One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


8. Those Nights (Niall)


The eerie silence of the night stood still as I lie awake in bed, the moonlight shining through the open windows. A few inches next to me, Niall was twisting around under the sheets, undoubtedly having another one of his dreams. I sighed as I scooted close to him, tucking my head under his shoulder. “Annika I need you…” he moaned in his sleep, as I tried to hide a giggle. I brushed my fingers through his tussled hair, and then softly palmed his bulge. Still asleep, I could feel a growing erection through his boxers. I let my digits under the cotton, running my members around the head. His eyes suddenly fluttered open, jerking up. “Teasing me in my sleep, are you?” his deep Irish accent half startled me. I sheepishly grinned, awaiting what would come next. Not wasting any time, he quickly flipped us over like a pro. His warm body, thick with sleep, toppled over me, his tender lips locking with mine. Our tongues meshed together, but in the end, his gained dominance. Niall cheekily manipulated the rim of my panties, tugging at it while nudging my wet mound. At last, he pulled the lace garment off, and slipped a curved finger into my heat. “Mmh..Annika you’re so wet. Who made you this way?” he rumbled, slowly pumping in and out, pounding at the dripping clit. I swung my hips forward, aching for more. “You did Niall…go..faster please” I muttered, my head tumbling over his shoulders, fingers straddling his fine hair. “You have to do better than that. Beg.” He ordered, completely pulling his fingers out. Frustrated, I gave in. “Niall I need your fingers in me. Please keep going!” I managed, heaving. A smirk appeared on his face as he continued. “Not good enough, babe. Let me hear you scream my name!” “NIALL! HARDER!” I yelled, half sorry for the rest of the neighborhood who could probably hear my desperate calls. Niall then forced my hands off, and threw me against the pillows. He sank his head right under my entry, barley making contact with my skin. His eyes met my gaze, as I motioned for him to start. He ran his moist tongue around my thighs, then under my folds. He began to suck, his warm breath sending sparks up my body. As I managed to buck my rump, without stopping, his sturdy hands kept me down, torturing me to say the least. As I whimpered, he jammed his tongue in more, curving to thrash my g-spot. As I felt my walls contract, he stopped abruptly, clenching my wrists. “Turn around.” Was all he said, as I turned to face the bathroom door, which was gaping open. “Look up.” He muttered, pointing at the oversized mirror that hung in the washroom. I heard a sinister chuckle behind me, as he continued. “You’re going to watch yourself while I fuck you. Fuck you hard.” I gulped as I felt a knot form in my stomach, butterflies exploding. His frame crept up behind me, his boxers already discarded on the floor. His length stroked the soft skin of my thighs, a fiery pant escaping his mouth. “Do you want me, A?” Niall uttered, moving his size, brushing it at my clit. “I want you in my NOW, Niall!” I cried, and before I had any time to adjust, he had thrusted in with great force, moving in and out of me almost all the way. My eyes darted up to the mirror, and I studied my breasts being knocked up and down, Niall’s chest heaving with pleasure. He crushed his cock into me harder and harder, making me wince. I arch my hips upward more, allowing him to fill me whole. “God, you’re so wet!” he exclaimed, never missing a beat. He jerked more forcefully, my hair bobbing around everywhere. His digits slime around my clit, pressing at the rigid spots, making my toes curl. “You’re gonna come for me, aren’t you baby?” he half demanded, working at a much quicker pace. All I could do was nod, as I felt fireworks blasting through my veins, my walls contracting around his cock. He hit his orgasm a few seconds later, releasing generously into me. It took a few moments to come down from our high, hips still knocking together sloppily. Niall slides out of me and falls onto the sheets, before getting up on his knees. Gesturing to his length, he ordered, “Suck.” I leaned down, aligning my head with his dick. I started off by placing a gentle kiss on the head, then carelessly leaving pecks along the sides, as I ran my fingers along each ridge and vein. As I began to furiously work the area that meets the shaft and head, loud groans left Niall’s lips. With that, he took a hold of my hand, shook his head, and forced himself into my mouth, releasing once again, with pride. My mouth overflowed with his sweet liquids, some of it dripping down my chest. As I finished it off, he popped out, only to run his fingertips along my ribcage, collecting the cum that spilled. He placed his drenched tips at my lips, and I smacked it clean. By now, dawn had stretched along the horizon, sending the room into a flicker of pastel lights. “Better go to sleep, huh?” Niall suggested, grinning widely. We dazed off curled up together, only to awake a few hours later.  
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