One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


14. A Rose (Niall)



A single rose on the doorstep.

You look puzzled, who could have left it there? You turn the key in the lock and push the door open; the heady scent of orchids fills your nostrils. The hall is a sea of beautiful flowers, each with a romantic note.    

“Your smile lifts my heart on a dark day.”    

“My heart is bound by your womanly charms.”    

You read from the cards. I call from the kitchen for you to sit down on the sofa and relax. Your favorite novel lays beside a pile of soft cushions, each one garnered with a single red rose petal. While you are reading I make a fresh pitcher of sangria  placing it on a tray, a small selection of exquisite Belgian chocolate covered strawberries piled around it. As I come into the living room I dim the lights slightly, just enough to soften the mood, but not so much as to disturb your reading. I place the tray on a small table and return to the kitchen for a glass. I notice you have laid your book to one side when I return.    

You reach for a strawberry and sigh as the richness of the chocolate and the delicious sweet center washes over your tongue like a velvet glove. I pour a glass of sangria and you smile sweetly, your beautiful eyes aglow. Caught in your rapturous spell I lean towards you and place my mouth over yours and kiss you. Your lips gently open and my tongue explores within. I feel your chest rise as you draw a breath and I long for you. Your hands reaching under my shirt, you stand as you pull the garment over my head. You drop lower and kiss my chest and your tongue flicks around my nipples.    

Feeling highly aroused, I push you lower onto your knees. You take off your top and your breasts spring free. A wave of lust washes over me and the animal is suddenly released. I remove my pants and rub my cock to hardness. Grabbing your hair roughly I push your mouth over my hard member, it almost gagging you as I force it hard into you. I roughly grasp your nipples and pinch them hard between my forefinger and thumb. The pain excites you as you suck at my cock. I can no longer hold back and my balls throb and my cock dances as I fill your mouth with hot salty cum. You swallow every drop and squeeze my shaft so as to not miss any. You take a sip of sangria as you sit back and relax on the sofa. However I have not had my fill of you yet and I pull you off and onto the floor, hitching your skirt up and roughly pulling down your panties. With you on all fours I come behind, pull your ass cheeks apart, and bury my tongue deep in your pussy, lapping at your cunt like a cat licking milk from a saucer. Pausing every now and then to flick my tongue over your nubby erect little button. Pushing my fingers in I feel for that little spot just inside the entrance and work my fingers on it like a pianist stroking the keys of a concert grand. You shudder to a climax and while you are still coming I stab at you hard with my cock, pushing it in until my balls are almost entering you as well. I slowly thrust and your back arches as you push back hard towards me; we build a hard steady rhythm, pounding at you. I pull your hair hard and you snarl at me with a wild look in your eye.     “Fuck me you dirty bastard, come on, give me that fucking Irish cock of yours.”  

I grab your shoulders to pull myself deeper into you and I thrust harder and harder. You scream as a second climax hits you, I feel the walls of your pussy clench and flood with warm juices. I turn you over onto your back and push your legs up and around your head, then plunge my cock back into you and fuck at you hard, biting your lower legs as I plow deep within you. The pace builds until I can no longer hold out. I pull my cock out and your legs drop to the floor, kneeling above you I work my knob with my hand until a great arc of spunk flies from the eye, jet after jet of white hot jizz covering your body. I lean forward utterly exhausted and we fall into each other’s arms. We drift off slowly to sleep both completely spent.  

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