One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


21. Ours To Keep (Harry)


“I don’t want you to leave tomorrow,” I confessed, my head on his chest and our arms wrapped around each other as we laid on the ground. “I don’t want to leave tomorrow,” Harry replied, “but I have to.” I closed my eyes and sighed. He wrapped his arms around me tighter.  I really didn’t want him to leave. Even though we weren’t technically together, he still meant the world to me. He wasn’t my boyfriend but he was in every sense of the word. We slept together, we hung out, we cuddled, we watched movies, we made dinner together; it was like we were in a relationship without actually being in a relationship. Harry couldn’t be tied down right now; not with his career and being busy all the time, not with his fans, not with the paparazzi constantly following his every single move. This was the closest thing that we could have. We both had a sort of understanding with each other. We would see other people, but at the end of the day, we sort of just knew that we were meant to be with each other. I understood why it had to be this way, but it wasn’t my ideal situation. Tonight was our last night together. He was leaving for his world tour in the morning and he would be gone for God knows how long. I wanted to spend every single minute possible with him. I wanted this night to mean something. “What are you thinking about,” I asked him after a few moments of silence. “I’m trying to burn this feeling into my memory. I don’t want to forget how it feels to hold you like this,” he replied, softly. I smiled, holding back the tears that were threatening to fall. “Can I tell you something,” I whispered. “You can tell me anything.” I took a deep breath. “Okay. I’m going to tell you this and I know I shouldn’t because it’s just not a good idea but it’s how I’m feeling right now and I want you to know before you leave and I don’t get the chance to tell you.” “You’re rambling,” he laughed. “Just out with it, love.” I moved off of him and rolled on my side facing him, propping my head up on my elbow. He rolled over and did the same thing. I looked into his bright green eyes and he smiled. I wasn’t sure if what I was about to tell him was a good idea or not, but all I knew was that I needed to tell him. “I love you….I just needed you to know that.” Harry bit his lip and suddenly looked very serious. I instantly felt moronic for telling him. He must’ve seen the horror on my face because his eyes widened and he put his hand on my waist as he moved closer to me. Our noses were almost touching and I could feel his warm breath on my face. “Sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. That was dumb, just prete—” “No, no, don’t,” he interrupted me. “Don’t take it back.” He took a deep breath and smiled at me as he pushed a piece of hair behind my ear. “Because I love you too.” I smiled and cupped his face with my hand. “It doesn’t change anything though. Does it?” I bit my lip and ran my thumb across his cheek. “I mean I still have to leave tomorrow. But it does feel good to know how we feel about each other now,” he whispered. I nuzzled my nose against his and closed my eyes. With my lips barely touching his, I mumbled, “So now what?” I felt him smile against my mouth. “Now we make the most of the time we have.” I smiled back. “How?” He breathed out a laugh. “I have a few ideas.” “Please do share.” He kissed my nose and sat up leaning against the couch, facing me with his legs crossed. I raised an eyebrow, confused as to what he was doing. With his finger he motioned for me to sit up. I laughed and did as he said, facing him. Harry uncrossed his legs and put them on either side of me as he pulled me across the floor to him. I was giggling trying to figure out what he was doing. He adjusted my legs so that they were over his on either side of him and I wrapped them around his waist as he pulled me on his lap as close as he possibly could. “Hello,” I whispered as I looked down into his eyes. “Hi there,” he whispered back, grinning. I wrapped my hands around his neck and ran my fingers through his curly hair as I slowly moved my mouth to his. Harry wrapped his arms tight around me and tucked his bottom lip between mine. Our lips fit perfectly together, like two puzzle pieces that were meant to be together. I nipped at his bottom lip and sucked on it. His tongue snaked out of his mouth and pushed past my lips, meeting my tongue and massaging it gently. We kissed slow and deep, exploring each other’s mouths.  I moved my mouth from his and started placing kisses along his jaw line up to his ear and licked his earlobe into my mouth, gently biting. He softly groaned and moved his hands up my sides and then back down to pull the hem of my tank top up. I pulled my mouth away from his neck and lifted my arms up so that he could pull my top over my head. My hands found their way to the bottom of his shirt and I pulled it over his head. I looked down at Harry and looked into his beautiful green eyes chewing on my lip as I moved my hand up to cup his face. I ran my thumb along his bottom lip and he kissed it before putting one hand behind my neck, massaging it with his thumb and the other hand on the small of my back. “You’re perfect,” I barely whispered in disbelief.  I’ve known him for so long, yet every time we end up here, I still couldn’t believe that in a strange way, he’s sort of mine. For me, I’m all his, regardless of if I should feel like that or not; even if I do date other people occasionally, I always end up comparing them to Harry. No one can make me feel the way he does, physically and emotionally. I’ve never felt about someone the way I feel about Harry. It scares the hell out of me that even if we’re not together in the typical sense of the word, that he still has this hold over me. Sometimes I wonder if I’d ever be able to get over him. But I know I can’t. There’s no one else for me. Maybe in time we’ll end up in the same place in life and the timing will be right and we can be together in every sense of the word. We can walk down the street holding hands and go out to dinner. Maybe one day, but for now we need to appreciate what little time that we have left right now. Harry slowly blinked and shook his head. “I’m far from perfect, love,” he whispered.  I disagreed but I wasn’t about to sit here and waste time to argue with him. I wanted him. I needed to feel him. I needed to burn into memory the way he felt inside of me, the feeling of his skin on mine, the sound of his voice, rough and breathy in my ear and the feeling of his mouth everywhere on me. My need for him suddenly became overwhelming. I crashed my lips back onto his and held onto his neck, holding him to me. Harry moved his hands to my bra and unhooked it. He took it off of me and tossed it across the room. His mouth immediately went to my chest, finding purchase on my left nipple. He flicked his tongue over it and pulled it into his mouth with the swirl of his tongue, his other hand roughly palming my other breast. I tangled my fingers in his curls and held him to me, a moan rolling up my throat. He closed his teeth gently over my nipple before moving his way to the other side, paying the same attention. Harry grabbed me by the waist and moved up to his knees so he could turn us around and set me on the edge of the couch. He kissed a trail between the valley of my breasts and down my stomach, dipping his tongue into my belly button. I started to unbutton my jeans, but Harry swatted my hand away and gave me a stern look. I giggled and shook my head at him. He undid my pants and pulled them down my legs along with my panties. He looked up at me and grinned as he lowered his mouth and began peppering kisses on my inner thighs. He sucked on a spot, breaking the skin and leaving a mark. He looked down at his handy work and smiled up at me. I shook my head at him again. Harry hooked my legs over his shoulders and pulled me closer to him, his face directly over right where I wanted him. Slowly, he ran his tongue through my slick folds as he stared intensely into my eyes. I let my head fall back on my neck and twisted my fingers through his curls holding him to me. He lapped at my clit, making me cry out in pleasure. Harry moved his finger through my slit and sunk it into me slowly, curling it up before taking it out as he continued his torture on my sensitive bundle of nerves. He added a second finger and moved them in and out, slowly and deliberately.  He took his mouth off of my clit. “Look at me. I want you to watch me, baby.” His voice was husky and full of lust and it sent another jolt of pleasure throughout my body. I pulled my head up and looked into his eyes as he pulled his fingers from me and buried his face in my folds. It was a struggle trying to keep my eyes open as his tongue explored my walls, tasting every part of me. I started rocking my hips back and forth on his face. The moans coming from me were no longer controllable as my orgasm began to build inside of me. He moved his attention back to my clit and sucked. That was all it took. My legs locked around his head, my fingers took hold of his hair and I threw my head back, screaming his name out. As I came down, my legs collapsed on his shoulders. He moved back up my body, lazily sponging hot, wet kisses up my stomach. I sat up and pulled his mouth back to mine, tasting myself on his tongue. I moved my mouth by his ear. “Your turn,” I whispered, flicking my tongue out to lick the shell of his ear. “Sit on the couch.” He did as I said, standing up and sitting down on the couch. I moved down on the floor on my knees and situated myself between his legs. I unbuckled his jeans and he lifted up so I could pull them down his legs with his boxers. His erection sprang out of their tight constraints and he sighed in relief. I ran my nails down his toned thighs and sat up a little more. I grasped his cock and ran my tongue up the length of him. He groaned and I looked up at him. His eyes were hooded and he had his bottom lip between his teeth as he watched me. I licked the slit, greedily tasting the drop of precum that had formed. I teased the head with my tongue before I closed my lips around him and sucked. He sucked in a breath through his teeth and pulled my hair off to the side with his hand. I took more of him in my mouth, moving my hand up to meet my mouth and then back down. I did this a few times, taking in more of him each time I came down, and swirling my tongue around the head as I came back up. “God I love your fucking mouth,” he groaned as he thrust up, hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed and the noise that came out of his mouth made my stomach clench. I took him from my mouth and continued stroking him as I licked the skin on his balls, taking one into my mouth and sucking. “Fuck! Just like that, baby.” I put my thumb on the skin behind his balls and rubbed and I continued sucking. “Christ, stop! I’m gonna cum, baby. Fuck, you have to stop,” he all but shouted. I stopped and looked up at him. His head was back and his eyes were closed, his chest heaving up and down. I smiled at the sight of him so out of control. Harry opened his eyes and looked down at me. The corners of his mouth lifted slightly. “What are you smiling at?” My grin widened and I shook my head. “Nothing.” “Come here,” he replied.  I stood up and put my legs on either side of him. I wrapped my hand around the back of his neck and leaned down to his mouth, our tongues immediately finding each other in the middle. He wrapped his long fingers around his length and teased my slit with it, rubbing circles around my clit with the head. Finally, he lined himself up with my entrance and slowly, I lowered myself onto him, his hips lifting up to meet me. When he was completely in me I started rocking my hips back and forth. He put his hands on my hips, helping me fuck him. He moved his mouth from mine and to where my shoulder meets my neck. He bit down, using his tongue to sooth it. I threw my head back, allowing him greater access. “Fuck, Harry! You feel so good, baby,” I moaned. Suddenly I was being lifted up. Harry moved us so that I was laying down on the couch and he was above me. I wrapped my legs around his waist and dug my nails into his ass. He sped up his rhythm and drove into me hard. My back arched off the couch and Harry dug his fingers into my hips. “Fuck! Cum for me, love. Come on,” Harry shouted. I moved my hand to my clit and started rubbing fast circles. My orgasm took me over, pleasure shooting through my body, fire erupting through every pore. I screamed his name over and over again. “That’s it. That’s my girl! Oh fucking hell!” Harry’s gave one last powerful thrust before he spilled into me, my name leaving his lips. Harry collapsed on top of me. We laid there for a moment and tried to catch our breath. After a few moments of laying there, he wrapped his arms around me and rolled over so that I was laying on top of him. He held me tight and I buried my face in his neck, our legs intertwined with each other. I felt so content with laying there, just wrapped up in each other. I don’t think I’d ever felt so happy, calm, and myself just laying there with him. Harry started rubbing circles on my back and I closed my eyes trying to burn that to memory as well. “How would you want this to play out?” Harry suddenly asked after a few moments of peace. “What do you mean,” I replied, my face still in his neck. “In a perfect world, what would happen between us?” I pondered this question for a moment. I knew what I wanted to happen between us. But what I wanted couldn’t happen. “We don’t live in a perfect world, Haz.” “I think this moment right here is pretty close to perfect,” he said softly. I sighed in content and nodded in agreement. “So when I leave tomorrow where are we going to stand,” he asked again. I took a deep breath and inhaled his scent. “Same place we’ve always been. Except now we know how we feel about each other.” “We can’t just leave it at that though,” Harry retorted. “I don’t see any other way, babe. You’re leaving. For a long time. We’re not going to see each other. For a really long time. Maybe when you get back we can try and figure things out, but for now I don’t think that there’s anything we can do.” I felt tears stinging my eyes because I didn’t want it to be like this, but really, there was no way around it. “So this is it then?” His voice cracked in the slightest way and I had to control myself from completely losing it and sobbing there in his arms. I took a deep breath and swallowed the lump that had formed in my throat. I adjusted myself so that I could lay my head on his shoulder and face him. He turned his head to look at me and his eyes were shining with tears and it broke my heart. I traced his lips with my thumb and blinked back tears. “No. We have right now. Let’s just focus on this right here.” I cupped his face and placed my lips on his, kissing him softly. Harry tightened his arms around me and we stayed there for a moment, just relishing in the moments that we could spend together. We separated and I cuddled back into his chest, my face in his neck and our arms wrapped tightly around each other, not wanting to let go. Not wanting tomorrow to take us away from each other.  
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