One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


7. Perfection (Harry)


“Do you think I could climb up there?” Harry asked, eyeing up my backyard playground set that had recently lost its ladder. I rolled my head towards the side. Harry was on his back, forearms rested on the picnic blanket, our hands were intertwined. I couldn’t help but laugh at the silly question. “I don’t know, but I don’t think you should try. We haven’t been on that thing since we were 8.” I giggled, flicking his nose with my pointer finger and thumb. “Hey!” he yelped, dramatically rubbing his nose, “I think I could do it, it’s not like it’s that big.” “You’d probably break it! That thing is so old, my mum keeps telling my dad to take it down.” I replied, glancing back up at the sky. Harry was a goofball sometimes, but then again after 17 years of knowing him, I wasn’t much different. He was my first love, my backbone, and my best friend. “You calling me fat, Bean?” He smiled, slowly getting up from his comfortable position and hopping on top of me, pinning my arms down against my side. “Never, princess Harry! You are so handsome and muscular! No wonder you’re such a lady killer!” I giggled, pinching his hips. His dimples popped in his cheeks as he leant down to plant a short kiss on my lips, snuggling into the crook of my neck and inhaling my perfume. The conversation discussing how hard a bed had to be to be considered a table easily began after that. His larger body still hovering over mine, chests touching and hands clasped together. “Bean!” I heard my mum shout my name. “Yeah?” I responded, gently pushing Harry off me so my parents didn’t scold us for our compromising position. “Your father and I are going out, we’ll be home by 11. And get inside before you both catch a cold!” She yelled from the kitchen window, “Oh and Harry, your mum called wondering where you were, I told her you were hanging out with Bean and she asked me if you two were dating already.” We both giggled and rolled our eyes, squeezing our hands tighter together. “I didn’t know what to tell her. Anyways love you both, have a good night.” I heard a door slam and the car engine start. Sighing in relief at the fact that Harry and I were finally alone. “So, Bean, when are we gonna go out?” Harry asked with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. “Very funny, Harold.” I giggled, snuggling back into his chest, kissing his exposed collarbones. “I’m a riot, I know. Happy 6 months, baby.” He whispered, running his hand up and down my spine, prickling my skin with goose bumps. I hummed in agreement, fisting his shirt in my hands, lifting my head slightly so I could plant another sweet kiss on his lips. As soon as our small but meaningful peck ended, small raindrops started to fall on our dry bodies. Signaling that we had about 10 seconds before we were soaked. “Run!” Harry yelled, hastily climbing off the picnic blanket and hauling me to my feet, grabbing the picnic blanket that was already damp. Our clothes quickly became drenched from the rainstorm. Struggling to get my key out of my back pocket, Harry reached down there for me and grabbing it out, sticking it in the lock and shoving the door open. We tumbled inside, shaking and sopping wet. “Jesus Christ,” he mumbled under his breath, ringing out his saturated curls. “Hey! You’re getting me all wet!” I yelped when he did that silly hair flip he does, shaking more water droplets on my freezing body. He wiggled his eyebrows and smirked towards me. Confusion overcame me for about 5 seconds until I shoved him back into the closet door, giggling and running upstairs to my bedroom. He laughed with me, joining me in my small room, kicking off his dirty white converse. I reached into my bottom drawer, grabbing him a pair of sweatpants and white t-shirt he left here a couple of days ago. “Here ya go,” I said, throwing the clothes at him. He caught both articles in one hand and slowly began dressing. Harry was never ashamed of his body and I had seen him naked more times then not. I opened the top drawer of my dresser and collected a pair of sweats and a tank top for me to wear, finally allowing myself to change out of my extremely uncomfortable sopping wet clothes. When I glanced around my shoulder, Harry’s shirt was on the floor. He hauled the white t-shirt over his head, giving me a nice view of his toned chest. I couldn’t take my eyes off my child hood friend and my recent boyfriend. He was stunning. He began absentmindedly fixing his hair in my window’s reflection, trying to get it back to his signature messy-sex-hair type of thing he had going on. I took in his tanned torso, the skin looked so smooth, v-shape on hips, a small patch of hair from his navel to the waist band of his Abercrombie boxers. I slowly began to undress myself, feeling the heat rise to my cheeks even though Harry wasn’t paying attention. I had always been a bit self-conscience, but Harry assured me every day that I was beautiful, so I tried to find that inner confidence I knew I had. I glanced back over my shoulder to find Harry staring at my, eyebrows scrunched together like he was in deep thought. “What?” I asked, covering my stomach with my forearms, becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the way he was staring. I quickly shoved my shirt over my head, turning back around and swallowing that lump in my throat. Did he think I was fat? Was I not good enough? “Bean?” I heard Harry whisper. “Y-yeah?” I stuttered, turning around slowly to be met with his loving gaze. “You’re just…really beautiful.” He smiled, Harry’s cold fingers playing with the tips of mine. My breath hitched in my throat when he leaned down, catching my lips with his own. “Your body is perfect.” He mumbled into my lips, running his hands down my sides. I raised my hand, catching hold of his shoulder. I wanted more. Butterflies erupted in my stomach as my feet went on my tiptoes, leaning into his face. I pressed my lips to his, fingers sliding into his damp curls. We pulled away, gasping for air. I smiled up at him, poking his dimple and sticking my tongue out. Instantly feeling relief and almost a bit pathetic. I was getting so worked up over his simple gaze, when in reality he was just admiring me like I was doing moment before. I traced over his v-line, running my fingers over his small patch of hair, circling his belly button and pinching his extra nipples. He tensed and squirmed under my touch, giggling and begging me to stop. He was the most ticklish person I had ever met. Our laughing faded as I let my finger slip into the waistband of his boxers, sliding over the smooth flesh. Harry’s eyes were wide; my focus was locked with his. We had experienced with each other before, but tonight felt different. “Hey,” he said, lifting my chin up with his hand, “I love you, right? And I think we both…love each other, a lot. I mean, at least I know I love you a lot. And I also think that we maybe, I don’t know, should express that love? I’m trying to be romantic, I don’t know how to say this. Do you…do you understand…what I’m trying to say? I’m not trying to pressure you, do you think that? I…I don’t want you to think that this is all I want. Because…well…if you wanted to wait…I would wait! I promise!” I cut him off with a kiss to his lips, shutting him up and giving him an answer. “S-sorry,” he stuttered, a deep shade of red covering his cheeks. “I want to,” I whispered, settling my hands on the side of his face, trying to look as confident as possible but I knew I looked nervous. “Bean, I just…I want you to be sure. Do you promise me? You can say no, we can wait. We can wait until we’re married, I don’t care. I don’t, seriously.” He ranted, sighing and closing his eyes, calming himself down. “Harry, stop it. I want this. You’re you and I’m me and I’ve never been so sure about something in my life. I want it to be you. Do you want it to be me?” His eyes shot open and he nodded, “Of course! Yes, oh my gosh, yes.” I watched as his intense gaze dropped to my chest, I hadn’t yet put a shirt on so I was bare besides my thin sports bra that was doing little to no job on supporting my breasts. I could tell he didn’t really know where to start, so I assisted. I grabbed his larger hand, raising it to my chest, placing it over my right breast. I silently instructed him to squeeze and play with them, my hand dropping away, leaving him to carry on with this action. He gently dragged underneath my sports bra, gradually lifting it up so my breasts sprung free. Long fingers tracing the outline of my left boob before his hands cupped them, squeezing gently. I could feel my nipples harden underneath his touch. My back arched into him when he tore the rest of my bra away and gently toyed with my nipples. “Bean,” he whispered, slowing his actions, “Do you…do you really want this?” He asked, looking uncertain. I nodded but I instantly backed away and covered my chest, “W-wait…do you? Do you want this?” I blushed, biting my lip until I was sure I could taste my blood. “Oh shit, no of course I do. W-why would you ever think I didn’t want to? Bean, you’re perfect. I just want to make sure…that you’re…comfortable, I guess.” He stuttered, cheeks tinting pink as he looked down to his bare feet. “Hey Bean?” He asked, lifting his head up, locking eyes with me. “Yeah?” I wondered, grabbing his hand and placing it over my rapid heartbeat. “Uh, I wasn’t expecting this, so I didn’t…you know…bring anything.” He mumbled quietly, blushing again. “One second.” I ran into my brother’s room, easing open the top drawer of his dresser, rummaging through a couple of socks and magazines until I finally found a box of condoms. I grabbed one and scurried back into my room, shutting the door and locking it. “Here.” I said, placing it into his hand. He put the packet to the side, now sitting at the end of my bed, walking me over until I was standing between his two legs. He gave me a small smile as he ran his hands up and down my sides, figuring out his next move. He leaned in, his warm lips softly pressing against my collarbones, shoulders, neck. His body instantly tensed as I resumed my position at the waistband of his sweatpants, instructing him to lift his hips up so I could ease them down his skinny legs. I bit my bottom lip as Harry sucked on my neck in a small attempt to hide his deep moan. I grazed his crotch as I tugged his sweatpants down his legs, assisting me in scooting them down across his butt. Harry immediately went to my sweatpants, easing them down my legs until we were both in our underwear. We stood there looking at each other. Harry and I had known one another since we were infants, parents had been friends since Uni so as fate would have it, we became the very best of friends. Our love was time consuming, indescribable and real. It was a secret kept between us because we wouldn’t let the outside world taint what was perfection in our eyes. He was mine and I was his. My fingers tangled in his hair as he lowered his head to my right breast. Harry’s mouth nervously came in contact with my nipple, sucking and gently biting until it pebbled underneath his touch. He tilted his head a bit to watch my reaction. My fingers grasped his hair tighter, trying to encourage him to do it again. I moaned as his tongue swept over the sensitive nub before he did the same to its twin, taking it between his lips, gently sucking. He pulled back as I slowly brought my hand down to his obvious bulge in his boxers. His eyes fluttered shut as my fingers car4efully brushed over the straining fabric. I applied a bit more pressure, rubbing the palm of my hand over his clothed erection. The pleasured sounds he made were my only guide as to what he liked. I gasped as his hand caught my wrist, breath heavy and hot puffs of air forced out of his plump lips. He tilted his head and my hands gripped his shoulders, leaning up so he could hiss me. He smiled against the kiss, clumsily toppling me over so he was hovering over me, in between my bent legs. I felt Harry’s large hands skin down my sides again, gently easing one finger into the elastic of my underwear. With a deep breath, he pressed a kiss to my mouth as his fingers wiggled their way inside the fabric, shifting them down my legs. When he dropped them to the floor, he stood up and discarded his boxers as well, climbing back until he was in the same position as he was before. His eyes were wide, raking in my features, gulping loudly as he bit his lip. My cheeks tingling with heat as his stare became darker, filled with what I could only hope was lust. His eyes scanned over my body, his chest rising and falling quickly, necklaces dangling close to my face. “Christ,” he breathed, as he kissed down my neck, dragging his hand down my stomach until he reached the top of my mound. Sucking a small love bite into the side of my shoulder as he eased a finger into my wet heat. He pumped slowly, eventually adding a second finger, rubbing his thumb in small circles over my sensitive nub. Eventually though, he came to a halt, deciding I was ready enough for him. “We’ll go slow, okay? I’ll be as gentle as I can. Just…just tell me if it hurts and I’ll stop right away.” He assured me, smiling down and capturing my lips with his own. I lightly nodded in understanding as his hand fell in between us, but I couldn’t take my eyes off his face. His eyebrows were scrunched together, tongue between his lips, concentration completely on our bodies connecting. Harry’s green orbs gazed from my eyes to where he was guiding himself into my heat. I whimpered when I felt him against me. “Just try and relax, baby, It’s gonna hurt so much more if you tense up.” He whispered, running his hand over my cheek softly. “You’re right…okay, yeah.” I breathed, trying as hard as I possibly could to relax myself. I was with Harry, my best friend, I shouldn’t be nervous. He would never hurt me. His fingers brushed the hair from my eyes, I could tell he was stalling, giving me a couple of moments to back out, but I assured him, squeezing his hand with my own. Harry smiled as I ran my index finger over the soft lashes of his deep green eyes. He rubbed his nose against my cheek, touching his forehead to my own as he left a deep kiss on my lips. He brought his forearms to rest beside my face, resting his body weight on them. We were both shaking a bit, nerves striking us hard but we wanted this, we knew it was inevitable that we would end up together. Nudging the tip of his cock slightly in made me gasp, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, calming myself down. “Everything’s okay,” he assured me, “It’s only me.” It felt extremely uncomfortable as he slowly filled me with his length. I never really took into consideration how big Harry was. My eyes shut tightly, trying to calm myself down, the heels of my foot pressing into the mattress. “Oh my God,” he lowly moaned, “Shit.” Harry’s plump lips pressed kisses randomly over my face, trying to distract me from the obvious discomfort I was feeling. My free hand came up to push his damp curls away from his face, smiling up at him, not trusting my voice but reassuring him with a nod that it was okay to move. He kissed me once more as he gradually pulled back and rocked back into me. The pace he set was slow and irregular, his eyes never leaving my face. He was trying to be so careful, making sure he wasn’t hurting me too much. “How does it feel?” He mumbled. I didn’t respond, whimpering when he pushed in a little deeper. Wincing as my head rolled to the side, feeling a tear slide down my cheek. “Shit, I’m so sorry, so sorry, baby. Did I hurt you?” Harry stopped his movements, kissing the side of my neck. “Bean, please answer me.” He whispered, trying to get my reaction. “I’m okay, just keep going? Try going a bit faster…I-I feel like by going slow it’s only prolonging the pain.” I said, wiping the tear from my eye. He nodded and kissed my wet cheek, mumbling another apology. He began to pick up the pace a bit, moving his hips again. “So, so beautiful.” He breathed. My hand reached up to rest on the back of his neck, gently pulling at his curls. His moans were muffled against my lips as he reached down to kiss me, thrusting in and out. He was careful not to go too hard but fast enough that I felt a little bit better. Sooner then later, the pleasure started to take over, becoming more comfortable with having Harry inside me. I wasn’t expecting to orgasm, but it felt much better then it did beforehand. A throaty groan was released from those perfect lips as I raised my hips up to meet his. “You feel so good, baby.” He whispered. His fingers reaching down to rub circles over the spot where we were connected. An intense feeling overcame me, waves of pleasure rushing through my blood stream. I struggled for breath as Harry’s raspy voice broke me out of my thoughts, “I’m so close.” My arms rapped around his neck as his hand caught the back of my knee, bringing it up to rest on his hip as he changed the angle a bit, going a bit deeper inside me. Our sweaty skin pressed together as we breathed heavily. Harry’s thrusts became a bit desperate and irregular as sweat dripped down his neck. His swollen lips parted, a deep moan ripped from his chest as he reached his breaking point. I felt his warmth release into the condom, the gentle pace he had going on coming to a stop. Our lips met as he softened inside of me, rolling off me and sprawling out against my sheets. With shaky hands he removed the condom, tying it up and throwing it into my trash bin next to my bed. We were both sweaty and trying to bring our breathing back to normal. “Thank you.” He whispered, closing his eyes briefly before rolling on his side, taking in my features. “Such a weird thing to say after sex.” I giggled, flicking his nose. His head shook as he smiled, pinching my sides and bringing the duvet to rest over our naked bodies. “Did I hurt you, baby?” I smiled and shook my head, “Not really.” He stared at me, green irises gazing into my brown ones. “That was…incredible.” He sighed, wrapping his long arms around my waist. “D-did you feel good? W-was it okay?” He anxiously questioned, nervously waiting for my response. “Yeah,” I giggled, kissing the tip of his nose. I felt him relax a bit and I snuggled my face into his chest, kissing over his heart and drawing patterns into his back. “I love you,” he mumbled, kissing me once again and shutting his eyes.  

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