Pinky Promise

After a series of terrible events in her life, Tessa DeGennaro finds the one person that makes her happy: Harry Styles. It isn't long before they fall head over heels in love for eachother. But the question is, is this love going to last forever, or is it all too good to be true?

**Warning! Some scenes are graphic and there is some foul languauge**


25. England


*Tessa's POV*

The rest of the week went absolutely incredible. Work went really well, I haven't even heard from Nico, and things with Harry are going great. When I told him my birthday was in December, he took it upon himself to buy me a very early present. Which happened to be an iPhone 4S... I loved it, but I hate that he spends money on me.

If Harry and I ever did fight, it was about stupid petty things and we only ended up saying, “I love you,” to each other.


Even the press was being nice to us. There were articles saying that we were adorable together, but there was always that one article that trashed us. Harry's fans started to calm down, I think they were beginning to accept us together, but we knew that some fans will always hate us and there was nothing we could do about it.


Now, we were sitting on an airplane, waiting to fly to London. Harry was completely exhausted. He was up packing all night and hardly got two hours of sleep. Now, he was basically collapsing from exhaustion on my shoulder.

“Go to sleep baby,” I whispered, kissing his temple. He groaned and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Within minutes, he was snoring on my shoulder.

The seats on the airplane were made of cold, blue leather. And every time I moved, my body would sink into it. Harry had my hip pinned against the hard plastic arm rest, which was really uncomfortable. Every time I tried to move, he would only tighten his grip on me, so I couldn't move. I knew I wasn't falling asleep any time soon, so I put in my headphones, preparing for a dreadful seven hour flight.


*Nico's POV*

Tessa was doing well. The constant articles and media coverage about her never gave me the chance to forget. They made sure every day was a constant reminder of how stupid I was for letting her go.

I rolled out of bed and walked into the kitchen, making myself breakfast. Everyday became the same old routine. Drag myself out of bed, eat, work and go to bed. Every second of my days were spent thinking about Tessa.

I just couldn't get myself to accept the fact that this was all over. Over three years of memories were thrown in the toilet all because of one damn mistake.

I knew how much Tessa loved me, she always told me. But it wasn't until this year that I realized I loved her back. After years of trying to find someone better than her, and completely failing, Tessa was finally mine. I took her out on dates, we spend lazy days together, I was even the first guy she slept with.

But then I cheated. I met Cassandra at a club and I cheated. For weeks, I tried to work up the courage to call Tessa and tell her. But something always held me back from pressing that talk button, I knew I couldn't break her like that. I had to tell her in person, which was even scarier than calling her over the phone.

Of course, I ended up losing her. She told me she hated me, and a few weeks later, she began dating Harry Styles. That's when I lost all my feelings for Cassandra, and I only used her to try to make Tessa jealous. When that failed, I became completely desperate to win back the love of my life. Some part of me told me that she couldn't throw this all away for a guy she just met a few weeks ago. Something told me that we still loved each other, and that we were going to be married some day. I bought an engagement ring and bought tulips, they were her favorite flowers. It was late at night when I got to her house, and I knew that if this didn't work, nothing would.

When Harry came outside, and when he talked to me about her, I already knew the answer was no. Tessa would pick him over me in a heartbeat. And I was right, the ring was on my doorstep before I knew it.


Ever since then, my life has been shattered into a million pieces. When I was flipping through the channels on my TV, I saw an image of Harry and Tessa flash before my eyes. I flipped back to the channel to find that they were flying to England today, rumor has it that they were moving in together.

I reached under my couch and pulled out two things: a bouquet of dead tulips and a small box. When I opened it, her note fell out.


I did find the person that will meet me down the aisle. And he's at home waiting for me right now. I hope you understand.



A tear dropped onto the floor as I read those words over and over again. I've looked at it one thousand times before and yet I could never accept these cold words. What Tessa will never know is, I will always be in love with her. And although I'm glad she found the person that's gonna meet her down the aisle, I will never understand.


*Louis' POV*

Harry called me earlier in the week, he told me he was coming back to London for the wedding, and Tessa was coming with him. The lads and I were so excited to see them both. It was really hard to get stuff done without having Harry in the studio with us, and Tessa became one of us instantly. She was already one of my best mates, we told each other everything and we spoke constantly. Needless to say, I was really looking forward to having them come home. We could spend the last few weeks in London together, and maybe have Tessa feature in our upcoming album.

“Babe are you ready?” Eleanor yelled. We were getting coffee for lunch, since we had nothing better to do.

“Yeah!” I yelled back, getting up off my bed and walking into the kitchen. El looked beautiful, as always. I kissed her cheek and put my arm around her waist as we walked out the door.

“So what time are Harry and Tessa getting here?” She asked.

“They land in two hours, and they're spending a few days in London. Then they're heading over to Cheshire a few days before the wedding, then spending the rest of the time back in London with us.” We walked into the elevator and pushed the button to the ground floor.

“That's fun. I'm really looking forward to meeting Tessa.” Eleanor smiled.

El, you're gonna love her! She's literally just like Harry!” I said, it made her giggle.

“She sounds lovely.”

“She is.” I couldn't have meant it anymore. She really was lovely, and without a doubt, the best thing that's happened to Harry in a long time.


*Tessa's POV*

Well, I was right. I didn't sleep at all, but Harry didn't wake up once. He slept through the entire plane ride. We just landed at the airport, and I couldn't be more happy. That was the worst seven hours of my life.

“Harry,” I whispered. “Wake up, we're in London.” I kissed him on the top of the head.

“Really?” He groaned, moving a little in his chair.

“Yes,” I giggled. “Now wake up babe.” By now, basically everyone was getting off the plane.

“Carry me,” he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I couldn't resist how cute he was. I got up and wrapped our carry on bags around my shoulder. Then I got Harry's arm and put it around my waist. I pulled him up, supporting all of his body wait. Harry did little to nothing to help me get him off the plane, I was basically dragging him throughout the airport.

He immediately woke up when he heard the screaming fans, I felt him tighten his grip on me. Security already had our bags and we were being leaded out to our car.

“Welcome back, Harry.” A guy said.

“Thanks Paul. This is my girlfriend Tessa.” He smiled at Paul.

“Lovely to meet you,” Paul said, helping me into the car.

“You too, Paul.” I smiled. Harry got in next to me and collapsed on my lap.

“I'm so tired!” He said.

“I know,” I chuckled. We were already driving through London, everything here was so unfamiliar.

“Can I go back to sleep?”

“Sure.” I said, resting my hands on his body. Within minutes, he was snoring. I knew he was tired, but I didn’t realize he was this tired.

“So how has Harry been?” Paul asked.

“Good, he's really sweet.” I smiled.

“Yeah, he's a good lad. Shy though,”


“Yeah. He kinda keeps to himself a bit, he's really shy. He doesn't mind talking to people, you just have to make the conversation.”

“I haven't seen that side of him. Whenever he's with me he's always so outgoing and funny.”

“That's cause he's comfortable around you. The lads say he really likes you.” Paul said. I looked down at Harry and smiled, he looked so peaceful when he slept.

“Maybe a little.” My eyes never left Harry. There was a small silence between me and Paul for a few minutes, but it was a comfortable silence. It reminded me of the ones I had in the diner. The streets of London were really busy, yet different from America. They were filled with people and cars, but the atmosphere was completely different. I kinda liked it.

“We're almost here.” Paul said.

“Good, I'm tired.”

“You look sleepy,”

“I am.” I laughed, putting my head back on the seat. “Paul?”

“Yeah, love?”

“What's it like touring with the boys?” I closed my eyes, trying to relax a little.

“Absolutely crazy! It's always an adventure.” He laughed.

“The five of them put together is-” he cut me off.

“A disaster.” I couldn't help but laugh because it was completely true. All of the sudden, we pulled into a really fancy neighborhood. Every single house was huge. They made my house look like a cardboard box...

“Paul... Is this where Harry lives?” I asked, completely astonished.

“Yeah, why?”

“Oh my god.” I said, Paul chuckled.

“Wake Harry up, we're here.” We pulled to a beautiful white house with a brick wall surrounding it. I poked Harry in the arm a few times until he got up.

“We're here already?”

“Yeah, babe your house is huge!” I looked at him wide-eyed.

“You like it then?” He chuckled wrapping an arm around me. I couldn't even respond, I was too overwhelmed. So I just nodded my head and watched as Harry quietly laughed at me. He opened the door and helped me out of the car, Paul grabbed our bags.

“I'll show you to our room and then I'll call Lou to tell him we're here.”  

He held my hand and led me through a tour of the house. Overall, there was four bedrooms, three bathrooms, three living rooms and a huge backyard. And of course a kitchen and a laundry room, but that goes without saying. My favorite part was the piano, it was so beautiful! When I told Harry I would be spending most of my time there, he laughed and carried me up the stairs. Our room was on the third floor. All it consisted of was our room, a bathroom and then a huge terrace. It was like it's own little section of the house, I absolutely loved it.


“I love it here,” I smiled at him and he kissed me.

“Good. Now can we please take a nap?”

“Harry! You've been sleeping all day!” I laughed.

“Yeah but I'm still tired,” he smiled and looked at the floor. He had his puppy dog eyes on with a crooked smile.

“Just a few hours! Then we call Louis!” I said.

“Deal!” He picked me up and carried me into our room. The bed was so soft and comfortable, I fell asleep in a matter of minutes.

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