One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


9. Cause I Need That One D (Zayn)


 have been dating zayn for about two months, and I’m absolutely smitten by him. The way he smiles, laughs, talks, smells, dresses. Just everything about him. We hadn’t had sex yet though. Of course I tried cause I can never take my hands off him cause he’s fucking beautiful. But he always stops us when we get close. His excuse he wants us to wait for Valentine’s day so our first time will be special. Well guess what it’s Valentine’s day.! He texted me earlier to be ready and dressed nice cause were going out to dinner. I wore a light pink tight strapless dress that went up mid thigh and was very sparkly. I left my naturally curly hair curly. And put on a pink and brown smokey eye. Sprayed on some wonderstruck by tswift . Paired it with blue pumps. I heard zayn beat the car horn signaling for me to come out. I grab my clutch and walk out to the car and Get in. “Hey babe you look beautiful *kisses me *” zayn said. “Thanks baby it’s all for you. ” I say back and add a wink. He laughs and starts the car. He takes me to this new restaurant in town and it was absolutely amazing. *2Hours later * Were walking hand in hand giggling into his flat. When we walk in he stops and whispers in my ear “I want you.” I sigh out of relief and say “about time. ” he picks me up I put my legs around his waist and he kisses me and we start making out. He walks us to his bedroom and lays me on the bed gently. He takes off my shoes then takes off his. He takes off his jacket and shirt followed by his pants leaving him in American eagle pink boxers. (Really cute I thought,) he takes off my dress leaving me in my red lace bra and panties with pink lace. He bites his lips and says “really cute, is this for the holiday. ” I laugh and say “yes, and also for you baby ” he leans down and kisses me again and starts grinding onto me earning moans from both of us. He takes off his boxers then my underwear. He puts his 7 1/2 dick in my entrance but only putting in the tip then lifts me up so I can be on his chest he unhooks my bra and deepens himself into me I moan out against his neck and he grunts and starts thrusting into me I rock my hips with his so he can have more pleasure. He grunts and starts whispering my name softly into my ear.. I feel me tighten around him then I orgasm moaning so heavy and loud with his name. And he keeps on going then finally releases inside me. We fall back onto the bed and both out of breath. He pulls out and rolls off of me to my side. He says “come here” I go closer so we can spoon. He then kisses me gently and says ” I love you.” And then I smile. And say “I love you wayyy more. ” then he pulls me even tighter and says “not in a million years.”  
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