Ever since you started bullying me because of something....I always think what have I done wrong. I started cutting my arms and wrists thinking 'Am I ugly?' 'Am I not good enough to at least be your friend?' 'What have I done wrong?' I always think that but....what have I done wrong to deserve this? And that bully is Niall. Wanna know more? Read my story! :]


14. The start of the tour Part 3

Ameryn's POV

We finally reached our first destination. New York City! I haven't been here before so haven't Alice. She's super excited about shopping new clothes with me and making new friends too. If possible I mean. The boys also said they have to go to the studio ASAP. Wonder why? We're now at the hotel unpacking our stuffs. The arrangements are as follows. Louis is with Harry, Liam with Alice, Niall is with me and Zayn. After the boys went off for the studio, me and Alice went shopping.
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