One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


17. I Can Fix You (Zayn)


“Harry we cant keep doing this.” You said as Harry kissed down your neck. Zayn was you’re boyfriend but you’ve been having sex with Harry for the past month. Even before then Harry would give me googly eyes and smirk cheekily at me all the time and quite frankly, i liked him back. “C’mon [y/n] he won’t find out.” He said as he continued kissing down your torso to your wet heat. This felt wrong. It felt wrong every time, but this time you just felt even guiltier. But no matter what Harry could always get you.extremely wet to the point I couldn’t resist him. So i let him continue. He pulled down my pants then my panties painfully slow. When he finally got them off he kissed up my inner thigh, being a painful tease. “Harry stop teasing” I hissed. “Whatever you say, sweet cheeks” he said then plunged his long fingers deep into me with a warning even. “HARRRRY” I screamed. I could almost feel that devilish smirk of his come on his face. “Assdghhjklljhgffs” my moans were no longer human. I was almost at my high when Harry pulled out his fingers. “WHYYY?” I said in aggravation. “You’re not cumming until I’m in you.” He said. He stripped of the rest of his clothes. He was already rock hard. I was getting up to blow him, but he stopped me. “Skip the foreplay. You already see how hard i am for you, jerk.” He said almost child like. I giggled. He got on top of me and instantly pushed himself in me. He was huge but Zayn is bigger. I don’t know why I’m doing this to him. I love him to bits and he hasn’t done anything wrong to me but Harry is just so manipulating  He can eye fuck you like a pro with those green evil eyes. Anyways, he kept pumping in and out. “I just had you this morning, how are you so tight?” He questioned. Yes, we did that this morning when Zayn was out getting coffee and breakfast. I’m a horrible human being. Mine and Harry’s moans were too loud to be able to hear anything else when……


Zayn’s POV

I wanted to get home from the club early and i was horny as fuck. My beautiful girlfriend [y/n] works wonders with that mouth of hers and i was determined to feel it tonight. But i have to admit, something was very off with her lately. Whatever it was it couldn’t be that important. She tells me everything. We have that special bond where we tell each other everything. Anyways when i opened the door to our apartment, i heard loud moaning, a girl’s, [y/n]’s, i instantly knew what she was playing with herself and it got me way more horny then i was. Then i heard a guy’s moan and it took me off guard. Then [y/n] moaned “Harry” i was infuriated. She’s cheating on me?? I ran upstairs and busted the door wide open. “[Y/n] WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?!?!?!” I screamed. The sight that i never thought i’d see was almost painful, Harry, my supposedly best friend has his penis in MY fucking girl. MMYYYY girl. I’m pissed. “Zayn,…i….we..” she stuttered “Shut up, [y/n]. Get your fucking clothes on and Harry stick your fucking dick in your pants and get the hell out.” I said authoritatively. Harry hurried and put his clothes on as well as [Y/N] and he left without another word. I didn’t want to talk to neither of them right now. I had a plan for tomorrow…I’ll Fix Her.


[Y/N]’s POV

Ever since yesterday, Zayn hasn’t said a thing. I’m actually kind of scared because Zayn was always the jealous/good possessive type. Now it’s about 10:00 pm and Zayn still hasn’t said anything. “Zayn…why-” “Look, don’t talk, just listen.” he said like a boss. “I’m still pissed but I just want to know why…” “Zayn i-” i tried to say again but was interrupted by his boss like tendencies  “Wow. you can’t understand the words you? That’s OK. “I Can Fix You.” He said. Now I’m terrified. If i had done something like this he would have blown up, he would have walked out. What was he going to do?


Zayn POV

“Yea i need you guys to come over. yeah…yes Harry too. All of you. OK..Bye” i said to Liam. I had a devious plan up my sleeve. It’ll be pretty hard to watch but i know [Y/N] will learn who she belongs to after this.  




Zayn’s POV

When the boys got here I told them to sit in the living room. “So, we are all here today because of some very poor decisions my peers have made correct? Mmmhmm and let’s just get this straight, MY girlfriend [y/n] has been cheating on me with MY best friend..well supposedly best friend Harry. Then i find out Nialler over here has been wanting to have sex with MY girlfriend since i started dating her and you, Louis and Liam, have known about this the whole time and no one told me anything.” i calmly stated. “Well..this is an interesting bunch of friends I’ve got here. Yall are really loyal thanks” i said sarcastically. “Zayn, it-” “It wasn’t what [Y/N]? wasn’t what it looked like? Oh because when i walked in Harry just casually had his penis in you and NO it doesn’t look like you were having sex” i said At this point everyone shared no eye contact with me, just glum..ashamed looks on their faces.  

Bringing everything back up and mentioning it again made me infuriated all over again. I might sound like a heartless prick but honestly, who wouldn’t after all they’ve done to me their lucky they just got hurtful words. “Go upstairs and take all you’re clothes off and when i get up there you better not have anything on” i said “W-what?” she said in shock. “I didn’t stutter” i said as i walked away from her. “ummm..ok?” she said then ran upstairs obviously afraid of what might happen if she disobeyed. “I’m coming up” i yelled. When i walked in my beautiful girl stood there in all her glory. No matter how mad i am at her i could and never will deny it. This will be harder then i thought. One by one i made the boys have sex with her. Except Louis, he has Eleanor, i now know what it’s like to be cheated on and i don’t want her to go through it. I could tell [y/n] didn’t enjoy it at all, who would? but she needed to learn who she belonged to..who’s she is.. After the last lad went..I kindly told them to leave.  I saw [Y/N] exhausted on the bed. Why did I do that to her? I was about to be the last one but seeing her..she’s had enough. “Zayn, I’m so sorry, i know what you’re trying to prove now. I’m sorry, please Zayn, just don’t be mad at me. I’m so sorry, i love you.” she cried out. I couldn’t ignore her anymore, it killed me from the start but  i had to teach her a lesson. i lied on the bed with her and embraced her softly. “i know.” i said. “Z-Zayn, will you ever forgive me?” she choked through tears. “I will, eventually i don’t know how long before but, i will. I love you too much to let you go over a mistake you made. but please just don’t do it again” i said almost with tears spilling over my own eyes. “OK..i understand and i love you too” she said. “I promise I’m not gonna but if i ever did it again would you leave me?” “Nope, I Can Fix You.”  

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