One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


2. Strawberry Frosting (Liam)

“Babe,” I said crying into the phone. “Will you please pick them up for me?” “Yes, love,” He sighed. “I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.” “Thank you, I love you.” “Love you, too.” I wiped the tears off my face. I’ve been so emotional lately. I was watching a sappy love movie, too, which made it worse. After waiting what felt like an eternity, he walked though the door finally.  

“Liam!” I said jumping off the couch. He dropped the groceries on the floor and opened his arms, pulling me in for a big hug. I wrapped my arms around his neck and breathed in his familiar scent, I loved it. Liam and I have been together for three years now, and every year got better and better. “So,” he said, leaning down and grabbing one of the grocery bags. “I got you-.” I cut him off by grabbing the bag out of his hands and running to the kitchen. I pulled out what I wanted and opened the jar. I ran over to the cupboard and grabbed a can of frosting. I took a pickle out and dipped it in the strawberry frosting.  “Pickles…” Liam said, looking at me with absolute disgust. The look on his face made me put the pickle down on the table and feel tears start to form in my eyes. “Baby,” he said, walking over to me. “It’s okay, whats wrong?” “You must think I’m gross, or fat with how much I’ve been eating lately,” I mumbled. “And I’m an emotional roller coaster.” Liam just squeezed me tighter. I looked up to him and my sight met his big brown eyes. He leaned down and kissed me gently. 

“It’s alright, love,” he said. He leaned over me and pulled a pickle out of the jar and started eating it. “I don’t think you’re gross, or fat. You’re perfect. And hey, those things happen.” He winked at me, my face became hot and I nuzzled my head in his chest. 

“Want me to go order something for dinner?” He asked, letting me go and walking down the hall. “Yes!” I hollered. “Chinese! Oh my god, please!” He let out a laugh that made me smile. “Anything for my (Y/N).” Liam was always so sweet and caring. He did anything for me to make sure I was happy. Thats what made me love him so much. I walked around the kitchen, eating my pickles and strawberry frosting and putting away groceries. 

I looked over to the calendar and looked through the days, trying to see when my boy was gonna be leaving for his tour. 

I went back and counted from the day he got home to the date he was gonna leave. But something caught my eye. I circled the date on the calendar, with red on the 15th two and half months ago. 

I didn’t ever mark it off on the next month. 

Wait.  Red. Red. Oh, shit. My period. 

My period is two and half months late. I marked it off on the calendar to show when I should ofgotten it. The fifteenth. Now its the 31st, two months later. I dropped the frosting and my pickle to the floor and ran into the bathroom, passing Liam on the way there, suddenly feeling completely nauseas. 

“Are you okay, (Y/N)?” He asked me as I leaned over the toilet, not sure if I had to puke or not. He grabbed my long hair and pulled it all back, holding it for me. I stayed quiet. 

All the cravings, the emotional crying all the time, the missed periods that I didn’t even notice. How did I not notice that? Goddamnit.. “When is Louis coming over?” I asked him, leaning back away from the toilet. “He should be on his way right now,” Liam said, helping me up. “Why? Is everything okay?” I took Liam’s phone out of his pocket and dialed Louis. “Hold on.” I said, putting a finger up to Liam’s mouth. It rang about 5 times, and Louis finally picked up. 

“Hey mate.” He said. “I’m on my way, alright?” “Louis,” I said. “Its (Y/N).” 

“Oh, whats up?” I ran my hand through my hair. “I need you to pick something up for me on your way over.” He laughed. “Needy, needy.” “Louis, this isn’t a time to joke around.” He was quiet. “Wait.. What do you want me to pick up?” I sighed, and Louis just replied, “Are you serious?!” “Please, Louis!” I cried. He groaned. Liam grabbed the phone out of my hand, I could faintly still hear Louis on the phone. 

“Wait, Lou, what does she need?” Liam said into the phone, but still looking at me. 

“What do you think? Think about it, man. You even told me she’s been eating strange foods lately, and she’s happy and then sad all in a minute.” I looked up at Liam and his jaw dropped, his eyes wide. I put my hands on my stomach and just stood there, thoughts running wild in my head. 

Louis was talking still, trying to get Liam’s attention. “Hello?” He said. “Liam, you alright?” Liam’s hand fell to his side and reached over and grabbed the phone. 

“He’s completely shocked, Louis… You just need to get here, soon, please..” I said, trying to hold back tears. 

“I’m at the store now, I’ll be there in about ten minutes.” I hung up and walked up to Liam and wrapped my arms around him. 

“Please, baby,” I said. “It’ll be okay. We can do this..” “I have to go back on tour..” He said, wrapping his arms around me, too. “You’ll be here all alone, and pregnant.” I bit my lip. “We don’t know that yet. I could just be having problems, you know? Girls have that problem sometimes..” We walked back to our bedroom, and laid on the bed together. Just waiting and thinking. 

All of a sudden, Louis came barging into our bedroom. “I have it!” He said, throwing the box at me. 

“How’d you get in here?” Liam said giving him a look. “You didn’t knock or anything!” Louis rolled his eyes.

“Oh shut it, I brought you the pregnancy test. So just go take care of it.” I grabbed the box and ran into the bathroom. I sat in the bathroom for what felt like forever, waiting for results.  And once I got them, my heart felt like it skipped a beat. 

I walked out to the living room to see Louis and Liam sitting on the couch, talking. And for some reason, Harry had just shown up. But I never heard him come in. I must’ve been too focused on the situation. Harry walked over to me and put his arm around me. “Hey, (Y/N),” he said, smiling at me. He obviously didn’t know what was going on. He looked at my facial expression and his smile disappeared. “You alright, love?” I moved away from him and towards Liam, my eyes wide. He stood up and took my hand. “Are we?…” he mouthed. I just nodded my head. My face became hot and I started to cry. 

Liam wrapped his big arms around me and held me close to him. He stroked my hair. 

“Baby,” he said. “It wont be bad, I promise. Think about it, we’re gonna be parents! We’re gonna have a baby!” Harry’s jaw dropped. “Whaaaaaat!?” He said. Liam just smiled at him as I continued to cry. I had such mixed emotions about all of this. I was nervous, scared, excited, happy, sad. Everything hit me at once. Liam pulled me closer to him and whispered in my ear, “I’m gonna be a daddy, (Y/N).. A father.”


*7 Months Later*

Liam and I were at Harry’s house to see him. He was watching little Lux today for Lou because she had somewhere to be and Harry just happened to be free. 

I was sitting at the picnic table with Harry. We both watched Liam running around playing with Lux. He was racing her to the swings, but he ‘got tired’ and fell to the ground, meaning Lux had won. He’s gonna be an amazing father to our baby. I just know it. All of a sudden, my stomach felt tight and a sharp pain went across my stomach. “Owwww!” I gritted through my teeth. Harry jumped up and over the picnic table and helped me stand up.

“Oh my God!” All of sudden, my maternity pants felt wet and something dripped down my leg.

“Oh no..” I sighed. “I think my water just broke.” Liam instantly ran over to me. “Is everything okay, (Y/N)?” He asked frantically. “Liam,” I said, taking his hand. “I think… I think the babies coming.” His eyes opened wide. 

“We need to get you to the hospital, now!” “I’m trying!” I hollered. Liam walked me to the car while Harry grabbed Lux. On the way over to the hospital, Liam held my hand the whole time. “(Y/N)..” “Yeah?” He smiled at me.

“I’m gonna be a father..”

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