Ever since you started bullying me because of something....I always think what have I done wrong. I started cutting my arms and wrists thinking 'Am I ugly?' 'Am I not good enough to at least be your friend?' 'What have I done wrong?' I always think that but....what have I done wrong to deserve this? And that bully is Niall. Wanna know more? Read my story! :]


21. Starbucks Part 1

Harry's POV

Me, Izzah, Zariffa, Ameryn, Alice and the lads went to Starbucks to take a break from the concert. The arrangements are as follows me with Izzah, Liam with Alice, Ameryn with Niall, Zariffa with Zayn and Louis....well he's alone. The lads and girls gave me and Izzah their orders and when we reached the cashier, Izzah said something to the girl who's the cashier.

"Lydia!? You're working here? Looks like you've been promoted to be the manager huh. Good for you."

"Hi to you too Izzah but before I go on the details, can I take your order please."

Me and Izzah gave Lydia our orders and said to Izzah that she'll come and chat after her shift is over which is after the customer behind us orders.


"Oh right! Guys meet Lydia. My BFF. We've been together for like 4 years already!"

"Hi Lydia." Me, the lads and Alice said. Guess Zariffa and Ameryn knows Lydia already.

"Lydia. It's time to spill everything that's happening in your life. Is it perfect?"

Louis' POV

I was sitting alone when a girl reached our table and said 'Hi.' She was absolutely beautiful. Wait. What am I thinking. I have Eleanor. Getting a strange feeling here. Then I heard the 5 girls talking about how Lydia's life is going. So I listened too since I was bored.

"Well, first off. Nice to finally meet you Alice. Ameryn has been texting me something about someone loving you. Is that true?"

"I dunno if any of the boys have interest in me but I have an eye on Liam but ever since he broke up with Danielle he's been moody but happy to show people he's just fine. I think he still loves her though."

"Ameryn here said she saw Liam blush when Louis dared him to kiss you but he kissed you on the cheek. I would blush too if I was dared to kiss my crush you know. Maybe it's possible that Liam actually asked Danielle to break up with him because he has feelings for you."

"That wouldn't be possible. Anyways, seems like Izzah is becoming less patient with you not telling her about your life so far."

"Ok. Believe it or not Alice but maybe it's true. So my life so far is going smoothly but one day which is yesterday. I met well more like bumped into a guy. He seems cute and handsome. He was holding a latte that he just bought from Starbucks but he spilled it on me when we bumped. He was sorry and offered to buy me a shirt but I didn't need it since I have a jacket to cover the stain but he insisted in buying it. We hang out with each other to pass the time and his name was Mike or something but he was nice. I didn't get his number though."

"What a bummer."

Wait. Did Lydia say the name Mike who spilled latte all over her shirt? If she did that was me! Yesterday I was buying latte to calm my mind from a fight me and Eleanor had earlier on. So I went out and bought my latte but spilled it on Lydia!? OH MY GOODNESS!! I spilled latte on Lydia! But she forgave me so it's fine. Still strange feelings I'm feeling right now. Weird.

Harry's POV

I have been watching Izzah while she was listening to a story Lydia is talking about that was not interested in. Instead I was interested in Izzah. She was absolutely cute and beautiful. She was enchanting to see. Liam saw this and asked..

"You like Izzah Harry? And it looks like it seems Louis likes Lydia."

Liam was right I like no love Izzah but why would Louis like Lydia? I mean he has Eleanor. And also there has got to be a way for me and Izzah to at least be more than friends including Liam. He actually asked Danielle to break up with him and she accepted. She understands if Liam has feelings Alice. She wants to see Liam all happy. That's all she wants to see. She's sweet to us and we're still in contact.
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