One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


12. Learning More Than Anticipated (Harry)


“Mrs. (Y/L/N)?” Your teacher questioned you. You had doze off into a daydream. You popped your head up. “Yes Mr. Crane? Uh, I’m sorry.” “It better not happen again.” “Yes Mr. Crane.” You had been daydreaming about the class nerd, Harry Styles. You dreamt about his emerald eyes. You dreamt about his chocolate locks that hung loosely over his face. You dreamt about how insanely smart he was. You were looking at him. He nervously looked over to you, he could feel you watching him. You quickly looked away. You don’t see why everyone in class hates him so much. Hes smart, how is that bad? You heard the class bell ring. “(Y/N) and Harry stay after, I need to talk to you two.” Oh no. What was it about? Did he know? You and Harry walk over to the teachers desk. He looked at me. “You’re failing my class, (Y/N). I want Mr. Styles here to tutor you.” You looked at Harry with a nervous look and then back to Mr. Crane. “Okay.” You two walk out of class. “(Y/N)!” You hear Harry calling you, you turn around and see him running after you. “Oh… Hi Harry.” “Hi (Y/N). Look, if you don’t want me to tutor you, I don’t have to. I could just do your work like I do every-” “No Harry! I want you to. When should I come over?” He had a shocked look on his face. “Wow, really? I guess you could come over around 8?” “Deal.” ——————- When you walk up to Harry’s door, you start to knock. He opens the door before you can. “Hi,” he says hesitantly, “C-come in.” You walk inside his house. He didn’t share it with his parents, so we were alone. “Do you want to study upstairs or down here?” He asks. “Is your bedroom alright?” He gulps hard. “Uhm.. okay. This way.” He leads me up the steps and into his room. It’s filled with books and Mac merch. “Looks nice in here.” You say with a smile. “Thanks.” He sets up a studying area on the bed and invites me to sit with him. “Only if that’s OK with you.” He asks unsure. “Trust me,” I whisper in his ear, “it’s perfect.” I could see his boner in his pants growing. He starts talking about cubed roots and exponents. I place a hand on his thigh. He takes in a sharp breath and continues talking. I move my hand closer to his crotch and palm him. He was hard. He let out a moan. That got me. I crawled closer to him and he backed away. “W-what are you d-doing?” He questioned. “Making you mine.” I whispered. I kissed him and he kissed back. I pushed his onto the bed and straddled him. “(Y/N) I’m not comfortable with this… I-Im a… a virgin.” I looked at him in the eyes. “Then I’m gonna teach you something new.” I removed his shirt and kissed his neck. He let out a moan. “Thats right baby.” I encouraged him. As I remove my clothes, he removed his, leaving us completely naked. “I don’t know how to do this (Y/N).” “It’s okay Harry, let me do the work.” I grabbed his hard length and pumped. The let out a deep and loud, throaty groan. His head was tossed back in pleasure. I place half of him in my mouth, what I could fit, and pump the rest. My tounge swirls around his head and his base. “(Y/N), I’m about to cum.” I pull off of him and bring my lips to his. “Here it goes baby.” I position myself on his cock and slide down onto it. He was big. I scream at his size. Our moans filled the room as i rode Harry. “Oh my god (Y/N).” I felt Harry twitch inside me. I knew he was close, and so was I. I felt him shoot his warm, sticky liquids inside me. His orgasm send me into mine. I screamed many profanities as I covered his cock in my juices. I lay down on him as I come down from my high. “Harry?” “Yes?” He says out of breath. “What did you learn today?” “More than I anticipated.” —————— Then next day at school, everyone knew. You had your phone on the whole time. You must have butt-dialed. Oh well. Now everyone knows Harry is the best tutor coach ever.  
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