One Direction Imagines (Collection 1)

Just some One Direction Imagines


1. Yours Now (Harry)

“I love her more”. His words vibrated through my skull, ringing my ears and causing me to shiver all over. I wrapped my duvet closer to me, closing my eyes and letting the tears flow from my eyes. I’d caught them a few times before, but those times, they almost seemed innocent: he just held her hand, caressed her cheek and kissed her forehead. But last time - oh, yeah - last time was way different. I was out for a few days, visiting my parents at home. 

Then when I returned to Niall’s flat where I’ve been staying since three months of dating him, I heard noises from upstairs. So naturally, I checked it out, and I saw them. Strangely though, I wasn’t surprised. Just hurt.    

“How could you?”  I remember my voice cracking, her wide eyes as she stared from the bed, his reddish face and sweaty body.     

 “[Y/N], let me explain. Please just - “ I remember my palm crashing onto his cheek. The look of disbelief on his face. The entire situation repulsed me.   

“There is no explanation for this, Ni.” My voice almost betrayed me. I tried to sprint out of the flat, ending up physically and emotionally wounded sitting on the sidewalk.    

“You could have spared me the pain,” I remember saying to him as he held me to his chest that same night. I remember his messy hair. His musky smell. His sad blue eyes. I remember him saying those words. Those damned words no one could deny:    

“I love her more.” Remembering hurt. It made my head hurt. It made my heart throb. It made my chest quake. It made my bones feel brittle. It made me fragile. A foreign beep sounded from somewhere over my head. It was my phone.

I read: From: Captain Curly Hi [Y/N]!! Mind if lou bear and I come over? Watch some films maybe? we miss you, hope youre feel better .xx

When I was about to reply telling him “no” in a nicer, less harsh manner, the doorbell rang. Unsteadily, I got up to open it. “[Y/N]!” Oh God. “Geez, you look like you could use a makeover,” Louis remarked, entering my flat without invitation. Still by the door, Harry stood before me: tall, handsome and smiling. Showing off that adorable dimple on his left cheek. He bent down a little and pecked me on the cheek, grinning his cheeky smile after he pulled away, leaving me with a forced grin tugging on my lips. “So, [Y/N],” Lou began, crashing his big bum on my couch and placing his feet on the glass coffee table, shaking the vase placed on it. “How have you been?” I heaved a heavy sigh, running my fingers through my greasy hair. “Clearly, I haven’t been on my best lately.” I watched Harry look through my boxes for a good film to see. “Niall. How is he?” I asked Louis, tearing my gaze from the exposed band of Harry’s underwear. “Well - “ “And don’t lie just to make me feel better,” I warned him. Now it was his turn to sigh. “Actually, he’s been great.” I take a seat beside him and take in a deep breath. “That’s - that’s great.” He puts his arm around me and says, “Aw, that’s all right, love. The lad misses you too. Sometimes he even regrets letting you go like that.” “It was really stupid of him,” Harry adds, putting in a DVD in the player. Louis snuggles closer to me, “Yeah, but he and - whoa. [Y/N]. When was the last time you actually bathed?” He pinches his nose and slightly pushes me away from him. Harry comes closer to take a sniff at me. “Come on, Lou. It isn’t that bad,” he says defensively, and I’m obliged to smile. “But yeah, when was the last time you’ve had a bath?” “Two - three days, I think.” I sniff my pits. “Ugh. Mhmm. That is really bad.” The boys chuckled at me. “How about Harry will prepare your bath, and I’ll go out for some food, and we’ll have a cozy evening watching nonsense and whatnot?” Nonsense sounded pretty welcoming; I smiled. “Good idea, Lou.” I lead Harry to the bathroom and got my green fluffy robe and slippers from my bedroom. A gift from Niall on our first month of not-so-official dating. I put the robes up to my nose and sniffed it; it still smelled like his flat. His aftershave. His – farts? I smiled to myself, slipping out of my three-day-old shirt and sweats; Niall’s farts were the thing that came to my mind – how romantic. “Hey, [Y/N], your bath – “ I turned around, facing Harry - stark naked - the green robe not even halfway on my arms. “Oh,” he muttered nervously, ripping his eyes away from my exposed skin.

Watching him, I was intrigued. Harry Styles, my ex-boyfriend’s bandmate, is seeing me naked. It was something even Niall hadn’t done yet. His cheeks turned into an undeniable shade of scarlet and the dimple dented into his cheek as he bit his lower lip. Harry’s green eyes peeked through his long eyelashes, and I felt my entire body go limp. The goosebumps erupted on my neck down and my cheeks burned from his slight gaze. Almost reluctantly, I pulled on the robes and crossed my arms over my chest. He cleared his throat and said, “Your bath is ready,” followed by a very unusual shy smile. We walked awkwardly to the bathroom side by side. I saw the steamy tub was overflowing with bubbles, jasmine scented candles were set on the windowsill and a few towels were laid by the sink. Wow. “You sure know how to spoil a girl, huh, Curly?” I chuckled. He smiled shyly again, which was kind of hot, and said, “Well, it’s a gift.” I breathed in the musky scent of jasmine and ripped my robe off, and dipping my foot into the tub. “I’ll leave you to it then,” I hear him mutter quickly, the door creaking slowly as he left the bathroom. Once my body was covered in bubbles and aching muscles had relaxed, I heard him humming. It was a familiar tune.

Maybe something Niall had sung to me one night, but I don’t remember it all. The melody was slow, steady and sweet. Absent-mindedly, I spoke, “Harry, come in here please.” Seconds later, he came in. “Is something wrong?” I shook my head. Everything seemed perfect now. Things started falling slowly into place. “Harry, sing to me,” I ordered. He eyed the room and sat on the cold marble floor beside the tub. I raised my arm and held my hand out to him so he’d hold it – and he did. He rubbed patterns on the back of my hand with his thumb and started singing:    

“I know you’ve never loved the sound of your voice on tape;    

You never want to know how much you weigh.    

You still have to squeeze into your jeans, but you’re perfect to me.    

I won’t let these little things slip out of my mouth;    

But if it’s true, it’s you. It’s you they add up to.” He places a feather-like kiss on my knuckles and looks deep into my eyes. Waiting, anticipating. A smile cracks on my face, and everything just stops for us. I knew it, he knew it, and maybe even Lou knew it.   

“I’m in love with you,” I finish for him. Harry stays silent, getting up from the floor, still not letting go of my hand. I couldn’t read his face; his eyes were bright, but his forehead was creased and his lips formed a neutral line. Was he mad? Confused? Weirded out? Or did he even feel the same way? He bent down, his face hovering centimeters above mine. His breath was cool and chilly on my cheeks; his eyes bore into mine, as though searching for the answers to the known universe. His thumb was still tracing patterns on my hand. I shut my eyes and let him rule over me. Decide for me, knowing he’d never let me down. Next thing I knew was his lips were attached to mine, and the butterflies in my belly have evolved into pterodactyls, squawking and not-so-gently brushing their leathery wings against the walls of my stomach.

He pulled away, we searched each other’s eyes; we knew it was different. With a single glance, we knew everything would change, everything would be far more than “okay” now. Everything would finally be perfect. Now we knew. I was finally his; and he was finally mine. And things would be perfect.

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