One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


18. Teacher And His Assistant (Harry & Liam)


You awoke with a start. It was Monday. 8:45. Fuck. You were late for school. You hurriedly threw on clothes, grabbed a snack for a quick breakfast, and ran to school. When you got to biology, your class with your favorite teacher, you hurriedly got to your seat at the very back, neither your teacher, Mr. Styles, or his assistant, Mr. Payne, saw you. You breathed a sigh of relief as the rest of the period progressed. When the bell rang, you got up to go to your next class, along with the rest of the students, when Mr. Styles spoke up. “Ms. Y/L/N, stay back please. We’re on my planning period, so don’t worry.” Your heart raced. You really were in trouble. You sat down as Mr. Styles and Mr. Payne pulled up seats next to you. “Why were you late today, Y/N?” “I overslept. I’m so sorry! It won’t happen ever again.” You felt a tear escape, and he noticed. “Don’t cry, Y/N. I’m pretty sure you didn’t mean to. Everybody makes mistakes sometimes.” Mr. Payne said, as he wiped away your tear. Mr. Payne got up to lock the door, and closed the blinds so nobody else could see anything.  

Mr. Styles sat up. “Y/N, you’re one of my favorite students. Quiet, yet smart. You always ace 100% on your test, and you don’t even say anything in class. You always do your homework. That’s why you’re one of my favorites.” You blushed. “You’re my favorite teacher.” “And why is that?” Mr. Styles said, with raised eyebrows. “Because I think you’re sexy.” You mumbled under your breath.” “What was that?” “I think you’re sexy…” You said a little louder.  Mr. Styles and Mr. Payne looked at each other, and then both looked at you, astonished at what came out of your mouth. Mr. Payne scooted closer, and Mr. Styles whispered in your ear. “I think you’re quite sexy, yourself.” He winked. You stared deeply into his crystal clear emerald green eyes, which quickly clouded with lust.  

He slowly started stripping you down, and left you in your bra and skirt, and started to take off his shirt. Mr. Payne was also shirtless, with lustfully clouded eyes as well. Mr. Payne placed a hand on your shoulder, and moved it down your arm, and slid to your inner thighs, under your skirt. He ran a finger over your folds, shaking his head. “Wet, are we? No underwear, too? Shame. You were such a good student…” He said before plunging two fingers inside you, thrusting. You moaned, palming both of their crotches, and reached inside to feel their rock hard lengths aching to be freed. You slid both their pants and boxers down with your hands, as Mr. Payne fingered you. “Mr. Payne…” You gasped. “Please. Call me Liam.” “Liam!” His erection sprung up, and you started stroking it. “Y/N…” He grunted, as you ran a thumb over the tip, collecting all the precum. You did the same with Mr. Styles. Your teacher groaned, and gripped onto the desk. “Y/N…. feel free to call me Harry.” Liam lifted you onto Harry’s desk, and spread your legs wide, and bunched up your skirt, exposing your glistening pussy to him. You were even redder, considering you were a student, and were having sex with your handsome teacher, and his also handsome assistant. Harry took your bra off, and gave your neglected nipples some attention, by sucking on one, while playing with the other, then swapped. Meanwhile, Liam was working all sorts of wonder with his fingers and tongue working your throbbing clit, hitting your g-spot perfectly every time. You screamed out. “Liam! I’m so close!” Liam slid out, and licked up his fingers. He then positioned himself at your entrance, and entered without warning. You gasped, and bit your lip to keep from losing your voice. Harry went around to the other side of the desk, and put your hand on his length. You knew what he wanted, so you started sucking, and thrusting hard, while he held your hair back, watching you. Liam also watched you, while holding onto your hips.   After what seemed like a lifetime, which was only 10 minutes, Harry finally came, but neither you nor Liam had. Harry looked at you two. “Let me help you. Y/N, wrap your legs around Liam.” You did as you were told, and wrapped your legs around Liam, him holding on tightly to your calves. Harry reached underneath you, and wiped up some light liquids sliding down you with two fingers, and brought it back up. He then placed his two wet fingers on your clit, and started rubbing in furious, tight circles, while sucking and licking. You quickly were sent over the edge, and contracted around Liam, sending him to shoot his liquids deep inside you.  

Shortly, you were on the floor, your back on Liam’s chest, and Harry on top of you. They both entered into your pussy, and you screamed. “FUCK. That’s so tight!!!!” You almost started crying. They slid in as far as they could, and let you readjust. You nodded, blinking back the tears, and they started thrusting into you. You screamed out both Harry and Liam’s names, along with a string of profanities, as the three of you came a few minutes later. They pulled out, and helped you redress. You waved to the both of them, and smiled. “See you tomorrow!” They smirked,  not responding. You slipped your hands into the pockets of your skirt, and felt a piece of paper. It had an address, and a time on the paper. You smiled, and put it back in your pocket, continuing onto your next class.  

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