One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


19. Teach Me (Harry)


Y/N sat in the back of the class room gossiping with her friend Rebecca. She turned her head when she heard someone at the front clear there throat. She felt her breath get caught in her throat at her new teacher, Mr. Styles. She bit her lip and placed her head on her chin as he began to speak.  “Hello class! I’m Mr. Styles. I’ll be your history teacher for the rest of this semester while Mrs. Bradshaw is out on maternity leave,” He said clasping his hands together. Y/N watched as his long, slender fingers covered the backs of his hands, “Let’s get started with the role,” He began to call out all the other kids names while she continued to stare at Mr. Styles long fingers. She wondered what he could do with them, what he could to her, “Y/N?” Y/N’s head shot up as Mr. Styles said her name.  

“Here!” She stuttered raising her hand. He smirked at her and licked his lips. Y/N felt blush cover her cheeks as he continued on. Through out the whole period Y/N kept on getting more turned on by Mr. Styles. By the time the bell rang for lunch, she was soaked.  

Y/N rose from her seat and began going to the bathroom. She’d say she had to go to the bathroom because she felt sick when she came in late. She had to get a quick release or she’d be distracted by her damp panties all day.  She hurried to the bathroom and quickly checked the stalls before going into one and locking it behind her. She quickly pulled up her skirt and skimmed her fingers over the cotton, teasing herself slowing as she imagined Mr. Styles. Imaging his fingers teasing her until she could take it. She teased herself a little longer before pushing aside her panties. She slipped two fingers into her and bit her lip to hide her moan. She used her thumb to find her clit and rubbed it in circles as she pumped her fingers in and out of her core. She let a moan slip as she took her other hand and slipped it down her shirt. She massaged her breast, careful trying to avoid her pink nub. She knew Mr. Styles would avoid playing with it until she begged if it. She moaned as she finally gave in a twisted her nipple. She continued to play with her breast as she began to slam her fingers in and out of her. She could hear the sounds due to her wetness.  Distracted by her pleasure, she didn’t here someone entering the bathroom. That someone being Mr. Styles. Sadly for Y/N she entered the Boys restroom by mistake in her sexually frustrated daze. Mr. Styles followed the sound of the moaning. “Mr. Styles.” Y/N moaned. Mr. Styles eyes widened as he creeped closer. He peaked through the crack between the door and the wall and felt himself get hard as he saw Y/N slamming her fingers into herself. He quickly got on his knees and crawled under the door. Y/N’s mouth fell open in shock as she saw Mr. Styles, “I’m so sorry!” She squeaked taking her fingers out of her and quickly placing them in her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked off her juices. She heard Mr. Styles groan and she opened her eyes. Her eyes traveled down his body until she saw his bulge in his pants. She smirked, “I take that back, I’m not sorry.” She said walking over to him and running her hand over his bulge. Mr. Styles took in a sharp breath as Y/N began to unzip his pants.  “We shouldn’t do this, Y/N.” Mr. Styles said as she dropped his pants. Y/N just smirked at him.  “You say that,” She said leaning in, “but your cock says differently.” She began to bite down his neck, leaving marks here and there. She slowly started going down his chest, unbuttoning his shirt on her way down. She ran her hands back up his chest and began to trace all the way down to his v-line with her nail. “Stop the teasing.” He hissed out grabbing her wrist in one of his gigantic hands. Y/N smirked as Mr. Styles pushed her up against the wall. He pushed up her skirt and ripped off her panties, “I hope your read from teasing yourself already,” He hissed trailing one of his fingers along her slit before slamming it in her causing Y/N to moan, “You definitely are. I’m surprised you got this wet just by imagining me.” He said as he continued to slowly push his fingers in and out of her. Y/N began to clench around his fingers, so he withdrew. Y/N whimpered in protest, but soon moaned in pleasure as Mr. Styles slammed into her.  

“Mr. Styles.” She moaned biting down on his shoulder as he pounded into her G spot over and over, “It feels so good.” Y/N moaned trailing her finger up his back and into his hair.  

“Call me Harry.” He grunted as he continued to plow through Y/N’s core. Y/N felt her walls tightening around Harry’s dick.  “Faster.” She moaned bucking her hips with Harry’s. Harry complied to her request by slamming into her G spot and barely pulling out. He let his hand go down to her clit and he began to rub it with his thumb causing Y/N to go over the edge with Harry soon following after her.  

Harry pulled out of her and the two began to readjust themselves. Y/N looked around for her underwear and when she picked it up she felt her cheeks go red.  

“Look what you did!” Y/N said turning around and showing Harry her ripped underwear. Harry smirked at her. “Guess it’ll be easier access when I see you after 4th block.” He said winking at her and walking out.  

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