One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


11. I Wouldn't Lose My Virginity To My Teacher (Zayn)


“Who the hell is that?” My friend Katrina said to me. I looked up from my book at the front of the classroom. There was a man in navy blue slacks, and a crisp white dress shirt, no tie. He had dark skin, quiffed black hair, and adorable brown eyes. “Um, he must be our supply teacher,” I said as he sat down at the teacher’s desk, confirming my suspicions. “Well obviously he is, but look at him. Doesn’t he look a little young to be a supply teacher?” She asked me as I put away my book, waiting for the man to speak. “Yeah, I guess.” I replied as I looked him up and down. He was pretty good looking, and did look quite young. “He’s fucking fit.” Katrina giggled, not taking her eyes off him and licking her lips seductively. I looked at Katrina and couldn’t help but laugh. “Calm down, he’s not going to fuck you on the desk. Leave him alone, he’s probably nervous.” Katrina looked at me and rolled her eyes. “He doesn’t look like the nervous type. I bet he’s an animal in the bedroom. Let’s see if I can find out by the end of the day.” She tapped the end of her pen on her glistening white teeth as she thought of the things that her and the supply would do. Sex was always a challenge for Katrina. What she saw, she wanted, and what she wanted, she got. So I didn’t argue with her when she said she wanted this supply teacher. Because she would probably find a way to get him by the end of the day, and she knew it too. The supply teacher interrupted my thoughts as he introduced himself. “Hello class, I’m Mr. Malik. I’ll be your supply teacher for the week because your actual teacher is sick.” The class let out a sigh of relief, and Mr. Malik smiled. “I’m not your average supply teacher, I’m a bit younger,” As Mr. Malik said this, I could practically hear Katrina grinning. “I’m a bit more like you guys, you know? And I want you to be comfortable with me, so ask me anything you want.” “What’s your first name?” A boy in the back said. “Zayn.” He smiled, and made eye contact with me for a moment. “Where were you born?” Someone else asked. “Bradford,” Mr. Malik replied. “How long have you been a supply teacher?” Another inquired. “A year or so, it’s hard to find a steady teaching job in this area.” He made eye contact with me again, making me uncomfortable as hell. “Are you a virgin?” Katrina shouted from beside me. The whole class went silent as we waited for an answer. Mr. Malik smiled, looked from Katrina, to me, and said, “No.” Katrina leaned in to whisper in my ear, “He has experience.” Mr. Malik cleared his throat. “Question time is over, you all know enough, maybe a little too much.” He looked directly at me, his big brown eyes piercing into my blue ones. While he started to explain what we would be working on, I leaned over to Katrina, smiling as I whispered into her ear, “He looks like he’s got quite the package, too.” “Excuse me,” Mr. Malik said, getting my attention. “This isn’t time to be talking, it’s time to be working. I don’t want to catch you talking while I’m trying to teach again, or you have detention after school with me.” I nodded quickly, looking down at my notes, reviewing for the test next week like he said. I felt Katrina bump my arm and I held out my hand. She dropped a little slip of paper into it, and I dropped it onto my desk, pushing it under my notebook until I could read it. I waited until Mr. Malik was leaned down to help another student, pulled out the note, and unfolded it. It read: “He looks at least 8 inches holy fuck” in Katrina’s neat writing. I laughed, and folded the note back up. I was about to hand it back to Katrina, and just tell her my response later, when I saw Mr Malik standing above me. “I’ll take that,” he said. “Detention, after school. See you there.” I dropped the note into his open palm and he walked away. I didn’t look at anyone for the rest of the class, I finished all my review work, and finished my book. The rest of the school day was a blur, and then I arrived at detention. I walked into the detention room, and Mr. Malik was there. There was nobody else there. “Where is everyone?” I said to Mr. Malik. “I sent them home early, I needed to speak to you in private. About that note.” He held up the note from Katrina. “Mr. Malik, it’s not what you think,” I started. He interrupted me. “(Y/N), this is a very inappropriate note.” I put my books and my bag down on a desk, and walked towards the desk he was sitting at. “Believe me, I know. But just let me explain!” Mr. Malik stood up, dropping the note, letting it flutter down into the trash can beside the desk. “(Y/N), that note was so inappropriate, I think the person who wrote it needs to be punished.” He walked towards me, coming close enough for me to smell cigarette on his breath. I stepped back a little, and stammered, “U-um, Mr. Malik, that’s the thing, I didn’t-” He stopped me mid-sentence, by grabbing me by the wrists and slamming me against the wall. “Girls who write dirty notes are dirty girls, (Y/N). And dirty girls get dirty things done to them.” He held me by my wrists against the wall, and pressed his hips against mine, so I could feel his growing erection against my pelvic bone. He kissed me hard on the lips and I, not knowing what else to do, kissed him back. He was definitely hot, and I wasn’t sure whether Katrina would be happy for me, or jealous. But honestly, I didn’t care. The hot supply teacher wanted me to be his dirty little girl, and I guess I could play that role for awhile. He let my wrists go, and just held me against the wall with his hips. He slid one hand down between us, and started to lightly trace my area with his fingertips. I kissed down his face, planting light kisses on that perfect jawline, and down onto his neck, biting and sucking everywhere, leaving love bites that would last a while. He grabbed my hair, and yanked me up to meet his lips. I pulled away and started to pull his shirt off, throwing it on the floor. I kissed all the way down his body, until I was on my knees, my mouth at his crotch. He undid his pants and pushed them down, then stepped out of them. He was left in only his boxers. His erection was so big, Katrina was right about the at least eight inches part. I slowly palmed him through his boxers, and planted little kisses all over, teasing him. He groaned, his cock throbbing. I slid my finger into the waistband just a little bit, to see what he would do. It drove him wild. “Fucking tease,” he growled. “Suck my fucking cock.” I did as I was told. I pulled down his underwear, and pulled the head into my mouth. He pulled back my hair and started to fuck my mouth. I felt his length hitting the back of my mouth with every thrust, he let go of my hair and just continued thrusting. “I’M ABOUT TO CUM!” Mr. Malik shouted. I pulled his cock out of my mouth, stood up, and kissed him on the lips. “You little fucking tease, I fucking hate you.” He said through gritted teeth. “You’re gonna pay for that.” He pushed me back onto the desk roughly, kissing me with a hunger and passion that left me wanting more and more. “You seem to have too much clothing on, don’t you (Y/N)? I guess we should fix that.” I pulled his lips to meet mine again while he quickly undid the buttons of the flannel button down I’d worn that day. He unbuttoned them all and then pulled the shirt off me, throwing it across the room. He kissed my neck, leaving marks on me as I had just done to him, and then reached around and hurriedly undid the clasp of my bra, throwing it across the room with my shirt. “That’s much better, isn’t it?” He said between kisses to my neck and collarbones. I nodded, throwing my head back in pleasure. He started to kiss downward, heading for my breasts. He took the left one into his mouth, giving it special care before moving to my right one and giving it the same treatment. He continued on his journey down to my dripping center, kissing my stomach, and giving each hipbone a light peck. He finally arrived at his destination, and with no hesitation he pulled my jeans and underwear right off me, throwing them away the same way he did with my other clothes. He didn’t waste any time, he stuck a finger in me right away, shocking me and making my body writhe in pleasure. “So fucking wet,” He mumbled. “Who made you this wet?” “Only you, Mr. Malik,” I replied. He finger fucked me hard, curving his fingers to meet my g-spot every time. His thumb tweaked my clitoris a bit, causing me to shudder. I arched my back and he pulled his fingers out and flicked his tongue out to meet my clitoris. He ate me out for what seemed like hours, and I was so fucking close to climax, just a little bit more… “Mr. Malik, I’m- I’m gonna c-cum!” I said, my whole body shaking from my about-to-be-orgasm. He removed his tongue from me, and came up to kiss me like I had to him. I could feel his throbbing erection resting on my leg as we kissed. “Fuck you, fucking fuck, I hate you so fucking much,” I said between lustful kisses. Mr. Malik pulled away from the kiss, looked me in the eye and said, “Now now, (Y/N), that’s no way to speak to your teacher, is it? You should be begging me for what you want, not cursing at me.” I knew what I wanted, and he knew it too. But I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of me begging for it. “I don’t want anything from you,” I replied casually. I pushed his fit body off me, got up off the desk, and walked over to where my clothes were thrown. “You’ve got a nice bum, (Y/N).” He looked at me, obviously shocked, but smirking. “So I’ve been told, Mr. Malik.” I pulled on my underwear, reaching for my jeans next. “So you’ve had other sexual experiences?” He asked me while I put one leg through my jeans. “Of course. Haven’t you?” I put the other leg through, buttoned the button and zipped the zipper. He smirked. “Obviously. I wouldn’t have been able to make you shudder like that without some practice. Besides your friend Katrina already had me tell the whole class I wasn’t a virgin.” “Well, I wouldn’t lose my virginity to my teacher.” I reached to the floor for my bra. “Have you lost your virginity?” He walked up to me, still completely naked, and looked right in my eyes, I couldn’t look away if I wanted to. “That’s personal information, Mr. Malik,” I said, still not breaking the eye contact while I fastened my bra. “I’ve shared a lot of personal information with you.” He reached around my back, unclasping my bra with one hand. “That was your choice.” I reached around and re-clasped it. He wasn’t getting it this easily. He didn’t say anything. I finally looked away from his piercing brown eyes, and reached down to the floor for my shirt. I slid the shirt on, started to button it up, and was walking out the classroom door, when Mr. Malik grabbed me roughly, and slammed me against the wall. “Fucking slut, you think you can get away with coming in here and almost fucking me? You’re going all the fucking way bitch, virgin or not.” He ripped my shirt off, not caring about the buttons. He kissed me hungrily, unclasping my bra and throwing it like he had before. He kissed my neck roughly, almost like he was angry that I almost left. I threw my head back as he pleasured my sensitive spots with his lips and tongue. He started to undo the button on my jeans and push them down, pushing my underwear down with them. He slipped a finger into my folds, immediately pleasuring my clit. He rolled it around between his index and middle finger, and I was writhing against the wall. I could feel his erection against my leg, and I knew if I didn’t let him in me soon, there would be consequences. I pushed my jeans down further, making it clear I wanted him now. He nodded, understanding my sign, and pushed me a little too roughly onto the desk. He positioned his throbbing, huge member at my entrance. He looked into my eyes with his huge brown ones, waiting for the go signal. I reached around his neck, and pulled him in to kiss me, and he thrusted in with all his strength. I gasped against his lips at the first second of pain, then the pleasure came and I was high. He thrusted into me, deep and long, filling me to the very brim with every single thrust. “Faster, Mr. Malik,” I pleaded, and he did as he was told. He thrusted fast and hard, no longer gentle as he was at first. My mind was reeling, I couldn’t think straight, I was seeing stars. Katrina would be so jealous. I was starting to reach my climax, and I could feel in his cock that he was almost there too. “Mr. Malik-” I started. He cut me off, “Call me Zayn, babe.” “Z-Zayn, I’m about t-to c-cum,” I stammered, breathing heavily. He nodded, letting me know he was about to as well. “ZAYN!” I screamed, and he pressed his lips to mine. “People are going to hear you, be quiet you little bitch,” He growled between kisses. “Jesus fucking Christ Zayn!” I threw my head back onto the desk and arched my back, pushing my hips up to meet every one of his thrusts before coming completely undone, feeling his cock twitch as he released himself inside of me. He thrusted a few more times, letting me ride out my whole orgasm, before pulling out of me and collapsing, naked, into the teacher’s chair. I got up off the desk, going over to the floor to yet again pick up my clothes and dress myself. He picked up his clothes off the floor, and got dressed too. Once we were both completely dressed, he reached for me, kissing me long and hard. He pulled away first, just holding me, a cheeky look in his eyes. “When can I see you again?” I covered his eyes with my hands, and then uncovered them. “Right now.” He laughed. “When can I see all of you again?” When can I have sex with you again? “Whenever.” I pulled away from his embrace, and started for the door. “I must know, (Y/N). Did I just take your virginity?” He looked at me skeptically. “That’s personal information, Mr. Malik.” I smirked. He walked over to me, and pushed me into the wall by the door. “Tell me, you little bitch, or I’ll fuck you on that desk again, right now.” “Promise?” I grinned at him. “Don’t get your hopes up,” He growled. “Like I said, I wouldn’t lose my virginity to my teacher.” “Slut.” “If that’s what they call it these days.” “When can I fuck you again?” “Tomorrow after class.” “Looking forward to it.” “Ditto.”  
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