Ever since you started bullying me because of something....I always think what have I done wrong. I started cutting my arms and wrists thinking 'Am I ugly?' 'Am I not good enough to at least be your friend?' 'What have I done wrong?' I always think that but....what have I done wrong to deserve this? And that bully is Niall. Wanna know more? Read my story! :]


18. "Why did you do that?"

Ameryn's POV

I walked to the park and went to my cave it was located near the waves but closer to shore. Then I heard an all familiar voice, Niall. I ran for my cave and hide there but sneaked a peek to look out for Niall.

"Ameryn! Where are you!? Please come out! Please! Please! Please. I didn't mean to kill your cat. It was Nicole's idea. She said it was only a joke but the next day when you didn't come to school, I was worried I did something way too far from bullying you. You showed no affect when you came the next day for school at all. So I let it slide off my shoulder. But Nicole left that piece of paper behind on purpose. I know she did. She wants you to know about that secret and wants me to get back with her but I don't want to. I hate her ever since I started dating her. I'm not gonna say anymore. But please I'm begging you please come back home. Then I came out where I was hiding and spoke..

"Why did you do that? You could of said to her it was too far and that you could stop her but you didn't. Cuddles was my only friend at home. All the time he would cuddle beside me whenever I have made a cut on my arm once I reached home. He was my only companion Niall. He was important to me. And that day was his birthday as well. The day I found him laying on the street abandoned when I was 10 years old Niall. Me and him had the best friendship my mom and dad could remember and see me happy. But why Niall. Why?"

The I broke down crying again. Niall came to me And hugged me but I pushed him aside and went home. Me and Niall reached and I was tackled in a group hug with Louis, Harry, Zayn, Liam and Alice. Niall didn't join but went jp the stairs and into his bedroom.

*The next day*

I was walking down the stairs after I had taken my bath and change into clothes when I heard faint crying. I followed it because I was curious. But I found out Niall was the one crying. He saw me and asked me to go away and leave him alone. I didn't go away but instead I hugged him and comfort him. Niall actually hugged me back. There was a weird feeling at the pit of my stomach all of a sudden. Weird.
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