Pinky Promise

After a series of terrible events in her life, Tessa DeGennaro finds the one person that makes her happy: Harry Styles. It isn't long before they fall head over heels in love for eachother. But the question is, is this love going to last forever, or is it all too good to be true?

**Warning! Some scenes are graphic and there is some foul languauge**


6. Talk


*Tessa's POV*


Harry and I drove to work together this morning, it wasn't busy so we fooled around the whole time. Don't ask me why he kept chasing me around the diner, but he did. When he wasn't chasing me or kissing me, we were singing. Ed Sheeran, mostly. I was surprised I even sang in front of him, I hardly ever sing in public. But Harry thought I was good.


And that's what we were talking about now. We were getting ready to close up, Harry took his iPhone off the dock and I was putting away my apron.

“And you're telling me you've never had lessons before?” He asked.

“Not a single minute,” I replied.

“You're like incredible!” I laughed.

“Thanks,” he grabbed my waist.

“Is that all you do?” He asked.

“What do you mean?” I thought I saw a car pull up, but I wasn't sure.

“Like do you play anything?”

“Oh yeah uh, the guitar and the piano.”

“Seriously? Why didn't you tell me?” Harry looked amazed, like I was the only person that ever sang and played two instruments.

“I dunno! You never asked!” I laughed. Harry put his jacket on me before we headed out the door. I liked his jackets, they smelled good.

“Well you're amazing.” He said. When we walked out the door I saw two figures, I ignored them. “You should take lessons,” Harry said.

“You think so?” I asked.

“Yeah! Maybe you could feature on our next album or something,” he smiled at me and grabbed my waist again.

“That would be so cool! I would love that-” I was cut off by an unexpected voice.

“Whose this Tessa?” Now I knew whose car pulled up to the diner, and who the two figures were: Mike and Jo Ann.

“Uhmm-” I started to say but Harry cut me off.

“I'm Harry,” he said, shaking Mike's hand. Jo Ann looked at him for a quick second, then looked right back at me. The look on her face was not friendly, at all.

“Nice to meet you Harry. I'm Mike and this is my wife Jo Ann,”

“Lovely to meet you.” He smiled.

“I see you've taken an interest in my daughter.” Jo Ann said, looking at the arm that Harry had around me. I cringed.

“I'm not your daughter.” I said.

“You sure as hell are.” Jo Ann snapped. I felt Harry's grip on me tighten.

“I'm 18, I'm not your goddamn daughter anymore-” Mike cut me off.

“Stop, I don't wanna hear this fuckin' argument again. We just came here to take inventory, so unless you wanna do that for us, go.” His eyes were so cold...

“No, she's out of control. She needs to learn to stop with the drama already,” Jo Ann said.

“Harry go wait in the car,” I never stopped looking at Jo Ann.

“No, I'm staying here with-” I cut him off.

“Harry please go wait in the car.” I begged him, tears were falling fast from my face.

“Okay,” he let go of me and walked to the car. I waited until he was inside to speak again.

“The drama!? Because I won't call you my mother, I'm dramatic?” I whispered.

“Yes! I am your mom, if you haven't yet realized!” She yelled. I broke down.

“You were never a mother to me! Ever!” I sniffled, “I've always hated you!” She cut me off.

“Yeah, you always hated me. TELL ME WHAT I DID THAT WAS SO FUCKIN' BAD!” She pushed me back. I heard Harry get out of the car.

“YOU TOLD ME YOU HATED ME! AND CALLED ME A PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A DAUGHTER. YOU PUSHED ME AROUND AND TREATED ME LIKE I WAS NOTHING! MY JUNIOR AND SENIOR YEARS WERE RUINED BECAUSE OF YOU! WE FOUGHT ALL THE TIME AND I WANTED TO KILL MYSELF!” She tried to cut me off but I wouldn't let her. My voice was quieter now. “For four years I wanted to die so bad.” I could feel every inch of my body shake when I said those words. All of the horrible memories of my childhood came rushing back to me.

“You made me think life wasn't worth living anymore. And you knew that I felt that way because you never gave me any privacy. But instead of trying to help me, you used it against me. You twisted my own feelings around to make me feel guilty for thinking like that-” She pushed me up against the side of the diner.


“Ow!” I cried. Harry suddenly stepped in front of me and my mom and pulled me away from her.

“GET AWAY FROM HER!” He screamed. “We need to leave.” He pulled me into him. I saw my tears fall into his shirt. Mike pulled Jo Ann into the diner, and we walked to the car. He opened my door and I sat down, but Harry didn't leave.

“I'm sorry Harry. I'm so sorry!” I cried and he pulled me into a hug.

“It's alright baby. You're alright.” He whispered.

“I just didn't want you to know,” I said.

“It's okay baby, we don't have to talk about it if you don't want to.” He kissed my neck. I nodded and Harry walked to the drivers seat and drove away from the diner.


The car ride home was silent, neither of us knew what to say. It's not that I didn't wanna say anything, I just couldn't. Harry understood the silence, and he read it well. He knew there weren't any words that could comfort me, so he took my hand instead.


How do I sit here and try to explain everything without Harry running off? It was a lot to take in, and I didn't want him to treat me differently because of it. But what's done is done, and I can't take back what just happened. Tessa you have to tell him, I thought, if you really want to see if a relationship with him will work, he needs to know the truth. No secrets. He pulled into my driveway and turned off the car. I was a little more calm now.

“Do you want me to leave?” Harry asked. I shook my head and he nodded. I opened the door to my car and walked over to Harry, who was already on the driveway. I put my arm around him and we walked inside.

“You should know the full story.” I said as we sat down on the couch.

“Baby you don't have to tell me if you don't want to.” He pulled me into him and we lied down on the couch. My head was on his shoulder, I suddenly got tired and wondered if, when all of this was done, Harry would spend the night with me.

“No, I want you to know. Can I just ask you something first?”

“Anything,” he said.

“I get it if you're unsure about this, I just need to know if the answer is no.” I breathed in, “do you plan on being in a relationship with me? Or is this not gonna work for you?” I asked.

“Tessa I wouldn't be here if this wasn't gonna work out for me.” He said.

“Then I can tell you the story.” I breathed in and began.


*Harry's POV*


I was a little nervous to hear what she had to say, but if she wanted me to know, then I would listen.

“Well, I guess you know that Mike and Jo Ann are my parents. And I guess you know that we obviously don't get along to well. But you have no idea why, so I'm going to tell you.” She paused for a minute, searching for words, and began again.

“I was about eleven years old when my parents and I really started fighting. It was like an all day, everyday kinda thing. For the past seven years, we haven't been able to have a conversation without it turning into an argument. Sometimes, I have no idea what we fight about... I remember when I was twelve, my mom and I had been arguing all day. I said something that made her really mad at me, so she pulled me up off the floor by my hair and dragged me into her room. She threw me on the bed and locked the door. She said, 'shut the fuck up you little bitch.' and she started choking me. I couldn't breathe for at least forty seconds. From then on I was scared of her. Every time we fought, I would have flashbacks to that day and she couldn't come near me without me getting petrified.

“I have an older sister Danielle, shes 22 now, and an older brother Michael who is 28. They both have kids, but I haven't even spoken to them in seven years. I just see the Christmas cards they send Mike and Jo Ann hanging up at the diner. They have always hated me, so it didn't make my home life any better. And at school, I had friends, but they all treated me badly. Ashley was the only person I could talk to, but she never had time for me. So I was alone and I had nowhere to turn. Soccer wasn't going as well as I'd hoped either, so I turned to music. I taught myself the piano and the guitar. My parents got me a keyboard when I was like nine, and my sister asked for a guitar but she never played it, so I took it from her and learned it myself. As for singing, I just googled how to breathe from your diaphragm, that's the only real thing I know about singing. And I wrote my own songs. I sang and listened to music every day. And when Jo Ann would take away my stuff, I was only devastated because it meant I couldn't listen to music.

“When I was thirteen I discovered this band called All Time Low, and I absolutely fell in love with them. Saying I was obsessed with them would be an understatement. Their lead singer, Alex, he had a brother Tom that committed suicide. I remember thinking that Alex was the strongest person I knew and I admired him so much. The only time I was ever truly happy was when I got to see them in concert, and I cried when I got to meet them. Alex hugged me, it was the best moment of my life. I first met them when I was just about to turn sixteen, and by then my home life was pretty much messed up. My grades were beginning to fall, and my entire family hated me. Emotionally I was just so worn out. I was depressed all the time. And I couldn't help but feel ugly. Forgotten. Useless. Worthless. Pathetic. Alone...I first thought about suicide when I was like fourteen, which isn't normal at all, but I never really tried it until I was sixteen. It was my birthday and Jo Ann and I were fighting again, that was the first time she told me she hated me. I grabbed a bottle of pills when she wasn't looking and brought them up to my room. Harry you had no idea how close I came to taking them, but I didn't. Because I remembered Alex, and how crushed he felt when Tom committed suicide. And I thought I don't want that to be me.” Small tears fell from her eyes, I wiped them from her face and kissed her cheek. She kept going.

“So I promised Alex that I wouldn't do it. And then I prayed, and put the pills down... My mom found the pills in my room a week later. She told me when I got home from school that I was too much for her to handle, and she kicked me out of the house. She said she would rent a house in Point Pleasant for me and she would give me a job at the diner, but when I graduated High School, she would stop paying for the house and leave that up to me. So here I am today, at 18 years old I'm struggling to pay the bills. And my family still hates me and I just lost my best friend...” Her voice broke and she curled into me and cried into my neck, I hugged her. If we didn't run into her parents tonight at the diner, I would have never guessed any of this happened to her. She hid it all so well.

“I'm so sorry,” I whispered, a tear feel down my cheek and into her hair. She looked up at me with red, swollen eyes.

“Why are you crying?” She asked.

“Because I don't want any of that stuff to happen to you ever again. And I want you to know something. You are the strongest and the most beautiful girl I know. And I don't ever what you feeling like that again. You are perfect to me and that's all that matters.” She cried a little harder and I kissed her forehead.

“So you're really gonna stay?” She asked.

“I pinky promised you I wouldn't leave, remember?” Tessa smiled and kissed me.

“Stay here tonight,”

“Okay,” I lifted her up and carried her upstairs. “Which one is your room?” I asked.

“The first one on the right,” she said. I put her down on her bed, grabbed her waist and kissed her.

“I like you.” I said against her lips, I couldn't help it.

“I like you too,” I laughed. “Lemme take a shower, then we'll go to sleep.” She got up and before I knew it, Tessa was in my arms fast asleep. I'm glad she told me what she did today. It only made her more beautiful to me. I shut my eyes and was asleep before I knew it.

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