One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


13. Just An Experiment (Harry)


if you have a request, you can ask or message us c:  Ever since I could remember , I was always the wanna be hottie. Well, people say that. I don’t know for sure. So I went into North Shore High, I got assigned all my teachers, and when I was going to sixth period I accidently ran into this kid. He is the jock of school his name is Zayn. ” Oh sorry.” I said under my breath. ” Move you piece of shit.” he said. Well, don’t get to dramatic, stay calm and walk away. That was my intention, but no. I stood up and yelled ’ you asshole.” and he slammed me into a locker. I had a huge bruise, black and blue to be exact, all over my left arm, great just the arm I write with. So I just scurried to class like a freaking rabbit, yes a rabbit. But who cares, I’m not hot, I’m not pretty, I’m not cute, no need to impress anyone.  ” okay class, today we are doing a project on the reproductive system, I’ll be choosing your partners.” she said without awkwardness.  So Mrs.Carol called out ; ’ Jimmy and Emily.” ” Casey and Mike .” ” Harry and Y/N . “ Oh no, not Harry! He’s a NERD! How am I getting out of this? Uh, think Y/N , think. We only had ten minutes left of the period, so Mrs.Carol just let the class talk. Harry came over to me and winked. ” hey babe.” ’ hey….” I replied. ” So uh, here’s my number, maybe we could study today, I’ll pick you up?” he smirked. ” yeah okay, that sounds, uh good, I’ll meet you by my locker.” I said handing him a piece of paper with my number on it, just in case he forgets my locker number. He smiled and walked out the class , opening his locker, locker 69….  After eighth period, I threw all my books in my locker and just carried out my Science book for the ‘project.’ But to my luck, the asshole Zayn booked me. ’ what’s up slut.’ he said smirking as he walked by. Secretly I wanted to kick his ass, but I’m a girl, remember. Harry than bursted, he tackled Zayn and said ’ get the fuck away from her.” ’ C’mon babe.” he waved over to me and ran out of the building. Shockingly he was pretty tough, for a nerd.  Hmmm. When we got to his house, he let me up to his bedroom. ” Come up here , Y/N.” he patted the bed and I sat on his lap. I could feel his boner hitting my ass. It was warm, which was odd, but he was actually hot, I never looked at him that way. I always thought he was a nerd. He put his chin on my shoulder and said ’ maybe we should actually try out the experiment ” he winked. I nodded and he laid on top of me. He started to kiss my jawline, and slowly rubbing my neck letting out a small but eager moan. He then rubbed my ears, and started to rub my chest, making me moan even more. He then stopped.  I whimpered , ’ oh you like that babe?” he smiled. I moaned in return. He started to rub all the way down to my hipbones making them jerk up to his throbbing boner. That slut was teasing me, shaking his hips so it hits my opening, not cool Styles, not cool. I started to jerk to make him go through. ’ that’s enough babe, remember this is an EXPERIMENT!’  He then crashed our lips together and I licked his bottom lip asking for entrance, he  denied it . So I started to palm him through his jeans, that made him moan , giving me the chance to stick my tongue through. I bit his lips slowly but softly, making him whimper. I got him JUST where I want him. I started kissing all the way down and started to unbutton his shirt as I was laying on top of him , grinding my hips into his cock. He started to sweat, and I ripped off his shirt and started to feel his abs, slow , slow, slowly to make him whine. He smiled and let out a really loud moan, ’ c’mon babe! don’t be a fucking tease.’ ’ but Harry after all it is an EXPERIMENT. ” I said seductively. ’ FUCK THAT!” he whined and flipped me over so I was underneath and ripped off my shirt faster than a wild animal. I covered my bra and put my finger to his lips. ” No, no Styles this is an experiment, meaning no fun!” I winked. He then tore off my leggings ,  leaving a huge rip in them . He threw me to the ground and positioned my  head so I was looking directly at his cock. ” Now you are going to pay Y/N , suck me.”  He pushed me into his jeans, so to be fair, I took my time unzippering it with my teeth, slow , slow, slow.  He whined and said ’ COME ON!” and pulled off his pants. I palmed him once again and ripped off his boxers. I slowly rubbed his cock, and took my pointer and thumb rubbing small circles. I then took him into my mouth as I massaged his balls with my fingers. He then told me faster. and faster. and faster. I went at maximum speed and he finally cummed. ” My turn.” I pulled down my pants and told him to lick my wet pussy. He obeyed and slowly took his warm tongue into the opening, slow , slow slow.  He then took his long tender fingers and rubbed circles into my clit while licking. I moaned. and then  ’ SAY MY NAME!” Just a moan I gave out. ’ COME ON!” Nothing. He pulled out! ” THAT’S NOT FAIR!” I screamed! ” It’s just an experiment babe.’ ’ You Styles , you are a FUCKING tease.”  So Harry is not a nerd after all..  
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