Ever since you started bullying me because of something....I always think what have I done wrong. I started cutting my arms and wrists thinking 'Am I ugly?' 'Am I not good enough to at least be your friend?' 'What have I done wrong?' I always think that but....what have I done wrong to deserve this? And that bully is Niall. Wanna know more? Read my story! :]


40. Presents given and 3 words to say

Niall's POV

Today, me and the boys were thinking of giving our GirlFriends their presents. The surprising thing bout me and the lads presents is that there'll are the same. A stuffed teddy bear.

"Hey girls. You wanna give your presents to us?"

"Yes please!" Izzah said.

"Well, let us give your presents first but all of your presents are gonna be the same."

Then we gave the girls their presents. Even though our presents were the same, the girls still accepted them with a small kiss on the bear's nose.

"I want one kiss Izzah!"

"Sure Harry."

And they kissed while Izzah gave Harry his present. And our girls gave us our presents. Amazing presents they were. I got a Nandos sign. Amazing. Zayn got a teddy bear holding a mirror. Liam got Woody and Harry got Puss In Boots. For Louis, he got a scarf from Lydia. Speaking of Louis. Where is he?

Louis' POV

I was walking at the beach taking my mind off the girl that kissed my cheek and thinking bout Lydia. I'm always thinking bout Lydia.

"Hey Louis. What's up?"

"Ahh! Stop scaring me will ya!?"

Then I saw Lydia backing up.

"I'm sorry Lydia. Please don't go away?"

"I won't. Sorry bout scaring you."

"It's alright."

Then, silence came.

"So, you know who kissed me on the cheek?"

"I might know her."

"Really?! Tell me please."


Then she leaned in and fireworks, explosions and meteors came. Yes! We kissed!

"You got your answer and now I want my answer."

"I love you Lydia."

"That's enough for me."

And we ended the day by kissing each other.
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