Pinky Promise

After a series of terrible events in her life, Tessa DeGennaro finds the one person that makes her happy: Harry Styles. It isn't long before they fall head over heels in love for eachother. But the question is, is this love going to last forever, or is it all too good to be true?

**Warning! Some scenes are graphic and there is some foul languauge**


8. Blanket of Stars


*Tessa's POV*


The rest of the week went by slowly. Mike and Jo Ann wouldn't let Harry come to the diner anymore, which sucked. We talked non stop throughout the day though, which was nice, but I missed him. He had a hold on me, I didn't know what it was, I was just drawn to him. I think the separation made us closer, so in a way, it was good that Harry wasn't with me 24/7. It gave us a chance to miss each other, and it made seeing him on Sundays that much more special.


Luckily for me, today was Sunday. Instead of taking me out like he originally planned, Harry decided that we were staying at his place. Which meant that I would meet his band mates, but I don't remember their names. The only one I remembered was Louis, because Harry talked about him a lot. Was I supposed to be nervous? Because I wasn't. I know the vast majority of girls would freak out, but they were just people.


Harry was coming to pick me up in twenty minutes, we were so excited to see each other. Every time I tried to curl my hair, he would call me and ask if he could come get me. After four interruptions, I told him to get me at 1:30, and he hasn't called since. When he did call, he told me to wear a bathing suit since it was nice out. I chose a little plain red bikini. I didn't like how I looked in a bathing suit, so I was going to try and avoid going swimming as much as possible, but I still had it on under my clothes. My hair was curled, and fell to the middle of my back. There were only two things I liked about myself, my hair and my eyelashes. That's it. Everything else was nasty.


Most girls complain about not being able to lose weight, and they get really insecure about it. Every time they see a skinny girl they tell her, “oh my god, I'm so jealous. I wish I looked like you.” But then they go around saying that skinny girls are ugly, and that they would rather have curves than look anorexic. Well could you imagine being a skinny girl? 5'7 and 104 pounds, desperately trying to gain weight. Only because people say that skinny girls are disgusting, and that we look anorexic. Why is it right to make other people feel bad about the way they look, just so you could feel good about they way you look? Well, that's what I've been thinking my entire life. I've struggled with weight just like everyone else, except nobody thinks a skinny girl could worry about that... I hated looking like a human stick, I felt gross. And there's nothing I could do about it.


Just then, Harry interrupted my thoughts and walked inside.

“Babe are you ready?” He called.

“Yeah!” I grabbed my phone, my bag and I ran down the stairs to Harry. “Hi,” I said as he kissed me.

“Hey, you look beautiful.” He smiled and put his arm around my waist. “Do you have your swim suit on? You're meeting the lads then we're all going swimming.”

“Yeah,” I said. We walked out the door and to his car. I don't even know why he drives here, he only lives three blocks away.

“How was your morning?” I asked.

“Good. We woke up early and started shooting for the video.” He said.

“That's fun. What did you do?”

“We messed around on the beach mostly. It was so funny, Zayn didn't want to go into the water cause it was high tide, but Lou pushed him in. Zayn freaked out!” He laughed.

“Louis sounds funny,” I said.

“He is, you're gonna love him.” We pulled up to the house and heard all the boys in the back. “Wait here,” he kissed me and ran into the backyard. He yelled something but I didn't know what he said, then he waved me out of the car. Four boys ran to Harry as I walked up to him.

“Is this Tessa?” One of them asked.

“Uhm yeah,” Harry put his arm around my waist.

“Harry! That is so cute!” One of them made fun of him, Harry blushed and told him to be quiet.

“I'm Niall,” a blonde boy smiled at me. The rest of their names came in a rush.



“My name is Debby!” They all laughed, Niall especially.

“You must be Louis then,” I smiled at him.

“No! Harry she is not acceptable! Tell her my name is Debby!” He had a sarcastically serious look on his face.

“Babe this is Debby,” Harry laughed.

“Hi Debby,” I said.

“Hello Tessa, who are you?” He reached out to shake my hand.

“I'm Tessa,” I laughed, shaking his hand.

“Lovely to meet you, I'm Louis 'The Tommo' Tomlinson, and I am your host for this party!” He walked off and so did everyone else. Niall still hadn't stopped laughing. Luckily for me, it was really easy to tell them apart, so I remembered their names quickly. Louis and Niall jumped in the pool, Zayn and Liam followed shortly after. They were playing volleyball except with a soccer ball.

“Are you coming in?” Harry only had his bathing suit on. It was the first time I seen him without a shirt and I couldn't help but notice how perfect he was. I suddenly felt insecure.

“That's okay babe, you can go hang out with the guys.” I smiled, Harry took my hand and pouted.

“I see them all the time though! Come swimming with me,” his emerald eyes were shining brighter than the sun. When he smiled at me and pulled me in close to him, butterflies gathered in my stomach. “Please,” he said against my lips. I kissed him and said,

“You're gonna have to make me.” He laughed.

“Very well then,” Harry then proceeded pick me up into his arms, walk me over to the pool and hang me over the edge of the water. I started hitting his chest playfully and laughed.

“Harry don't! The water's gonna be cold, don't!” He chuckled.

“You won't know until you go in!”

“I would rather not find out!” I said.

“Well too bad. You got three seconds to hold your breath!” He counted to three and jumped in with me still in his arms. I screamed before we hit the water, which was surprisingly warm. That's when I realized I never took off my shorts and shirt. I looked at Harry and frowned.

“Harry! You got my clothes wet,” I pouted.

“I'm sorry baby, you can borrow some of mine.” He kissed my cheek.

“Harry enough! Get your girlfriend on your shoulders! We are having a pool war!” Louis screamed. Niall was already on Liam's back and Louis was on Zayn's back. We swam over to the shallow end and Harry put me on his shoulders.

“The rules!” Louis shouted, “the people on the bottom can't interfere. Other than that, every man for themselves. On the count of three, go.” He paused for a long time, Niall chuckled. “1...” He said, then another long pause. “2...” We all looked around at each other like we were competitors in the Hunger Games. “2 and a half!” Louis said.

“7!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Louis went to attack Niall, Niall went to attack me.

“Take down the girl!” Niall yelled.

“No!” I screamed. Harry came charging over to Louis.

“Get em' babe!” Harry laughed. I screamed and started prying Louis off of Niall. But I was too late, Liam and Niall fell and they were eliminated. Harry back pedaled away from Louis.

“Interesting,” Louis raised one eye brow.

“Wait one second, if this is gonna be a chicken fight, we need to do this right.” I said.

“Chicken fight?” Niall asked.

“It's what we call it in America,” I took off my shirt that was sticking tightly to my body. Harry helped me out of my shorts, with a cheeky smile on his face the whole time. I heard someone dog whistle at me but I didn't see who it was. I just let it go. “On the count of three, go.” I said.

“That's my job!” Louis yelled.

“Not today!” I yelled back, “3!!!” Harry went charging at Louis and Zayn. I felt his grip tighten around my legs. Louis and I were gripping each others shoulders. I could feel Harry starting to drift into the deep end, which was not good. As Louis was pushing on my shoulders, I quickly jerked backwards, sending both Harry and Louis off balance. Somehow, Harry kept his balance long enough for me to push Louis backwards into the pool. We won.


Harry collapsed into the water, once we emerged he lifted me up and shouted, “we won!”

“Wooo! Suckers!” We laughed.

“This means war,” Louis gave me a scornful look.

“You know Louis, jealousy looks really ugly on you...” I smiled. Niall started bursting out laughing. I smiled thinking this was the happiest I've been in a while.


*Harry's POV*


The rest of the day was absolutely incredible. After about three hours in the pool, Liam grilled some food for us and we all ate lunch together. Then we played football, three on three. Niall, Tessa and I won. Louis wasn't too happy that Tessa kept beating him in everything. I thought it was so funny, and I was glad to see her getting along with everyone. It only meant that I could be with her more often.


After we were done playing soccer we built a campfire and made s'mores. Tessa and I ran over to her house and got all the stuff for it. While we were there, Tessa grabbed another pair of shorts and my jumper. She looked so beautiful, I swear it's like she gets more gorgeous every time I look at her. I smiled and started at her while she wasn't looking. She was looking for the marshmallows when I came up to her and hugged her from behind. I started kissing and nibbling on her neck, she giggled.

“I've been thinking,” I whispered.

“About what babe?” I could feel her smiling.

“You and me. I'm leaving in two months,” she cut me off.

“I thought you were leaving next week?”

“I decided to stay here with you for as long as I possibly could. The boys leave in three weeks.” I said.

“I'm glad you decided to stay. Continue,”

“I want to make sure that when I leave here in August, this won't just be some summer romance. I want us to be official.” She turned to look at me, her eyes were sparkling.

“What are you saying?”

“What I'm saying is, I want you to be my girlfriend. So will you?” Tessa smiled and nodded. “Good,” I said and kissed her. I couldn't even describe how happy I was right now. For the first time in a long time, I didn't feel like I was missing something in my life.


Before I met her, I was lonely all the time. I felt like I wouldn't be able to find someone who loved me for me, and not Harry Styles from One Direction. So I became a little bit more secluded from the guys, I didn't always hang out with them and stuff. Some nights I would just hang out in my room, wishing I had someone to cuddle up with. My other fear is, if I do find someone, the fans would hate her. Every time I tried to get close to someone, our fans would send the girl death threats. And the press would follow her around wherever she went, and they would write lies about me saying I had 8,000 girlfriends. So they always found a reason to leave. And at times, it really was horrible because everyone was happy except me.


But ever since I met her, I've just been happy all the time. Like all the feelings I've been having before just completely disappeared. Tessa makes me realize that I can be with someone who loves me for me, and that was the greatest feeling ever. I knew that when I leave, I would miss her like crazy.

“Is something wrong?” She asked. Should I tell her? She has to know what she's getting into...I sighed. “Babe what is it? What's bothering you?”

“I just want you to know what you're getting into before we take this any further.”

“What do you mean?” She looked worried.

“It's just that I'm gonna be gone a lot, like more than seven months out of the year. And our fans probably know about us already, and sometimes the things they say are really hurtful. I dunno if I wanna put you through this..” my voice trailed off, I suddenly felt worried. Not for me, but for Tessa.

“Harry, look at me.” She looked into my eyes, “I know what your job demands, so I understand that we're gonna be apart for a while. But it'll only make seeing each other that much more special. And I'm not worried about the hate. I've already seen some of it, I looked at it during the campfire. I know the things they write about you aren't true, for the most part. And the things your fans say aren't gonna effect the way we feel about each other. So don't be afraid for me, and most importantly, don't be afraid to be happy. Okay?” Believe it or not, that really did help. I smiled at her.

“Okay,” she kissed me and I felt her smile against my lips.

“Good. Now come on, we got some s'mores to make.”



So here we were, an hour later. After stuffing ourselves with gooey s'mores, we set a blanket down and we were just laying down, pressed against each other. Just looking at the night sky. I loved the way she talked about the stars, and which one's were her favorites.

“You know there's always one star that shines brighter than the other ones?” She asked.

“Really?” I laughed, thinking how cute she was.

“Yeah, look at that one right there.” She pointed to a star on the right, I knew which one she was talking about. She was right, it did shine brighter than the other ones. “I know we don't have to worry about it now, but when you leave, and you find yourself missing me as much as I miss you, just look for the star that shines brightest. And then you'll know that I'm always with you, and just a phone call away.” She smiled and I kissed her.


We fell asleep underneath a blanket of starts that night, caught up in each other. Tonight was the best night of my life, and I was so glad I got to spend it with her.

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