Ever since you started bullying me because of something....I always think what have I done wrong. I started cutting my arms and wrists thinking 'Am I ugly?' 'Am I not good enough to at least be your friend?' 'What have I done wrong?' I always think that but....what have I done wrong to deserve this? And that bully is Niall. Wanna know more? Read my story! :]


38. Clothes shopping

Alice's POV

Me and the girls have just finish our Christmas/Birthday shopping and now off we go Clothes shopping!

Ameryn's POV

Me, Zariffa, Alice, Izzah and Lydia are going clothes shopping for the masquerade ball Louis is having for his birthday. We just went in a random store and start looking for dresses. I finally found a dress fit to my liking. It's a green coloured dress and it reaches about my knee with a bright green bow at the waist. It was perfect. Wonder bout the others?

Zariffa's POV

I was looking for a dress when I caught a glimpse of one. A blue colour dress reaching my ankles. It even has a white rose on the waist area. Perfect to make Zayn drool.

Alice's POV

I think Ameryn and Zariffa has found their dresses. I think I found mine too. It 's a purple dress with floral patterns on it and it reaches my feet my ankles. Perfection!

Izzah's POV

Ameryn, Zariffa and Alice have found their dresses and are now searching for shoes. Probably. Then I saw a dress I think which is perfect.
A pink colour dress with a hot pink ribbon around its waist. Wonderful. Then I saw Lydia holding a dress in her hands.

"What you got there Lydia?"

"A black dress with a red strap around the waist and a red rose on it. And the shoes I'm gonna wear is mixture of purple,red and violet."


"I found the shoes you want too. It's a hot pink shoe with cats at the back."

"Thank you Lydia."

"No prob. I got the others shoes too. Alice is violet shoes while Zariffa is blue glittering shoes and Ameryn is green shoes."

"Thanks Lydia!" Alice, Zariffa and Ameryn said behind her in sync.

"Welcome. My pleasure to help."

Then we paid and headed off to change at the hotel.
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