One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


5. In The Middle Of The Night (Zayn)


“Fuck y/n, I’m so close.” Zayn whimpered as he thrust into me.  God he looked so sexy. His hair was matted to his forehead. A thin layer of sweat was covering his toned torso. His large hands were playing with my breasts. His face was contorted with determination, seeking his own release considering the fact that I’ve already cum, twice. I love moments like this where I can just lay back and watch him at work, pleasuring himself. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love the orgasms he gives me. But I do adore watching him in pleasure.        I’m so wrapped up in my own thoughts I don’t even realize that he’s finished and rolled off of me. He’s curled up against my side, almost asleep already. I just look at him for a few moments before I drift off.     ******************************         I wake up a few hours later, still horny from earlier. I look down to Zayn, fast asleep. Of course. My eyes trail down his torso and rest on his bare crotch, partially covered by the sheet. My cheeks flush red and my core starts to tingle. Would it be wrong to finger myself with him right next to me? He just gets so grumpy when I wake him up for sex.        I decide to do it. Yolo, right?          I slowly massage my breasts and start playing with my nipples. I attempt to do it just like Zayn, but he does it much better. I look at his perfect sleeping form and only get hotter. I slide one hand down in between my legs. I start stroking my slit, my brown eyes locked on Zayn sleeping lips. I imagine those lips attached to my nipple, flicking it with his tongue. I look down at his chest and picture it sliding and rubbing against my own. I look at his hands and imagine them locked in my y/h/c hair, tugging with pleasure.        As I enter one finger into my dripping core, a soft whimper escapes my lips. I frantically  look to Zayn but he’s sleeping like a baby           I quickly finger fuck myself, holding in my moans. I remove my one hand from my and start rubbing my clit. I rub in figure eights, not circles. That’s how Zayn does it. I think about the face that he always makes as he fingers me. His eyes sharply focused on his hand. His nose scrunched up in determination. His plump lips slightly agape as he drinks in the sight before him. He’s always so beautiful.        As I feel my orgasm nearing, I look at him now, sleeping. He’s got one hand strewn across the pillow behind him. The other hand lying limp near my hip.           I know I’m close so I press my thumb against my clit and my orgasm takes over. My toes twitch, back arches and my hips thrust up, fucking my hand. My eyes roll back and I sink my teeth into my bottom lip to keep from waking Zayn.        I lay there for a few seconds, catching my breath. Suddenly, I’m exhausted. I crawl on top of Zayn’s chest and lay my head over his heart, listening to the steady beat of it. He wraps his arms around my thighs on either side of him. I feel my hot wet center dripping on his slighly hard dick. I look up to      Zayn, still sleeping like a baby. And soon, so am I.    ******************************    Zayn’s p.o.v        I wake up and look at the clock: 3:30 am. Shit it’s early. I immediately feel y/n’s body on mine as she’s fast asleep, leaning her head on my chest. My hands are wrapped around her thighs, holding her body to me. Our legs rested, tangled together. How the hell did we end up like this?           With the feel of her naked body on mine, I’m wide awake and horny. I slowly start tracing y/n’s thighs with my thumbs. More for my own pleasure than for hers. Her skin is so damn soft and warm. My length is getting harder, pressed against her thigh. I lightly skim my hands along her sides. Not wanting to wake her, just wanting to touch her.            The contact of my skin on hers causes her to shift a little. My dick lands directly under her pussy. Wow she’s wet, must be having a pretty good dream. The feeling of her sex on mine is fantastic but I need more. I slightly thrust my hips up, gliding my dick along her wet slit. She groaned but kept her eyes shut.           I gently rest my hands on her hips and slowly grind her pussy against my cock, tingles shoot through my body. She moans but refuses to move herself. She likes sleep just as much as I do and usually gets grumpy when I wake her in the middle of the night for sex. So I don’t want to wake her, I want her to wake up on her own. So I slide my hands up and down her sides a little faster. Y/n swats them away.           “Zayn, go to sleep.” She moans.           “Come on Y/n. You can’t get me all hot and bothered and then just leave me here. I want to sleep too you know. But it’s not easy with a rock hard dick.” I whine. I bet she woke up a little while ago and fingered herself. That’s the only explanation for why she’s so wet. I decide not to say anything though, knowing how embarrassed she gets when I know she gets herself off.            She smirks at my words but keeps her eyes shut. I grind her onto me again, sliding my cock along her opening. I hit my tip against her clit and her eyes shoot open. A moan falling from her lips.           “Yeah, you like that?” I do it again, harder. My tips hits her clit a few more times before she raises her body up and starts dry humping me. Y/n keeps her shoulders still as she rocks her hips back and forth, stopping every few seconds to grind circles into my crotch. It feels so fucking good. The friction is causing my whole body to tingle and I need her, now.          I grab her hips and slam her down onto me.           “Oh fuck Zayn.” Y/n whimpers. In one fluid movement I get up on my knees with her ass in my hands and her legs wrapped around my torso. Her eyes are closed with her head in the crook of my neck, her hot breath on my collarbone. I fuck her like this for a few minutes before I feel my legs start to shake, threatening to give out.           I set y/n down on the bed and lay down next to her. She turns so her back is against my front and wraps her leg around my torso. I love how she knows that sex while spooning is one of my favorites.            I prop my head up on my elbow and take my dick in my other hand. I ease my tip into her entrance and then leave my hand resting against her crotch, feeling myself fuck her. Y/n starts to whimper and buck her hips.           “What is it love? What do you need?” I grunt in between thrusts. She wraps her small hand around mine which is resting on her pussy. She starts to use my fingers to push and rub her clit. I chuckle lightly.          “Okay baby, I see what you want.” I take her clit between my thumb and forefinger and just pinch it. She comes right then and there, grinding against me. Her release just causes mine to come closer and I suck down on her shoulder.            All of a sudden I pull out frantically, remembering that I wasn’t wearing a condom. I cum all over her thighs and quickly wipe it up with a towel I found lying on the floor. Y/n looks confused as to why I pulled out.          “No condom.” I mumble. My cheeks flamed red as she giggles.               “What would I do without you, Zayn?”        “Well, y/n, if we weren’t together, I bet you would be pregnant with some losers baby because you always forget a condom. And I would actually get a good night’s sleep for once.” I chuckle as she smiles cheekily.          She pecks me on the lips and snuggles up to my chest, falling into a deep sleep.  
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