamburger.


So there we were, waiting for our food to come out. Since we ordered so much, someone had to come out and serve it all to us using two platters. I saw this as my perfect opportunity to get revenge on Harry. While everyone was paying attention to the food about to be served, I stuck my hand down Harry's pant's as nonchalantly as I could. He reacted immediately to the touch of my cold fingers. When he looked over at me, I just smiled at him.


Zayn and Louis saw what was going on and they started laughing under their breaths.

“So who ordered the cheese burger?” The waitress smiled. She was pretty. Short blonde hair, blue eyes, 5'3 at the tallest. She was skinny, yet she had curves. Maybe 22, 23 years old? She looked like one of those stereotypical popular blonde girls you saw in movies. The ones that were incredibly stupid, but she was gorgeous so she had everyone in the school wrapped around her little finger. You could tell she was trying to keep her composure in front of the boys, but she was blushing. When she walked over here, Harry had little googly eyes, so I guess he thought she was pretty too. Harry wasn't the only one though, all the guys, especially Niall, blushed when she walked over.

I couldn't be happier that she asked who ordered the cheeseburger though, since Harry ordered it. Right as he was about to answer, I started playing with him.

“Right over hERE!” He groaned towards the end of the sentence. Now everyone was aware of what was going on, except for the waitress. I guess she really was stupid... She handed Harry the plate and of course Harry couldn't help but notice that her boobs fell out of her shirt. I jerked my hand, a little mad at him.

“Thanks,” he tried to say to her, but it was more of a moan. I guess she took it as a compliment and started to blush.

“I don't think she was talking to you,” Louis said under his breath. We all laughed, except for Harry, who was completely embarrassed. The waitress finally caught on and gave Harry a weird look. He just looked at his food, his cheeks were so red. I couldn't help but laugh. The girl just walked away and everyone started laughing at Harry. I pulled my hand out of his pants and kissed him on the cheek.

“Did you really think you weren't getting away with the boxer thing?” I chuckled.

“I hate you,” he said, smiling a little bit.

“Harry she got you good!” Louis said.

“She did,” Liam added.

“Yeah, yeah.” Harry said.


*Harry's POV*


Although what happened at the pizza place was embarrassing, it was really funny. Our waitress was hot too. Tessa caught me staring at her and she got mad. She let it go eventually, but at that particular moment, she wasn't too happy.


When we got to the car, I pinned her against the door and kissed her. I missed the way it felt to have her lips against mine. We kissed again, more passionately this time. She wrapped one arm around my neck and I pulled her in closer to me, letting my hands rest on her waist.

“What was that for?” She smiled.

“Do I have to have a reason to kiss my girlfriend?”

“Nope,” she shook her head. I chuckled, she was so gorgeous. I walked her over to the passenger side.

“Am I taking you back home?” I asked.

“I was gonna spend the night at your place if that's okay.”

“Fine with me,” I walked back over to the drivers side with a smile on my face. I loved having her fall asleep in my arms, it made me remember that she was mine and only mine. I started driving home, holding hands with Tessa the entire time.


-2 hours later-


*Tessa's POV*

It was nearly midnight and everyone in the house was asleep except for me. I had some plans as to what I would do to get my revenge on the guys. As slowly and as gently as I could, I slipped out of Harry's arms and got out of bed. He was so adorable when he slept. Although I had no idea how I could sleep through all his snoring. I giggled and crept out of the room.


At first, I planned on attacking them individually. But then I came up with the idea of hiding all of their clothes at my house, then do a little something extra to each of them. I smiled and started taking all of the clothes out of their rooms.


After a good half hour of moving all the clothes downstairs, I borrowed Harry's car and drove the clothes to my house. I put them all in a closet downstairs. Then, I drove back to Harry's and started with the more personal pranks. First, I ate Niall's left overs, and put the empty container on his chest. Then I surrounded Liam with spoons, and made sure to put one in each hand. If Liam wasn't such a heavy sleeper, I wouldn't have been able to do that prank.


Then I hid all of Zayn's products in his bathroom. His mirror, blow dryer, all of his various combs and brushes and his razor all went under his bed. Last but not least, Louis Tomlinson.


Earlier in the week, he told me he bought a new striped shirt and he absolutely loved it. I cut the shirt in half and put it on his bed. I knew Louis was probably gonna hate me for it, but that's what he gets for shoving wet boxers in my face and attacking me numerous times with various fruits.


Once I was done, it was about 1:30 in the morning. I crawled back into bed with Harry and watched him for a few minutes. He looked so peaceful, and I was glad he got to hold me again. I loved falling asleep in his arms... After a while, I let sleep win the best of me and I shut my heavy eyes. I snuggled closer into Harry's chest, felt him tighten his grip on me, and I finally fell asleep.

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