Pinky Promise

After a series of terrible events in her life, Tessa DeGennaro finds the one person that makes her happy: Harry Styles. It isn't long before they fall head over heels in love for eachother. But the question is, is this love going to last forever, or is it all too good to be true?

**Warning! Some scenes are graphic and there is some foul languauge**



Hey everyone(:

If you haven't already known, I won't be completing this story. However, while I was gone, Pinky Promise has gotten over 2000 more views. So thank you to every one who read it; especially to those who liked or favorite it.


I put up a new story and I'm trying to update every week. It's called The Pursuit of Happiness and I'm very proud of where this story is headed. It's also up on wattpad and

Uhh you should go check it out. Like it. Favorite it. Comment; I love criticism(:





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