One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


4. Meet Me In The Darkness (Harry)


“Do we really have to do this? You know I’m afraid of the dark.” I whined as we went through the corridor of Laser Quest.  “Yes, we do. Today is your 18th birthday, (Y/N). We have to celebrate.” Louis said, keeping a firm hand on my shoulder.  “Fine, fine. If I get lost and never come out, it’s your fault.” I crossed my arms over my chest and pouted. “She complains a lot. It’s a good thing you’re cute.” Harry messed up my short, ginger hair. I felt a little nervous around him. Not one of my 5 lovely boys knew it, but I had a massive crush on the curly-haired sex god from Cheshire. Okay, I think I’m exaggerating, but, hey, when you look that good, you can flaunt it.  “Hey (Y/N). Why are you blushing?” Niall asked. “Huh? What?” I turned to the mirror on the wall and saw a fading pink tinge on my cheeks. The boys were laughing and I swear I saw Harry smile. “Oh, no reason. Just really happy to be with my boys on my birthday when I’m an official adult. I can finally be free.” I skipped happily down the hall, my toes hitting my heel with every skip. I arrived at the door for the laser tag and went in. Inside, a girl with a brown ponytail and blue eyes stood there in the all-black uniform. Once the others showed up, she handed us each a vest with a plastic shield on our chest,back, and shoulders.  “Now, the rules are simple. Don’t get hit, hit everyone on the opposite team and get as many points as possible. Once you hear the siren, it signals the round is over. You return here after each round to hear the winner. Each round will go for 20 minutes and there will be three rounds.” She pressed a button on the wall and our vests lit up. Harry, Liam, and Niall’s vest lit up red. Zayn, Louis, and myself were blue. Damn it, we won’t be on the same team. We huddled together to come up with a plan.  “So, we’ll split up. An easier way to get them all. Make sure you stay hidden if you see them and sneak attack them. We’re gonna win this. Carrot’s on three.” I bet you can tell who made this plan. We put our hands one on top of another.  “One, two, three, CARROTS!!” We cheered and took a firm hold of our guns. A strange buzzer went off and caused me to jump. “Go! Go! Go!” The girl cheered and we all went running in. It was pitch black in this room. I started to get very nervous about the darkness. Also, because Harry was in here. Wow, think about that. Me and Harry Styles. Caught in a random corner in the darkness. I felt my pussy getting wet at the thought. I ran through the dark for a good  15 minutes, going nowhere fast. I groaned and began to walk calmly. Then, all of a sudden, a flash of red ran by out of the corner of my eye. I took off down the hall and found an area where there was only one enterance and one exit.I ran in there to hide, but smashed into someone. I backed into the wall and looked up to see the 5ft10, green-eyed, curly haired boy looking at me. “(Y/N). How convenient to find you here.” He said with a smirk.  “Don’t shoot me, Harry. I’ve made it 15 minutes.” I pleaded.  “Oh,I won’t shoot you. I have something else I want to do to you.” He pulled his bright red vest off and set it on the floor. He took a step closer to me and our bodies were almost touching.  “What would tha-” His lips crashed down onto mine. The kiss was so heated, passionate, lustful. I was kissing Harry Styles. What is life?! I kissed him back and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pressed his firm body to my shaking self. He was so hot in two ways. I felt something hard digging into my upper thigh. I grinnned into the kiss and slid one hand from his neck to his bum and rubbed his perfectly sculpted behind. He let out a low moan that made me even wetter. I pulled away from him and grinned.  “1 minute warning.” A robotic voice said over the loud speaker. Harry got his vest on and smiled.  “Harry. I want you….to fuck me.” I said. “What? Now? There’s no time.” He said as we walked out and headed for the door.  “No, next round. We meet there and we waste no time. I want you to fuck me so hard that I won’t be able to walk. I’ll feel it tomorrow when I wake up. Please, Harry.” I begged.  “How could I say no to a lovely lady like you?” The alarm went off and we went out. Our team ended up winning the first round and when that starting bell went, me and Harry ran like wild dogs to our secret corner. He quickly got our vests off and I got his and my shirt off in one swift move. I kicked my sneakers off and pulled my skinnies off. Harry locked his lips with mine and kissed hard, putting his tongue into my mouth, I moaned when his hands travelled to my breasts and massaged them. He slid his hands around to my back and unclasped my bra. He threw it to the floor and I pulled his pants off. I was left in only my panties 3 seconds later. Harry moved his lips from mine down to my nipple and sucked while massaging the other one with his hand.  “Harrrryyyy…..oh Harrryy. Yess.” I moaned. “Yeah baby,say my name just like that.. Mmm….that’s so good.” He said as his left hand went to my panties and pulled them off. “Ohh…baby. You’re soaking wet.” He began to move my clit around in circles. I moaned. He got down on his knees and let his tongue travel along my pussy.  “Harry! Oh my goodness!” I shouted silentely. He licked and sucked and kissed my vagina. He rose up and smiled. “Babe. You taste so sweet.” He kissed me and I could taste myself. I pushed him against the wall and took a firm hold of his Calvin Klein boxer elastic and yanked them down. I took his cock into my hand and began to give him a handjob as he moaned out my name.”(Y/N)…yes. Oh god..fuck.” He moaned and I felt myself dripping. “Fuck..yes..ohhhh.” Harry groaned. He turned the tables once I released his erection and pushed me against the wall.  “Harry.Get in me. Now.” I said, staring into those electtric green eyes. “Huh? I couldn’t hear you, (Y/N).” He teased and I felt the head of his erection glide across my entrance. I moaned like a porn star. “Harry, get inside me right now.” It came out as a little wimper. “Can you speak up, (Y/N)?” Harry moved his hard around to my clit. “Dammit, Harry! Get your big, hard cock inside of me now!” I raised my voice. Some added ego boost in there. I saw him smirk and before I knew it, that cock of his entered me. I almost screamed but kept it to myself. “Harry…ohhhh fuckkk…that is soooo gooooood. You’re so big.” I groaned and shaked. “Ohhh..babe, you’re so tight.” He began to thrust in and out of me like a wild man. He hit my G-spot every single time. “Oh! Harry, I’m close.” I moaned. “Me too.” He said. “Don’t hold it back. Cum for me, babe.” I arched my back and curled my toes as my orgasm hit. With a loud scream of his name, he came inside of me. “1 Minute Warning!” The voice rang out around the room. “Oh god. Clothes, now.” We sais in unison and put our clothes back on. We raced to the bathroom after round 2 of the game to clean up. Then, we just skipped out and repeated it in the bathroom, you get where I’m coming from? After the whole game, blue won with only one point more. We all ran out and piled in the van. Louis sat on my left. Liam on my right, Niall in the backseat with Zayn, and Harry was driving. Liam continued to wonder how his team lost.  “It’s because your M.V.P was nowhere to be found. Harry somehow disappeared. So did you, (Y/N).” Louis took a sniff of the air. “Ah yes, still smells like sex.” Louis said and the others started laughing. “What’re you talking about?” I asked. “You didn’t think we couldn’t hear you two everytime we ran past that wall. Yeah baby, say my name just like that.” Niall said, mocking Harry and his comments. “Get your big, hard cock inside of me now!” Liam fake shouted. “Oi! That’s personal! It’s none of your buisness what went down.” Harry barked from the front seat, “Bet there’s cum all over the wall.” Zayn whispered to Liam. “They’ll have an awful time figuring out what that is.” Louis not-so-silentely whispered to Niall. “Can you boys shut up?” I said. “Don’t blame them, (Y/N). They’re just jealous that I got to you first. They can’t shut up about it.” Harry laughed. “HEY!” They all shouted. “Don’t worry yourself too much, lads. We’re all going to the same place. We’ll have plenty of time.” I nudged Louis shoulder. Now, the real fun will truly begin.  
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