One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


15. I Love You (Zayn)


l It was a normal sunny day in London for you and your boyfriend of 10 month Zayn. You were learning to how to play “back to December ‘’ by Taylor swift and he was on his ipad doing something.

Z: sounds good babe. *he looks over to you with his funny/sexy glasses on*

Y: thanks it’s my favorite song.

Z: yeah…

Y: sorry

Z: it’s okay *he leans over and kisses you* you taste good.

Y: haha you would say something like that . you go back playing on your guitar and Zayn’s phone rings.

Z: hello

H: Hey Zayn it’s Harry I’m having a party you and (YN) have to come if you want to.

Z: what time does it start at? H: 7 but it’s 2 right now Z: sure why not we’ll see you than H: ok bye Z: bye Y:who was that babe? Z: Harry he wants us to come to a party that he is having tonight you wanna go to it?

Y: maybe Z: ok *kisses you and then gets on top of you and starts kissing your neck*

Y: Zayn we had sex last night give it a break ok.

Z: pfft fine.

Y: thanks babe.

Z: so do you want to go?

Y: why not.

Z: *smiles* ok cool I’ll text Harry and tell him were going.

Y: sounds good now get off of me I’m thirsty.

Z: ok *you go to the kitchen and get a beer for you and Zayn*

Y: here.

Z: thanks babe.

Y: you’re welcome love cheers for 1 year of no fights and yelling. *you kiss and drink up*

Z: so what do you want to do?

Y: ummmmm get ready.

Z: ok let’s go get ready.

Y: ok but first I’m gonna finish my beer.

Z: fine* leans in and kisses you * You go upstairs and get ready, Zayn wears a black button down shirt with denim jacket and jeans and white converse. You wear dark colored skinny jeans and an loose Asking Alexandria T-shirt (my favorite band) and really cute flats.

Y: ready babe?

Z: yeah lets go and nice tee.

Y: thanks! babe I thought you’ll like it.

»fast forward in the car on the way to Harry’s party you and Zayn are singing away to Justin Bieber “As long as you love me” (best song to sing in the car lol) you guys pull up to Harry’s house were you two to hold hands to the door Harry opens it you and hug.

H: you guys made it.

Y: yeah we did

Z: ok Harry I’m taking her back now. H: fine but we are going to talk later.

Z: come on let’s go inside you go inside and get something to drink and Zayn goes to sit on the couch he pats his lap so you can sit on it next thing you know his ex Perrie from Little Mix was there she saw Zayn and smiled a bit. She saw me and roll her eyes at me and to go find Harry. Zayn grabbed my hand and walk me to the backyard and turn me around and I saw hurt and anger in his eyes.

Z: what the hell is she doing here? Harry knows I don’t want nothing to do with her after I had found out that she was using me for her little band.

Y: babe just relax don’t worry about her we came here to have fun and for Harry

Z: I know but I just don’t want her to start stuff with you that’s all I’m worry about *He leans in and kiss you softly*

Y: you know I’m not a huge fan of PDA.

Z: so *he leans in and kisses you again* his arms going up and down your back and your arms are slowly going up rap them around his neck and really start the make out you start to put your hands through his hair. He start to kiss your neck.

Y: wait not here

Z: yeah your right let’s go back in said before they think were doing something bad You and Zayn walk back inside Niall came up to you guys

N: hey (Y/N) how are you? It feels like I haven’t seen you in forever.

Y: hi Niall and I’m good just been busy with school and work that’s all and I know right it does we should hang out sometime

N: we should if Zayn is not to busy trying to keep you to himself

Z: hahaha very funny Niall

N: what you know it’s true Next thing you know Zayn starts to play wrestle with Niall Liam and Louis walks up to me.

Lo: 5 bucks on Niall.

L: ha Zayn is going to win.

Y: get him Naill haha You see Perrie again and she just looking at them like there two years old


Perrie P.O.V.

I looked over at Zayn and Niall like there two years old. I see Zayn is still the same I can’t believe he end thing with me just because someone on twitter told him I was dating Conor Maynard he sings the song “Vegas Girl”( best song ever) and there were pictures of us kissing and I guess Zayn saw it and got really mad and I was just dating him to make my band have success but I wanna know why (Y/N) was here Harry told me that she wasn’t coming Harry also told me that Zayn was gonna be here by himself not have(Y/N) here. I hate (Y/N) she the one that made Zayn hate me so much Ugh!! She a slut I just wanna hit her in her face so bad. I cross my arms and rolled my eyes I can’t believe what Niall and Zayn are doing they really need to stop before one of them gets hurt. Lucky they did and Zayn saw me and give me an evil look my arms are still cross when Zayn walks past me with (Y/N) to talk to Harry I follow them so I can tell Harry I’m leaving I don’t care what Zayn says or do.

P: hey Harry I think I’m gonna leave now.

H: what? Why the party was getting started.

: I know but I have to get up at at 9:00am

H: ohh okay well thank you for coming

P: np and you’re welcome I’ll see you later I look over at Zayn and I can see he had sadden and anger in his eyes but I really didn’t care I just know I had to go before I say something to (Y/N).

End of Perrie P.O.V.


»»fast forward 3 hours

Z: ok Harry me and (Y/N) we have to go home it’s getting late for us. H: ok have a nice night. Y&Z: thanks you too »>fast forward to at home

Z: home at last now come here. *he kisses you and pulls you onto the couch and he gets on top of you and puts his hands under your shirt and pulls off your shirt and then he goes for your pants but you stop him he looks confused*

Z: what the-.

Y: let’s take this upstairs and its my turn to take off your clothes.

Z: ok fine by me you hold his hand and take him you upstairs to bedroom we walk towards the bed and you takes off his shirt and then you start to kiss his neck as he moan with pleasure. We fell on the bed and I get on top of him and pull down his pants you take off his pants and underwear and start suck his manhood he moans loudly then you lick his abs all the way up and then start kissing/sucking at his neck again leaving a few lovebits he gets on top of you this time Zayn’s tone arms to either side of you he unhook your bra and then he starts to rubbing you through your panties you moan with pleasure.

Z: babe who made you this wet?

Y: oh fuck Zayn you did. you fell his tongue inside your mouth then he start moving down your throat and kiss it he made his way down and starts to lick your clit you moan loudly he comes back up he kissed your lips softly this time and slowly slide himself into you. The largeness of him inside of you made you moan. As you got more comfortable Zayn started going faster and harder, making each thrust feel better than the one before. His thrusts got faster and harder making you moan his name out loud, this made him get turned on even more. Zayn finally released inside of you, he pulled out and lay next to you. You put your head on Zayn’s chest and you two just lay there.

Y: wow!

Z: that was amazing

Y: ready for round two?

Z: hell yes! You get on top and sit on him and he sits up but you push him down and started to ride him he kisses you once slowly.


»>Fast forward the next morning You wake up and Zayn is not next to you sleeping like always. Shit where is he I thought that he would be here he sleeps with me you thought he would be really tired from last time. whatever he might be downstairs making breakfast or something. *you go downstairs and he’s not there*

Y: okk! were is he?. oh there is a note: Hey babe sorry I’m not here but for some reason I woke up really early and want out to get coffee with Niall and Liam I love you so much and thank you for last night I loved it I’ll be back soon. Love Zayn *he walks in wearing he’s sexy glasses and a tight V-neck shirt and baggy pants almost falling off him.*

Z: morning babe good to see you up.

Y: hey *you kiss him* I love u so much.

Z: I love you too *kisses you passionately* so what do you wanna do today?

Y: cuddle?

Z: sound good to me *kisses you*once again I love you.

Y: *smiles which was enough for him to understand*  

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