One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


3. Punish Me (Harry)


You’d been dating Harry for about 8 months and to be honest.. you guys had done it all. Except role-play. So, tonight, you decided to take the initiative and suggest it. Much to your surprise, Harry was all for it. He was sent downstairs as you got ready. You pulled a cop hat out of your drawer, curled your hair, and pulled on the most seductive lingerie you owned. You crossed your arms and called Harry upstairs. He walked in and his eyes grew dark with pure lust. He began to walk towards you when you jumped back. With a smirk on your face, you took a step forward. “Not another move, Mr. Styles. You haven’t been following the law. You know what that means?” your faces were now inches apart. He looks down at you and chokes on his words, muttering out, “w-what?” You plaster on a seductive smile and tease him by playing with the hem of his shirt before turning him around and grabbing his wrists. “You get punished,” you whisper in his ear as you bind him behind his back with fake handcuffs. He tugs twice on the restraints before realizing he won’t be able to break free anytime soon. You shove him back onto the bed and climb on top of him, straddling his hips. You begin grinding down on his already visible bulge and lean down, giving him a rough kiss and biting down on his bottom lip. “Do you want me to punish you Mr. Styles,” you ask, tugging off his shirt. His eyes roll back into his head and he bites down on his lip. You trail wet, hot kisses down his abdomen until you reach the zipper of his jeans and hesitate for a moment before returning to his lips. “I asked you a question, Mr. Styles,” you say, looking directly into his emerald eyes. He shifts around, uncomfortable in the handcuffs and lets out his words in a grunt, “o-oh god.” You smirk and say, “give me an answer, Mr. Styles,” grinding on his hips slower and harder. He lets out a loud moan before replying, “(Y/N), please. Punish me.” You grin seductively and move back down to the zipper of his jeans. You slip them, along with his boxers, off with ease and glance up once more at Harry before running the tip of your tongue along his already throbbing member. You continue to run your tongue along his rock-hard erection, gathering the pre-cum at the top and traveling to the base. Harry’s now fidgeting uncontrollably, bucking his hips and yanking on the cuffs. You decide to pity him and take him in your mouth, refusing the urge to gag when you feel his tip hit the back of your throat. You slowly bob your head up and down, trying to move in sync with the frantic movement of his hips. You remove your head completely before taking him again, going farther this time. A groan pierces the air and you feel his hot cum shoot down your throat. You run your tongue over his member once more, before reaching up to kiss him. You reach behind his back and pull the cuffs off, throwing them to the side of the room. You flip both of you over, and you’re now lying on the bed staring directly into Harry’s large, verdant eyes. Your lips are just grazing each other as you whisper, “Harry.” “Punish me.”  
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