One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


20. Niall


You took in a slow deep breath; your heart was beating a million miles a minute, clenching into the steering wheel tighter you slowly breathed out, trying to calm your nerves down.  

You looked up, staring at his door, he invited you over tonight for your one year anniversary and you knew what was going to happen, you promised him on your one year you would give your virginity to him. You took in another breath and unbuckled your seat beat and opened your door, your heart began beating faster and faster. As you made your way up to his front door you could feel your heart beating even faster, you felt numb from the nerves. As you knocked you heard footsteps making their way to the front door, he opened the door and as you saw his face, that smile, those eyes, your heart began to slow down, you knew nothing bad was going to happen and that it was all going to be okay because it was with him. “Babe whats wrong” he said, sounding concerned, you were a bit confused. “huh? What?” you asked, looking at him with a confused look on your face. “Babe you’re really pale” he said as he grabbed your hand and looked into your eyes. “I’m umm… im just really nervous” you softly say, a small giggle comes from his lips “Babe there is nothing to be nervous about, we don’t have to if you don’t want to, I’ll go as far as you want me to, im not going to force you to babe” he said as he walked you inside, you took a deep breath and calmed down. “babe can I have a shower before dinner?” you asked innocently. “yeah sure” he said with a smile on his face “you know where everything is, and you can put some of my clothes on if you want” he said making his way into the kitchen. You didn’t think he would make anything out of tonight, you just thought the usual in the bed like people usually do. As you hopped out of the shower, dried yourself you got dressed into some of Nialls sweats and put one of his tank tops on you as you pulled the shirt over his head you could smell something different, it wasn’t dinner and you weren’t quite sure what it was. You placed your hand on the door handle and turned it, slowly opening the door. You noticed that it was dark, all the lights were off, you looked down the hall way and saw a small glow coming from the lounge room. Butterflies erupted in your stomach, you didn’t know what he had done but you knew you were in for a surprise. “Ni?” you called out, you didn’t get a response, and you slowly crept up the hallway into the lounge room. Your eyes widened at what you saw (this). You looked to your right to see Niall bent over lighting a few candles, vanilla candles of course, that explains the smell you thought to yourself, it was his favourite scent.  

“Niall” you said sweetly with a small smile on your face, he quickly turned around and had the cutest smirk on his face. “Hey babe” he said as he walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist, looking into your eyes. “What do you think?” he said with a joyful tune, you were in a bit of shock because he remembered, the first day you met you mentioned that the cutest date would be in the lounge room in a fort made out of blankets surrounded by fairy lights and candles.  

“babe its just, it’s, you remembered?” you asked a little surprised, looking at the fort as his arms were still wrapped around your waist. He giggled a little and placed a soft kiss on your cheek sending a slight shiver down your spine. “of course i remembered” he said, you were about to say something when he placed his lips on yours. You kissed back, warmth on your lips from his, you could never get sick of it. He started nibbling on your bottom lip which caused a soft moan to escape from your lips, he pulled away before things got heated and rested his forehead on yours.  

“ready?” he whispered, you closed your eyes and nodded biting your bottom lip. He removed his hands from around your waist and grabbed your hand, walking towards the fort. “Ladies first” he said as he gestured for you to enter first, you bent over and walked in, sitting on the pile of pillows and blankets with your legs crossed. Niall joined you and sat in front of you. Your nerves started to take over again, Niall moved and placed a kiss on your lips, lightly pushing you on your back. You moved your lets so they were bent up and Niall was lying on top of you with his arms keeping him up and your legs either side of him.  He pulled away from the kiss, you opened your eyes to see him looking at you with a smile on his lips. “What?” you giggle out, he breaths out a small laugh. “nothing” he whispered before placing his lips on yours again. He slid his tongue across your bottom lip asking for entrance, you slowly parted your lips and he lightly licked your lips again, making his way into your mouth, you didn’t even bother to fight for dominance because he always won.  

He rolled over so you were on top stranding him, you nibbled on his bottom lip and pulled away from the kiss. You stopped for a moment and took a deep breath in, you crossed your arms holding onto the hem of your shirt. You slowly brought your shirt up, pulling it over your head, you breathed out and looked at Niall and he had a sexy smirk on his face as he moved his hands up and down you sides feeling the curves of your body. “So beautiful” he muttered, you couldn’t help but smile, you moved down and placed your lips on his with his hands still on your hips. He sat up, not breaking the kiss; you laced your fingers together around his neck deepening the kiss. You could feel him getting harder, you grinded your hips against his causing him to let out a deep moan. You smirked against his lips; he moved his hands from your hips to your bum. He started to pull your pants down and you giggled against his lips, he pulled away from your lips and attacked your neck, you giggled a little and fell backwards, ending with him on top again stranding you. You heard him start to giggle a little against your neck. He pulled away and you giggled a little. “you’re so cute” he said, he slid your pants off and threw them out of the fort, you giggled again.  

“I love you Niall” you said, you bit your lip and watched Niall as he took his shirt and pants off leaving him in his briefs, he softly giggled. “I love you too babe” he said as laid down next to you leaving light kisses on your neck with his hand on your stomach. He slid his fingers under your undies, rubbing your clit and feeling how wet you are. “God baby you’re so wet” he whispered in your ear nibbling on your ear lobe. You closed your eyes and moaned as he continued to rub your clit, he rolled over so he was hovering over your body, he started sucking on your neck causing you to moan louder. He started to slide your undies down your legs, admiring your legs as he slid them off your feet. He hovered over you again looking into your eyes with a smirk on his lips, he pulled down his briefs causing his dick to poke straight out. Your heart began beating faster and faster and your breathing got heavier and heavier, and Niall noticed. “You okay babe?” he asked as he left a kiss on your cheek. “mmhm im just, umm, really nervous” you managed to choke out as you shifted your body a little getting more comfortable. “Don’t be, I’ll take care of you, I love you” he whispered in you hear, at that your heart beat slowed down, you took a deep breath in and slowly breathed out. “okay, im ready” you said “tell me to stop if it hurts to much okay baby” he said and bit his lip, he positioned himself getting ready to slide in, you took another deep breath in and as you did so he slowly pushed himself into you. “ow ow ow” you winced in pain as he pushed himself further into you, you grabbed tightly onto the blankets underneath you and closed your eyes tightly trying to bare the pain. He finally pushed all of himself into you but the pain wasn’t going away as soon as you thought it would. “fuck this hurts” you manage to say though the pain, you opened your eyes and looked at Niall, he looked into your eyes with hurt. “I’m sorry baby, do you want me to pull out” he said with hurt in his voice, he never wanted to hurt you he just wanted to make love to you, you shook your head. “No baby, just start moving please, but go slowly, the pain is going away” you said reassuring him that you were okay. He slowly moved, thrusting slowing in and out of you, small moans were escaping from your lips. “uhh Niall” you moaned, you couldn’t help but bite your lip, he buried his head in the crook of your neck as he continued to thrust himself in and out of you. Small groans were coming from his mouth as he started to thrust a little faster and harder. “fuck babe I’m close” he moaned in your ear, you bucked your hips which caused him to groan louder, a few more thrusts and he came. You were out of breath, breathing heavily with him collapsed on top of you, still inside you. “babe” he wined in your ear, you tried to slow down your breath. “Yeah?” you questioned out of breath. “You didn’t cum” he said, sounding upset. “I’m sorry baby” you said, feeling a little bad, he looked up at you and kissed your neck, he started moving down kissing your collar bones, your breasts, your stomach, he bend your legs up and spread them apart. He lightly kissed your clit, at the light touch you bucked your hips. He slid his tongue up your wet pussy once, not touching is again. “babe stop teasing” you while, he softly giggled as he buried his face into your pussy, sucking, nibbling and licking, the feel if his tongue sliding up and down your clip you couldn’t help but buck your hips and tug on his hair. “ahh Niall” you moaned loudly, you were close, and he knew it, he moved his hand down and slipped two fingers into you, the feel on his fingers slipping into you, pumping them in and out while he continues to suck on your clit sent you over the edge. You moaned loudly as your whole body tensed up, arching your back, your toes curled and your legs began to shake. You pushed your head back, closing your eyes tightly as your orgasm took over your whole body and came on his fingers. As your came down from your orgasm your whole collapsed, your breathing was fast and heavy, you tried to catch your breath. Niall pulled out his fingers as he did you moaned a little and he chuckled. You were still trying to catch your breath as he made his way up and collapsed next to you. “wow” you managed to say between breaths. “you taste good” he giggled in your ear, which made you giggle a little. You rolled onto your side and entwined your legs with his and placed your hands on his chest. You placed a light kiss on his lips and pulled away biting your lip. “I love you” you whispered. “I love you too” he whispered as he pulled you closer to him, you cuddled into his chest “and thank you, that was amazing”  you said as you took in a deep breath and closed your eyes, breathing out and relaxing your body. You heard him mumble something along the lines of “I should be thanking you babe” as you drifted off to sleep with his arms wrapped around you.  

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