Ever since you started bullying me because of something....I always think what have I done wrong. I started cutting my arms and wrists thinking 'Am I ugly?' 'Am I not good enough to at least be your friend?' 'What have I done wrong?' I always think that but....what have I done wrong to deserve this? And that bully is Niall. Wanna know more? Read my story! :]


8. Meeting the lads

Today, Alice said she invited 5 of her best friends to come over and visit and meet me as well. As we all know I'm the new sis to Alice who's 19 years old as me, she's more mature and more well me. Suddenly, the door bell rang and in came a band who is One Direction. 'The girls at the orphanage would totally freak out if they saw them.' Well, at least their way younger than me and One Direction.

"Hello there. Nice to meet you. I'm Harry. This is Louis,Liam,Zayn and Niall. Say hello guys."

Did Harry say Niall? Oh no. I sped to my room. I'm pretty sure the boys are wondering why I ran to my room all of a sudden including Alice. I'm pretty sure she's worried what's happening and I think she wants to know every bits of details to what happened last year. She knocked on the door and came in and asked..

"What's wrong Ameryn? Did something happen last year or anything that made you run to your room?"

"Did Harry really say the name Niall? Did he Alice?"

"He did. Why? Did Niall do horrible things to you last year?"

I couldn't tell her. She'll just be mad at him but I have to. She's my 'sister'.

"Well, it all started like this...."

After a good 5 minutes of telling the problem and 2 minutes of crying and Alice saying 'How could he do that to you!?' a couples of time, I calmed down and suddenly the boys knocked and came in. They saw my red puffy eyes and all of them hugged except for Niall. After the comforting has stopped, Louis asked me..

"Why were you crying Ameryn? Did something happen to you?"

"It's nothing Louis. I'm fine. Just remembered something horrible that happened to me last year."

"Oh. Don't worry. If that horrible thing comes to you again just me and the boys. Alright?"

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